Why They Didn’t Use Planes




  1. Norma Jean Clarke

    As I was in the UK on that day, watching the video I felt sure it was NOT a plane? Just did not look like, wing span etc.. looked more like a missile to me?
    I do know someone who was in the Pentagon at the time, far over away from the ‘HIT’ they said it definitely was a plane? So do I believe my eyes or someone who was there?
    I still doubt it was a plane?

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      Steve De'ak

      Hi Norma Jean,

      As far as the Pentagon goes (and the other two sites), to confuse local witnesses there was almost certainly a flyover of a plane. But the damage to the buildings, and to that field in Shanksville, indicates something else happened.
      I’m working on a presentation that explains how they pulled-off the WTC on live television. After that I’ll demonstrate how the Shanksville crater was made, and after that I’ll let the damage evidence explain what happened at the Pentagon.

      Stay tuned!


  2. Pablo Novi

    Norma Jean, you’ve remained an 9/11 Truth inspiration over many years now.

    Steve, definitely looking forward to your “no-planes” hypotheses / presentations – for 18 years, the 9/11 Truth Movement has needed someone to address this.

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  3. Willis Butts

    The planes were fake. All video evidence showing the point of “collision” confirms they were CGI inserted into recorded video.

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