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Dear Family and friends,

Steve here, from the dark side, once again testing the waters.

So how about them Russians, huh?

After stealing an election from Hillary in 2016, and then colluding with Trump the usurper for four years, now those rabid Ruskies have the audacity to thumb their noses at NATO and invade The Ukraine.

Putin is Hitler on steroids!  Am I right?  If I get the wrong impression from all the Russian hatred in the Western press, please set me straight.

20 years after 9/11 (my specialty), our benevolent masters locked us down and mandated all sorts of things in the name of public health, allegedly over Covid 19.  If it wasn’t for all the bodies in the street a rational person would conclude that the whole virus thing was just divide-and-rule fear mongering from the usual alphabet-soup suspects, the same game played by the minority in power since the dawn of time to convince the little people the rulers are too powerful to be messed-with, and that the pandemic is ending now because their jobs might be at stake.  They must keep us in awe and fear of their prowess else we pitchfork wielding peasants might drag them out of their beds in the middle of the night.

I was convinced that the steady march of virus variants, and their associated vaccines and boosters, would never end.  In fact, it’s because of Covid I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been gobsmacked at the stupidity of the human race, and pretty much stopped giving a shit. Most of humanity deserves the pejorative, “sheeple,” and all the derogatory implications that accompany it. But then came March 1st, and spring is in the air and Biden was at the teleprompter!  Queue an old Beattles song!  Suddenly the masks are coming off and the mandates are ending!  Apparently, the virus was no match for the experimental vaccines.  Or the midterm elections.  Or those wacky Canadian truckers. And how about that inflation?  Sheesh!  The cost of tinfoil hats has skyrocketed!

Here in Washington State the pandemic is scheduled to end on 3/11, when we will be free to bare our faces to each other, and to the world, again.  How great is our government!  We need a 3/11 memorial to commemorate this day.  We must never forget how we were under attack, but we held on, and despite our differences we persevered over the virus.  And Trump.  Don’t even ask why they can’t do it now, today, just accept it; the virus is scheduled to end on March eleventh, Pilgrim.  Be happy.

And poof, just like that Covid will be gone!  And that chaotic retreat from Afghanistan makes sense!

All the decks have been cleared for the Russian invasion and a barrage of anti-Russian propaganda that makes 9/11’s cartoonishly fake videos look rational.  With Midterm elections bearing down, the jingoism will be on eleven.

I digress.

If the veil is starting to lift, like it is for millions of people around the world, and you’re wondering why suddenly, almost like turning on the light, all Western media outlets simultaneously began foaming at the mouth about Russia when they invaded The Ukraine, but these same propaganda organs never said a peep for the last couple decades of Washington’s War, War, and more War, here’s the one-week update of the Russia/Ukraine war from a completely different perspective:

One week into the Russian special operation in the Ukraine – update | The Vineyard of the Saker

We’re only hearing one side of the story, and everyone should know that the first casualty of war is the truth.   

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Love – for realz – Steve


Michael Ludwig · March 4, 2022 at 12:23 am

“Suddenly the masks are coming off … the veil is starting to lift …”

This is true in so many ways. The purpose of the pandemic was a kind of civil dress rehearsal for WW3. Because this is what it is going to be. People don’t realize yet.

It is a replay of WW2, which was on Germany & Japan. WW3 is on Russia and China. The war in Syria corresponds to the Spanish Civil War. WW3 has been designed to last for many years.

Last Sunday, February 27, what we saw was basically a coup d’etat in Germany, the key country in Europe for relation with Russia. This is total economic war against Russia, as announced by various figures in France. It is going to hurt Europe a lot.

Russia didn’t anticipate to what extent the European countries are under US control and have to obey orders to self-amputate limbs here and there.

Masks and veils being lifted, especially for all European peoples, which of course includes Russians, but also for the Kremlin, victim of a con game.

This war was started in 2014 by the American controlled Kiev puppet regime when they launched the so-called Anti-Terror Operation against anyone sympathetic to Russia.

The more concrete planning goes back to at least 2015, but a war on Russia has been the strategic goal of London for much longer. The objective is to expell Russia from Europe. This will also mean transatlantic tyranny in Europe. We’re already seeing it here.

This article explains not only the current war against Russia (the Ukraine is just the battlefield), but also most wars of the past 40 years. It is originally in French and written by Thierry Meyssam. I think it is important that as many people as possible understand this matter (I know, most are sheeple, unfortunately), although it is difficult to conceive for real humans because the people behind this are inhuman and profoundly cynical.

Russia declares war on the Straussians

After reading the article, you could listen to one of the representatives of this evil group named George Friedman as he explained in the beginning of 2015 what the planning was for a war against Russia in the Ukraine. The link points to the end of his talk, after which a scripted discussion starts which focuses on the Ukraine and Russia. Listen until the end when a lady asks whether Russia will be dispensed with as a European power, i.e. expelled from Europe, possibly ruined and dismembered. You may have to listen a couple times to fully understand what is being planned here, seven years ago. Think and analyze what he is saying, but note that while he lifts the veil on the plan he is also a liar and misrepresents many things about Europe (listen to the entire talk if you have the time) so as it fits his agenda of World War 3 against Russia.

George Friedman, “Europe: Destined for Conflict?”
February 2015 – 72 minutes

Note he invokes destiny. A fatality you cannot do anything about. But in truth is all their evil plotting & planning. Such liars. Putin is right calling the West the Empire of Lies.

    Steve De'ak · March 6, 2022 at 7:48 am

    HI Michael,

    I think you’re right. This is just the beginning of WWIII, or a continuation of WWII. History may not repeat, but it rhymes, eh?

    I wish you and your family all the best in the coming years. I wish the same for all of us, except maybe for the sociopathic bastards whose machinations brought us to this point.


Matthew Henry · March 30, 2022 at 6:03 am

Russia is run by a Hitler on steroids as you said Steve and Michael is rhyming true to the WW3 but history not necessarily repeating itself but is Russia and China feeling like Germany and Japan and indeed the Russians are… hold on a second, the Russians aren’t doing anything, it’s that onset dementia that’s going on with Vladimir Putin and every person in Russia and every Russian throughout the world is basically a hostage of his and there’s a different tune being sung by the Russian populace and it rhymes just like the rhymes you talk to earlier Steve and that is here sooner than we think but not soon enough the Russian people will be able to illuminate Vladimir Putin unfortunately Alexey Navalny is no longer with us or it would seem that way this would be the time for them to set him down but he is the perfect next leader fought Russia obviously and his popularity isn’t by mistake or isn’t fabricated he has worked his way to get noticed globally and he hung the moon according to most Russians and most Russians don’t want a war again they are fighting Vladimir Putin‘s unsettling deals and inevitably this all comes to a quick halt but when? What’s our role? I’ll let you guys answer

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