Window-people and the windowpanes.

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The people seen hanging out of the windows on 9/11, and the jumpers, are a sensitive subject for everyone, truthers and true believers alike.  There are basically two camps of beliefs:

  1. Those who believe the jumpers (whom I refer to as, “fallers”), and the people seen hanging out of the windows (window-people), were real office workers.
  2. Those that believe they were nothing more than Computer Generated Images (CGI). 

In my experience there is a direct correlation between whether or not someone believes the jets were real jets (reinforced, or not), and the belief that the fallers and window-people were real office workers.  Hologram believers fall into this camp.  There is also a correlation between whether or not someone believes the planes were CGI, and the belief that the people were also CGI (everything was fake).  To make matters even more interesting, once someone adheres to believing one camp or the other, no number of facts and evidence will change that belief.   But I’m going to give it a whirl anyway.

In my opinion, the evidence indicates the videos of the window-people are genuine (not CGI).  They were real people hanging out of the windows of the North Tower.  But they were certainly not real office workers.  They were, in all likelihood, operatives for the intelligence services who were tasked with putting on a show for the local crowd and the TV audience to support the belief that the Twin Towers were fully occupied office buildings, and that almost 3000 people perished in them when they collapsed.  The deaths are important to the perpetrators (the military, industrial, congressional complex) because without the loss of life it is difficult to justify the ensuing invasions and occupations.  That is not to say the operatives were sacrificed. Although some may have taken a wrong turn and became fallers the evidence indicates they arrived en masse shortly after the shock and awe explosion, pushed out quite a few windows, waved at the cameras for a while, and then left shortly before the collapse of the North Tower.

Recently, I was shown this clip from a viewer, outraged at me for denigrating the memory of the dead.  It was given as proof the window-people were there at the time of the collapse.  But it isn’t.  In fact, it proves just the opposite.  The window-people were gone, see for yourself.

It shows the same area where the groups of people were last seen:

Source for the above screenshot:

The photographic evidence indicates the people showed-up shortly after the shock and awe explosion.  But they were gone by time of the collapse.  The official story goes, the elevators and stairs were damaged by the jet crash and blocked by fires, thereby trapping the doomed window-people, who were working in their offices, or at the restaurant, above the crash zone. Unable to breathe, naturally, they went for the windows. 

But, about those windows. 

The Austrian (not Israeli) art troupe, “Gelitin,” allegedly removed a window as a performance art stunt, and it was written about in the New York Times, so you know it has to be true:

“After weeks of planning, he said, one night Gelatin…waited in the studio until dawn.  At the appointed moment, the four, wearing harnesses, unscrewed the aluminum moldings that hold the window in place, and used two large suction cups to remove the glass (air pressure adds about 300 pounds to the effort).

“Other artists in the studio have heard rumors of the balcony, but most are dubious.  “I can tell you that it never happened,” said Geoffrey Detrani, who’s space was next to Gelatin’s.  “To remove a window would be a pretty serious structural breach.”

“Removing the window may have been dangerous, but according to Walter Friedman, the owner of Dependable Glass, which performs that service for the World Trade Center, it is not that difficult.  All it takes is four guys, some readily available equipment – and nerve, Mr. Friedman said.”

Gelitin NYT (

The B Thing – looking out a window:

Hanging out, while sitting on the heater below the windows:

Here are some shots from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), which hosted the space where Gelitin had its studio in spring of 2000. Voila! The “Modern Marvel!”

The windows were narrow, and positioned above the heater.  For perspective, the measurement of the room from finished floor to finished ceiling was 8 feet.

Ceilings were taller and window spacing was wider for the Windows on the World Restaurant, as seen below:

From the descriptions of the Gelitin article, and from the look of the windows from the inside, they would be difficult to break, but nearly impossible to remove without the right tools and manpower.  Reports were that on 9/11, the people were able to break the windows, but the videos show people standing in narrow window frames with no sign of broken glass.

The smaller glass panes weighed 80 lbs, and withstood some of the strongest wind gusts Manhattan had to offer – for 30 years.  Below are some images from the 1993 bombing of what broken glass might look like, although to me, it looks more like cut plastic than a broken window.  I can tell you, if I had 20 lbs of broken glass above me, I wouldn’t be sticking my head out the window.  But that’s just me.

Here is an example of broken glass from 9/11, bottom middle of the below clip:

The glass is a big deal.  The absence of broken glass around the window-people indicates the panes were removed in one piece.

 ‘I could see people waving tablecloths out the windows of what I took to be the restaurant.’

— Michael Lomonaco, Chef from “Windows on the World” restaurant, on what he witnessed before the Twin Towers collapsed ~source

If this person waving the tablecloth was an employee of the restaurant, how did they get that window out?  And, isn’t that more like a towel than a tablecloth?

Notice the absence of broken glass in the huge window opening?

If it took four men to remove a smaller window, how many would it take to remove one of the big ones?

In this clip from Cindy Weil, watch as whole panes fall from the same window frames that will soon be crammed full of doomed office workers.  It would have been messy to stage such a scene with broken windows.

Jim Huibregtse footage – look at all the material they were pushing out from the upper floors to clear the way for the window-people.   A lot of it doesn’t even look like glass.

CNN’s perspective shows the same thing.


If, as the evidence indicates, the whole WTC complex was a gutted and empty shell that was prepared for destruction by controlled demolition in the usual way, by removing non-load bearing walls and floors, plumbing pipes and the water therein, bathroom fixtures, tile floors, car sized elevator motors, miles of elevator cables, miles of electrical conduit, etc., and interior finishes, so as to expose structural members for the planting of demolition charges, then it stands to reason any legitimate tenants would have been aware of it.   Which, of course, means, the window-people could not have been genuine office workers. 

The windows must have been prepared to be removed easily when the time was right.  I know how audacious this sounds, but it is supported by the video evidence.  Cameras were rolling from multiple perspectives capturing the windowpanes as they were being pushed out by the dozen.  The window-people were all part of a staged event, designed to terrify and outrage the public into supporting long-planned aggressive wars. 

Were they still in the towers at the time of destruction?  Not according to the video evidence.  This is a critical clue for the truthers who insist everything was fake.  If they had full control over their fake set, they would have included the window-people in the collapse videos.  And, for the other camp that insists the window-people were real office and restaurant workers, then please explain how they managed to push out so many windows so quickly, and where the people went before the collapse.


Michael Ludwig · November 12, 2022 at 7:26 am

The adepts of Simon Shack’s all-is-fake theory contend that the collapse is fake, too. That has never made any sense to me. It seems like a strategy designed to push people over the edge of discredit the approach that things could be faked.

The bizarrely falling window panes (polycarbonate or similar?) and the difficulty of unmounting them that one would have encountered if the buildings were real are another pointer to the fakeness of the towers, though; fakeness on 9/11, as the buildings had been prepared and there were no office workers in there, or even fakeness all along the decades as they had never been finished or built to the spec presented to the public, but had always been conceived as an empty shell one day to be sacrificed to pull off a hoax, serve the “national interest” (= oligarch interest), and make money from it on top of the lot.

I’ve been to Manhattan in mid-September 2000 and came by the WTC on my walk down to Battery Park to get the classical tourist view of the Statue of Liberty. I remember seeing, across an empty plaza, a queue of maybe three dozen people waiting outside one of the towers, probably to ascend to the platform. I didn’t have much time in NYC, so I didn’t want to spend time waiting in a queue. I regret not having taken a closer look at the building.

What struck me was that there was no street life around the WTC, and even Battery Park was almost empty, just a couple lost tourists and squirrels – on a splendid, sunny, warm late summer workday early afternoon, around ~25°C. Had the Twin Towers been the bristling home to 40 or 50,000 office workers, that part of the Lower Manhattan scenery would have presented a very different aspect. But it was almost dead. So there were no people working in the towers, almost exactly one year before 9/11/2001.

But I didn’t draw that conclusion until after reading Phil’s & Larry’s & your exposé of what had been found out about the towers, about seven years ago. Just goes to show that I wasn’t used to critically questioning things back then. 🙂

    Steve De'ak · November 12, 2022 at 9:43 am

    Hi Michael,

    I enjoyed reading your post. What a slice of life! I must have seen the WTC when I was in Manhattan as a kid in ’72, but I have no memory of it at all. I do remember FAO Schwartz, though ;-).

    I have spoken with folks online who lived in the vicinitiy of the WTC, and they described the same thing you did. The Mall, and the PATH train station, gave the WTC foot traffic during the day, but nothing like what you’d expect to see with 30,000 office workers added to the mix. And, after the mall closed and rush hour was over, the place was deserted. In that scenario, the creative light shows they had, and all the other events they hosted, from concerts to highwire acts and base jumpers, were probably provided by the Port Authority of NY & NJ to give the complex more activity than they were able to generate organically. With centrally controlled lighting, they could make the empty towers appear occupied.

    I don’t hear from Phil anymore, but them were the days. I miss LRF. Phil and Larry were instrumental in lifting the veil for me too.

    Thanks again for your post. It’s always great to hear from you.


      Michael Ludwig · November 16, 2022 at 5:30 am

      Thanks for the kind words and additional info, Steve. I’m sure lots of people must have had the same impression as I did when walking around in that part of Lower Manhattan, but I’d never seen anything written about it before. The automatic lighting system was definitely a prerequisite to creating the illusion. What a story, really, this WTC busiess. 🙂

      I sometimes read the old LRF in the Archive. The new one is not the same. I tried to register in September ’21 but never got an email back so eventually gave up. The old one was phantastic. So many insights – glad I found it one lucky day.

      I looked up FAO Schwarz – it’s a toy store! 🙂 Have similar memories … Spielzeug Rasch in Hamburg, long gone out of business. Must have been around 1980.

      My brother was on the platform on top of the WTC when he visited NYC in ’88. Still have a small WTC flyer here he brought back as a souvenir. When I was there in 2000 and saw the queue, I said to myself “Let’s rather do that next time around!”

    Phil · December 26, 2023 at 1:20 am


    Sorry about the forum issues. Think it’s mostly fixed now. Also, here is a link with some new info about that “window shuttering system” in the WTC…

Phil Jayhan · December 22, 2023 at 9:33 am


Great to see you still plugging away! I found this footage today looking for the best out there. This is some pretty crystal clear footage. Found it on the Encyclopedia Britannica wiki;

    Steve De'ak · December 23, 2023 at 3:58 pm

    Thanks, yes that’s a good compilation. Merry Christmas!


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