South Tower Evidence of Missile Impacts


Most of the photographs in the public domain of the holes in the Twin Towers are of the North Tower of the WTC. There are very few of the South Tower hole, and those that are available are usually screen captures from videos. I recently discovered one such screen capture which shows more clearly than ever that missiles did indeed cut at least some of the columns in the twin towers.

For almost ten years now I’ve been hopping up and down and waving my arms trying to get truthers to look at the evidence of the lateral impacts of small projectiles – cruise missiles, in other words. What leads me to that conclusion is the lightly damaged aluminum sheeting and the progressively worse damaged steel columns visible on the left sides of both of the holes in the towers. I have often used this image to show that in those first nine columns from the left can be seen almost identical damage.

And this one, to demonstrate that in a head on impact, as shown on television, the wings would impact the towers more or less like so:


And this one to show that the columns were bent on the left side of the columns, opposite from what the above image shows (the wing strikes the right side of the columns).

Clearly something that was at once not very dense and not very big struck from the side, as evidenced by the lightly damaged aluminum sheeting seen at the far left of both holes, but it became much bigger and much more dense as it moved to the right when it gouged, and sharply bent the steel to the right. A missile can explain this damage.

I’ve always maintained that this pinched cladding alone is evidence of a missile impact.

I also had some animations created to explain it:


But that was before this screen grab from an as yet unknown video that shows the South Tower hole from a center left perspective. Ironically enough I think it comes from Judy Wood. How could she have missed this evidence?

This is the original shot (which appears to have been scrubbed from the web):


Same image used below:

Notice this piece of aluminum sheeting is still upright, but bent outward.

The columns were gouged, and on the fifth column from the left, the missile warhead passed through the column, but behind the cladding, which can be seen bent out by something circular, striking at an oblique trajectory of somewhere around 10 degrees from parallel.

This is evidence that again proves no plane could have possibly have hit head on and gouged out three sides of a steel column, but failed to cut through the aluminum sheeting that covered those three sides.

Missiles dunnit. No doubt about it.

I am working on a video on this as well.

Steve De’ak



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    “…While U.S. officials are parroting the claim that it is “highly likely” an Iranian anti-aircraft missile downed the jetliner, killing all 176 people on board, the world may never know the undeniable truth now that all of the evidence has been removed from the site.
    One thing is for sure: Governments around the world lie to the public all the time
    As we recently reported , there were similar anomalies on September 11, 2001, and beyond when investigators went to look for the wreckage from all the downed airplanes, only to find that there was none .
    Even though television imagery appeared to show American Airlines planes striking the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania, on-site crews revealed that there was no evidence of any airplane wreckage at all.

    In the case of 9/11, it doesn’t appear as though the wreckage was cleared out quickly by the government like it supposedly was in Iran following this more recent incident. Instead, it would seem as though some of the 9/11 airplanes in question — the ones that supposedly hit the Pentagon and crashed in Pennsylvania — didn’t actually exist in the first place.
    While it’s easy to jump all over Iran for possibly pulling a false flag, here, let’s not forget that our own government did the exact same thing nearly 20 years ago, the repercussions of which are still with us in the form of naked body scanners and full-body pat downs, aka government-sanctioned molestation.”

    1. Post
  3. Latore lapis

    I think it would be unlikely to be a missile. The flare from the exhaust would be a problem and the impact of the building would not be controlled in any way. If that cut had been made to impersonate a a wing strike my guess would be a solid amour piercing projectile would have been used, fired from a location to cause the shown impact trail. The resultant damage would have been from the energy of the projectile fired at a very high high glancing velocity at the the building. It should be a simple exercise to calculate exactly where such a projectile would have been fired from.

    Just a wag, sometimes they light up the path forward.

    1. Post
      Steve De'ak

      The missiles are jet powered, what flare?

      The size of the hole in the steel is too big for anything other than a bunker busting bomb, or cruise missile. Considering the upward direction of the gash, it was probably not a bomb. The lightly damaged cladding is easily explained by the impact of a missile wing, but difficult to explain with anything else. The cruise missiles that I have found that have the capabilities of causing both the light damage to the cladding, as well as the progressively worse-damaged steel columns, are air-launched missiles that have a standoff range of hundreds of miles, and have way point capabilities that would make it impossible to track their origin. They are too big to have been launched from a nearby building, and the gash is too big to have been caused by something like a shoulder, or tank-launched projectile, which can be launched from a nearby building. However improbable you think this conclusion is, it does fit the evidence nicely.

  4. Latore lapis

    OK, if the cruise missiles had an armor piercing warhead, that might explain it. The damage shown in the gouge sure is strange and looks to be nothing to do with the impact of a swept airplane wing as you pointed out. Strange how the media does not question this. The bigger the silence about the many , many 911 inconsistencies, the bigger the fragility of the totally bs story so far sold to us. Future generations (if there are any) will be incredulous that such a pile of utter BS would last for even 5 seconds, never mind 20 years !

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