Divide and Conquer

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“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
~ Vladimir Lenin

The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
~Ex CIA Director William Colby

We are way past the point where the 9/11 Truth Movement stopped being relevant – if it ever was.  From its inception we were separated into our little splinter groups and prevented from having an open dialogue. Every Truther knows the best way to control the opposition is to lead it – that is, until it comes to the truth movement itself, at which time they confuse popularity with ‘the truth.’ And no one challenges their own convictions. But after all this time it should be obvious that exposing the truth was never intended. The goal was to direct us away from the truth and run out the clock. Evidence of this can be seen in the dismal results of their activism. After almost a quarter century, none of the popular hypotheses explain what actually happened. Instead, they hint at vague, top-secret technology or mumble something about explosives. But they don’t spell out how their conclusions match the evidence.

Truthers forget that according to Vladimir Lenin it is the most popular hypotheses that ought to receive the most scrutiny. But that’s not the way the Truther mind works. The various 9/11 factions believe in everything from holograms to directed energy weapons. From 100% CGI to reinforced jets. From mini nukes to thermite. But they can’t all be right.  There can be only one sequence of events that resulted in the evidence as found, which means most (if not all) are wrong.

9/11 wasn’t some rogue operation. It wasn’t a national security failure. Nobody was punished for allowing it to happen. It was and continues to be run from the top of the US power structure. And consequently, the propaganda that goes into the coverup is even more important than that which went into the event. Controlling the narrative is essential, and what better way to give their controlled opposition something to talk about than by writing into the script the clues that would be used to build the 9/11 Truth Movement. For an operation the size of 9/11, the need for “controlling the opposition by leading it,” was certainly included in the initial planning sessions.

As a movement we were divided, conquered, and rendered irrelevant. Obviously, the powers that be knew exactly what they were doing on 9/11. The most likely suspects (CIA, FBI, FEMA, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey [PANYNJ or, PA], US Military – and their media mouthpieces) literally wrote the screenplay and set the stage for what would become the official story. This is a huge production, and the budget must be enormous.  All the unaccountable billions the US taxpayers keep shoveling at the intelligence services is at their disposal. The “theater” was Manhattan, and the biggest props in the history of the world, the Twin Towers, were center stage.

By now we should all be familiar with the legend that the World Trade Center (WTC) was a “city within the city” with tens of thousands of people in it at any given time. But considering who the most likely suspects are, all the information (provided by them) that makes up the official story should be taken with a fistful of salt. For those of us not still under the spell of the 9/11 Truth Movement the propaganda stands-out like a neon sign. They erected an outsized effigy of America and wrote a contrived screenplay for a cast of cartoon characters to burn it down.

Despite the advertising, the WTC complex was never a “world trade center” by any means. It wasn’t needed for international trade, nor was it wanted by New Yorkers. The Twin Towers were heavily marketed from the beginning as modern marvels synonymous with America itself, but in fact, they were poorly built tourist traps and it is easy to believe they were built to be destroyed because they certainly weren’t built to stand the tests of time. The WTC was jammed down America’s throat by powerful men whose audacity knew no bounds and whose rationale for building it didn’t make sense. Their greatest challenge was to make the Twin Towers appear to be fully occupied. To that end daredevil stunts were performed, community events were hosted and movies were filmed there. Documentaries were broadcast and books were published to exaggerate the importance of the Twin Towers to American culture, and at the same time, exaggerate the number of tenants therein. Laser light shows and a centrally controlled lighting system, coupled with all the mall and PATH station traffic made it possible for the mostly empty towers to be hidden in plain sight. But after 6:00 PM, the locals knew the place was deserted.

As with all office buildings, stairwell doors are locked to empty floors.  And elevators won’t stop there. Tourists would visit the lobby, the observation deck, maybe be led around by a tour guide who recited the statistics about the movies made there, the stunts performed there, how many people work there, and how the Twin Towers were once the tallest buildings in the world. And then to top off their visit to the “modern marvel,” lunch at the Windows on the World Restaurant. No one would inspect every floor, and with 42 armed guards stationed there in the form of the Port Authority Police, they could ensure no tourist ever wandered down the wrong hallway or into the wrong elevator. For those of you who think this big lie is “too-big”, that it has too many moving parts to remain a secret, I remind you, the Manhattan Project had 500,000 people involved, most of whom had no idea what they were working on. And the Operation Mockingbird revelations were more than fifty years ago when the CIA was exposed for manipulating the media. Later, it was admitted the CIA never stopped Mockingbird and pretty much controls all the media, mainstream and “alternative.” But that was before the advent of cell phones.  Or drones.  Or Google Earth.

Unfortunately for normal people false flags are the rule in this world; not the exception. 9/11 was a military false flag operation, and as such, military men and women are expected to follow orders. To ensure operational security they are only told enough information for them to be able to complete their tasks. Very few operatives would need to know the whole plan. When it comes to non-official cover (NOC) operatives, “spies” who work under cover are provided new identities complete with backstories and family histories as part of the job description. For their safety and that of their real family, their real family wouldn’t even know they work under cover.  Compartmentalization is used because it is effective. Thus, with a large pool of NOC spooks they had plenty of crisis actors to pose as witnesses and victims. If an operative’s part in the play required that they “die,” they could be redeployed elsewhere knowing their family’s grief would be assuaged with a large payout from the Victim Compensation fund.


The whole idea behind the “big lie” is, if you tell a lie big enough and repeat it often enough, it will be believed. As Goebbels said, you might even come to believe it yourself. 


But in the case of 9/11 the big lie was broadcast on television, and its memory is indelibly etched in the minds of the people who watched it. So strong is the power of TV, many of them have convinced themselves they saw with their own two eyes the jets melting like butter into the towers.  Some people believe they escaped the buildings just in the nick of time before they collapsed. Trauma can play tricks on the mind.

The late Gerard Holmgren summed it up in 2006:

“It was a very simple con-trick which shows a movie, or a cartoon, whichever way you want to look at it – and they put the label “NEWS” on it and because nobody suspected that they would lie to us in such a blatant fashion we thought that it was real. They gave us one clip which appeared to be a plane crashing into a building, but it actually wasn’t, it was an animation of a plane passing behind a building. We saw that and from that we extrapolated in our minds the false illusion that we saw lots and lots of planes hitting lots and lots of buildings and that we saw it live. Once you realize how the illusion was constructed then it becomes very, very simple to unravel it. It’s actually very simple, they showed us a movie and they put the label of “NEWS” on it, and we believed it because we weren’t expecting it.” https://vimeo.com/702920152?share=copy

Traumatizing the public enough to support the “War on Terror,” was the goal. That and destroying the white elephants known as the Twin Towers. And, because the intelligence services are pragmatic, they tossed in other goals such as, building a global police state and eroding personal liberty. Without a doubt the “War on Terror” could not have been waged without We the People being outraged enough over the 9/11 attacks to back it. If in 2001 we knew the Twin Towers were mostly empty real estate duds that were in the process of being dismantled in preparation for demolition, we might not have cared enough to accept a never-ending war. Therefore, to the perpetrators, the belief that thousands of average people lost their lives on the morning of September 11 was and remains an absolute necessity. To support that belief we were bombarded with terrifying videos, images and stories of planes hitting buildings and buildings exploding into dust, juxtaposed with images of Osama bin Laden and the aforementioned prepared backstories from the “witnesses and victims.” Repeatedly.  Over and over again.

All good propaganda targets emotion, not reason, therefore, any “news” that tugs at your emotions, giving you visceral feelings of fear and helplessness, should be considered suspect. The official 9/11 story is filled with just that sort of thing, but the propaganda began long before September 11, 2001.

Perception management

We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed,
our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”

 ~ Edward Bernays


First came the hints in the media that some people refer to as, “predictive programming,” which implies foreknowledge.



One of the more famous examples goes back to the 1979 album cover for “Breakfast in America” from Supertramp. I never noticed it when it was released in the ‘70’s, but in retrospect, that is a curious placement for the orange juice.  The lesson here is, if the plans for 9/11 go back to 1979, then maybe they were there from the beginning.  







With less than a decade to go though, in the ‘90s the propaganda went into high gear with movies like Armageddon featuring the Twins on fire after a meteor strike.






Even the Simpsons and Sesame Street were conditioning us for…something.




Playing the devil’s advocate, it isn’t a huge surprise that in the 90’s the towers were targets for meteors and cookie monsters, considering it was in 1993 that the original WTC bombing happened. It could be argued that the media began portraying attacks on the towers because of that bombing. But that doesn’t explain Supertramp. My wife tells me it’s a stretch to think the placement of the OJ in the Breakfast in America album cover is some sort of subliminal predictive programming for 9/11. Fair enough. According to Wikipedia, the waitress was supposed to be the Statue of Liberty, so she might be onto something there.

But the 1993 bombing is tied at the hip to 9/11 because it set the precedence that the twin towers were targets of Islamic extremists. It also allowed any legitimate tenants the chance to break their leases and move out of the WTC.  History suggests the 1993 bombing was the “go-live” date for the 9/11 project. It laid the groundwork for the official story while simultaneously providing cover for the PANYNJ to begin secretly dismantling the towers under the guise of repairing them.  If any remaining tenants still wouldn’t leave, they were forced out with huge rent increases. After the “repairs” were allegedly completed the towers were filled-up with the one-percenter firms like Marsh McLennan and Cantor Fitzgerald, the entities that collected hundreds of millions of tax dollars from the business and victim compensation funds. The story goes that after the repairs were completed the big insurance companies and brokerages firms flocked to the towers despite the fact that even cartoonists knew they were targets of an ongoing jihad.

Towards the end of the millennium, in 1997, the now famous Neocons formed the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a conservative think tank packed with Zionists like Willam Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz. PNAC released a “Statement of Principles” which sought to promote American global leadership, AKA American hegemony.







Also, in 1997 FEMA got right to the point when it published a manual with the Twin Towers in cross hairs.








And as if to remove any doubt about exactly what they were planning, in 2000 the PNAC published “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” which included this line:
“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”


Setting the stage

In 1999 Angus Gillespie published, “The Twin Towers: The Life of New York City’s World Trade Center.” I highly recommend reading this book.  It provides perspective on the history of the Port Authority, how it was formed and how it operates, the planning and construction of the World Trade Center (WTC), and the challenges, structural and political, that were overcome to complete the project.  And, although Gillespie’s writing gave me the impression that he was an unofficial spokesperson for the PA whose book only included vetted information, it is worth reading if only to understand what details the PA considered important enough to publish just before 9/11.  The most salient point he was making was that the Twin Towers were fully occupied cities within the city, modern marvels of engineering with tens of thousands of people in them at any given time.

Gillespie researched and wrote his book during the 90s, when the PA was already in the process of secretly dismantling the Twin Towers from the inside-out.  So, either Gillespie was part of the “team,” in the role of official propagandist, or he was duped by the PA into publishing its propaganda. Whether Gillespie knew he was carrying the PA’s water doesn’t really matter. He still provides a glimpse behind the curtain of the 9/11 project.  Astute readers will see the potential for corruption in an agency that only answers to two people on the planet; the Governors of New York and New Jersey.  The Port Authority is not publicly controlled, but it controls one of the largest ports on the planet.  And being a port, the PA has strong ties with the US Navy whence we get the Office of Naval Intelligence, experts in false flag and psychological operations.  Besides, who controls the docks in every mobster movie ever made. 

I digress – read the book. 

He starts at the humble beginnings of the PA, which to me, sounded like a history of organized crime.  Even the planning stages for the building of the towers involved subterfuge.  Take the fake optometrist office, for example, on pages 80-81:

“One of the fascinating aspects of designing the structure of the twin towers was to conduct tests on human subjects to see just how much sway they would accept. Engineers were confident that their towers were strong and flexible. But what about people? It is possible to obtain almost any desired degree of stiffness for a building at the design stage, but very difficult to change the movement of a building after it has been completed. It was known, for example, that in a 100 mph wind, the Empire State Building, at 1,432 feet high, would sway three inches. What the structural engineers for the World Trade Center wanted to find out was just how much movement would be tolerated.43

The Seattle firm of consulting engineers actually built two swaying rooms to test people’s reactions. It was found that many people were reluctant to believe that a room could move at all. One man had to brace himself in a corner to avoid falling down, yet he still refused to accept the idea that the room was moving. The consultants lured unsuspecting subjects in Eugene, Oregon, to an optometrist’s office for ”free eye exams” in a building that had once housed a car dealership. Once there, the subjects walked through the dealership into a trailer out back which was set up on springs to sway at various rates of acceleration. A similar experiment was conducted back in New York. An office, dangling from a cable, was set up inside an airshaft of the Lincoln Tunnel. It was then pushed back and forth to see how people would react. 44 From the results of both tests, it was determined that people at the trade center would accept up to eleven inches of slow or “damped” sway. In other words, they could keep working even if the outside winds reached 140 miles per hour.45 Psychologists asked to estimate how much sway office workers in skyscrapers could get used to said, “People will get used to almost anything.”46       

Wind was not only a consideration in allowing for sway, it was an important factor in selecting the glass for the twin towers. Powerful gusts can shatter windows, so for the sake of safety tempered glass eight times stronger than needed was specified. Planners designed the towers to withstand prolonged winds of 150 miles per hour, a severe condition that New York has never experienced. That kind of wind would give each tower a thirteen-million-pound push the equivalent of being smashed by a large ocean freighter. Planners spent hours doing mathematical stress calculations of all kinds, but they confirmed their work by constructing an exact model which was subjected to costly, but necessary, wind tunnel tests.47”           

According to the History Channel, though, the towers could potentially have swayed up to ten feet.

Windspeed the towers could sustain: 80 m.p.h.

Engineers concluded in wind tunnel tests in 1964 that the towers could sustain a thrashing of 80-m.p.h. winds, the equivalent of a category 1-force hurricane. With this study, one of the first of its kind for a skyscraper, engineers tested how the towers’ innovative tubular structural design, lighter than the traditional masonry construction, would handle strong winds.

But they also realized that in the winds coming off the harbor, the towers could sway as much as 10 feet, making office space potentially tough to rent.

So the chief engineers developed viscoelastic dampers as part of the towers’ structural design. Some 11,000 of these shock absorbers were installed in each tower, diminishing the sway to about 12 inches side to side on windy days, according to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

There was concern about their safety – this is from the New York Times QA published February 28, 1984, Section C, Page 5:

Q. Do skyscrapers sway in the wind? If so, how much do the World Trade Center buildings in Manhattan sway? What keeps the buildings from crumbling?

A. In a really strong wind, the engineers of the World Trade Center say, the buildings may sway back and forth up to 12 inches at the top (110 stories); but the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the buildings, also says no one inside would be likely to notice the movement, except perhaps for some creaking from the structure. However, people who attended a cocktail party on the top of 1 World Trade Center in a violent windstorm said the sway was quite noticeable, though not unpleasant; one described it as ”like a very gently rocking boat.” As for crumbling, the towers are held up by a steel framework that is elastic enough to take the bending without damage.

Publicly then, the Twin Towers were designed to twist and sway in the wind, and according to the PA’s psychologists, it was no big deal.  However, according to people who worked there, it was quite noticeable:

“Yes, they did sway. My dad once worked at the top of the north tower in the restaurant Windows on The World and he says he could feel the building swaying the whole time he was there. Luckily, this was a temporary position and he had no affiliation with the World Trade Center in 2001.” Source

The below is from “The Height of Ambition,” NY Times Part 5 Sept. 8, 2002):

“During construction, I heard a rumor, which I dismissed at the time as being absurd, that they were using sheetrock instead of concrete in the floors in the upper levels of the buildings. However, if they had used two layers of 2-inch gypsum board over the steel pan floor and covered it with carpeting it probably would support the office loads. This substitution, or lack of reinforcing steel in the concrete itself, if it happened, would have compromised the structural strength, and possibly provided openings at the edges of the panels for fire and smoke spread through the floor. I never heard of a floor made of gypsum board passing any fire endurance test.”

According to structural engineer Charles Clifton (p.c.)

“If the concrete was substandard over large regions this would have caused the effects [I mentioned above] as well as reducing the potential for slab panel action in the deforming floor. The result- ‘of a substitution of concrete with gypsum board’— would have been a more flexible floor in service with unacceptable deflection and vibration problems. If there were any levels in which this was reported to have been an issue then that would provide the best indication of substandard concrete.”


– I did read a report that, at a topping out party, the rhythmic dancing to the Mexican hat dance produced such alarming deflection in the floor on an upper area that a building engineer was consulted. According to Clifton – ‘floor vibration in a party on a lively office floor can be alarming however this could also be an indication of weak concrete’ There were also numerous reports from the top floors of the building about swaying and rotating in high winds.

Planning for the WTC took place in the post WWII boom, but by the time it was completed the PA was having difficulty finding tenants.  In the same way the builder of a mall needs an anchor tenant like “Home Depot” to attract customers and other tenants, the PA needed a big-name occupant to move into the WTC. What must have seemed like a good idea at the beginning turned into albatross for the PA when it was finished.  When the Twin Towers opened for business Manhattan was going through a commercial real estate glut largely due to overbuilding during the boom, with vacancy levels not seen since the Great Depression.   The market was already saturated with excess commercial office space when the WTC’s alleged 10 million square feet became available. But since the Port Authority does not answer to the public, we are forced to take their word for it that they were able to lease all the space.  This despite the fact that the eight-foot ceiling height was low and constricting for an acre of office space, and the 22-inch-wide window openings were set-back from the face of the tower, which helped to control heating and cooling costs, but they also blocked all but direct sunlight. They were dimly lit and depressing places to work, and in the winter, they were so cold some offices installed storm windows on the inside.

Angus Gillespie spilled the beans on pages 45-48:

One of the first prospective tenants to be approached in 1962 was the U.S. Customs Service. It was an ideal match. The Port Authority urgently needed a high-prestige tenant with unmistakable links to world trade to serve as a magnet for other tenants. Meanwhile, the nearby Customs Service was desperately unhappy with its landmark 1907 Customs House on Bowling Green designed by Cass Gilbert. To be sure, it was a grand Beaux-Arts monument with ornate statuary, marble corridors, and curving stairways. However, to the people who had to deal with Customs and to the Customs officers themselves, the building was completely inadequate, cramped, and crowded. 70 

Recruiting the Customs Service enhanced the prestige and credibility of the project at a delicate and precarious time. Austin Tobin had a vision of the World Trade Center built on the faith the Port Authority could indeed build it, if given the chance. But in 1962, success was not a foregone conclusion, even with a political consensus forged between the two states. It was important to keep lining up support. Thus, it was most welcome that President John F. Kennedy came to New York in December 1962 and put in a good word for the Trade Center. In a question session following his speech before the Economic Club of New York, Kennedy referred to and supported the World Trade Center linking the importance of trade expansion to the national economy.71 Over the ensuing decade, Austin Tobin never missed an opportunity to tie the Trade Center to JFK’s policies of liberalizing trade and reducing tariffs.

The next important tenant to be signed up was the State of New York in January 1964. Officially the reason was to consolidate state offices scattered throughout New York City. The announcement said the move to the World Trade Center had been decided on “because of its unusual access to transportation as a convenience to the public, as a means of increasing the efficiency of state operations, and with a view to assisting in the development of New York City.”72 Of course, the announcement was mainly designed to save face. The fact of the matter was that New York State, in taking 1.9 million square feet of space, was coming to the rescue of a troubled project. There simply were not enough private-sector tenants stepping forward to carry the project.

While the legislative maneuvering was being played out in public, behind the scenes the Port Authority had been formulating and refining plans for the World Trade Center. In 1960, which was very early in the process, the public relations expert Lee K. Jaffe wrote a memorandum to the study group which said in part: “Incidentally, if you’re going to build a great project, you should build the world’s tallest building.” Briefly then, the seed of this ambitious scheme came from neither architectural nor engineering considerations. It was a marketing device to attract tenants. Years later Guy Tozzoli recalled, “I remembered that memo. Of all the papers that I ever read over all those years, it was that memo written by Lee Jaffe which stuck in the back of my head.” 73 Although Tozzoli was gracious about crediting Jaffe with the initial suggestion, it must be remembered that it was Tozzoli who became director of world trade and thus had the power to keep the idea alive.

The planners of the trade center were acutely aware that they were doing a new thing, that it was a new idea. Because of its novelty, considerable risk was involved. At stake was the Port Authority’s money and the planners’ careers. Surprising as it may now seem, at that time in the United States, international trade accounted for less than 3.8 percent of the gross national product. And of that sum, 80 percent was being handled by large multinational corporations, to whom a world trade center meant nothing since they already had well-established international activities. Tozzoli and his planners were worried because they were betting their careers on building this complex as an income-producing entity. This was a task complicated by the fact that they had to follow the rules of the legislation, which specified that at least 75 percent of the tenants had to be either directly involved in international business or in servicing it. Tozzoli recalled, “I came to the conclusion, with Austin, that the only way to achieve that was to build the world’s biggest project.”74     

Tozzoli thanked the three architects who had been on the study team and let them go. He went on to seek out a new architect, a Japanese American named Minoru Yamasaki, born in Seattle. In his initial conversations with Yamasaki, Tozzoli was unconcerned about the appearance of the complex. Tozzoli had come to the conclusion that, if the concept were correct, then it needed to be one focused, centralized, and integrated facility in other words, a city within a city, albeit connected to existing subway lines. Tozzoli approached Yamasaki with no plan, no physical plan. Instead, he had a program so many feet of office space with so many feet of retail stores, restaurants, parking space, and so on. Plus there was provision for a hotel and a customs house. The idea was that this would be a place not only where people worked, but also where they could enjoy themselves. After all, if this were to be a place with 50,000 workers and a place with 100,000 daily business visitors, they would have to have places for lunch and places to take breaks from their routines.               

So the Port Authority gave Minoru Yamasaki the program to be accomplished, but left him free on how to render it in space. Thus the actual plan would be left up to the architect, who promised to keep Tozzoli up to date on the plans. Yamasaki, at his studio in Detroit, devised perhaps a hundred different schemes and then began to work in models. One plan called for a single big building; another called for ten smaller buildings. The architect tried out different kinds of shapes, but he kept coming back to two towers with a plaza where people could come and sit for lunch or listen to a concert on summer evenings. It would be a plaza with sculpture and benches, a place for people to gather. The plaza would flow right into the two balconies, which were in fact the mezzanines of the two towers. Down below would be the concourse level with shops and restaurants, and below that would be the subways.        

About every two weeks, Tozzoli would fly out to Detroit to see how the plans were coming along. There were many such trips. Finally, Yamasaki revealed his ideas about two towers surrounded by a plaza and the other buildings. Yamasaki unveiled a drawing.

“It’s great. It’s a beautiful plan! Does it meet my program?” asked Tozzoli.             

“No, it doesn’t. It’s two million feet short,” said Yamasaki.            

“Why is that?”  

“You can’t build buildings taller than eighty floors.”         

“Why is that?”  

“They just don’t do it.”

“Yama, President Kennedy is going to put a man on the moon. I want you to build me the tallest buildings in the world.” 75   

Working with Minoru Yamasaki on the problem of erecting the tallest buildings in the world was the well-respected and carefully chosen firm of Emery Roth and Sons, which had built more of New York’s postwar office buildings than any other architectural firm. Founded in 1908 by Emery Roth, it was being carried on the 1960s by his two sons, Julian and Richard. Julian was responsible for business; Richard, for design. Julian attended Columbia University and joined his father’s firm as a specifications writer. Gradually, he became an expert on building costs, materials, and construction project budgeting. Julian’s expertise enabled the firm to specialize in no-waste, economically designed buildings. Richard Roth received a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and promptly joined the family firm. By the 1960s Richard had become chief designer. He had the last word on all plans drawn up by the firm, which was known for its work on big glass office buildings on Park Avenue and the Avenue of the Americas. During World War II, Richard Roth served in the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant commander in charge of a naval construction battalion (Seabees) in the South Pacific.76           

If Yamasaki was the blue-ribbon expert from out of town, the Roths were the street-smart New Yorkers. They were said to build “business-like buildings for business.” The Roths’ prewar buildings included several landmarks such as the Ritz Tower Hotel, the St. Moritz Hotel, and the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Its postwar structures included the Sperry Rand Building and the Pfizer Building.77  

By January 1964, with legislative approval from both states in place, the Port Authority was ready to go public with an announcement of its plans. The plans were disclosed at a press conference held at the New York Hilton. Governor Rockefeller and Governor Hughes were both there along with officials from New York City, Jersey City, and Hoboken. The stunning news, of course, was that this $350 million project with ten million square feet of space was going to take the form of two 110-story towers that would be the tallest buildings on earth.78 As we have seen, going for the extra height was a ploy designed to get attention. It worked, but not all the attention was favorable.

There is a lot to unpack in those pages:

  • President Kennedy was in support of the WTC project.  But then, he was also in support of the moon landing project. 
  • The PA admitted the twin towers were built as a marketing gimmick. 
  • International trade accounted for a small fraction of the GDP, and multinational corporations already had all the infrastructure in place needed to conduct trade.  A new “World Trade Center” was not necessary.
  • The Port Authority’s reputation and very existence was on the line.  Desperate men do desperate deeds.
  • Rockefeller nepotism saved the PA’s asses.
  • Yamasaki was selected to design the tallest buildings in the world as long as they met the PA’s guidelines.  He wasn’t provided with a plan – just guidelines – and then he was left to his own devices to come up with the plan.
  • Emery Roth and Sons were going co-design and build the complex.  Like the PANYNJ, Roth had ties to the Navy.

Remember, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey reports directly to the governors of those states, not to the public.  So, it was convenient for the PA that David Rockefeller’s brother, Nelson, was the governor of New York.  Nelson saved the day by moving NY State offices to the World Trade Center.  The PA got its anchor tenant, which was nice for his brother’s project, but the move caused consternation with the people who would have to work there:

From “City in the Sky, The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center,” Ganz & Lipton, 2003 page 208:

“Juviler was no easily ruffled soul.  She had spent the last eight years taking on mobsters, labor unions, and civil liberties lawyers.  Now she was calling the fire department on behalf of a couple of her colleagues.  They were petrified.  Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller wanted the two-hundred-lawyer staff to leave behind their offices at 80 Centre Street and help fill up the towers.  The office agreed to do so, but even before they moved in,  more than forty fires had been reported at the trade center.  Most had been small affairs, but oftentimes the towers had acted like chimneys, as the smoke rose through the ducts and shafts dozens of floors above the spot where the fire was taking place.  Fire experts called the phenomenon the stack effect.  Juviler was sure that there was nothing to worry about.  No one would move so many people into a building without an excellent fire-protection plan, she assured her colleagues.

Still, she put the call to the Fire Department just to make sure.  “ You think you could perhaps send someone to talk to us, to let people know that the World Trade Center is a safe place to work?” she asked the fire officer.  “I am sorry, ma’am, I just don’t think I can help you,” came the reply.  “There is not much I can say about those towers you would want to hear.”  He surprised her by rapidly ticking off a list of weaknesses: the lightweight floors, the large open spaces across which a fire could quickly spread, the substandard fireproofing on the steel, and worst of all, no automated sprinklers.  “The bottom line is that it is not a place I would want to be in a fire,” he told Juviler.”

If it hadn’t been for Rockefeller clout the project might have failed before it even got started.  But it didn’t take long for State auditors to discover taxpayers could save millions each year just by moving somewhere else.

“New York State could save as much as $4.2 million a year in rent by moving most of its offices from the World Trade Center into a new office building at 1166 Avenue of the Americas state officials said yesterday.”

State Told It Can Save By Leaving Trade Center – The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Modern marvels?  Hardly.  Despite all the marketing and propaganda streetwise New Yorkers knew the World Trade Center was crap. Only in the media was it considered anything special.

Heroes, villains, and Jewish lightning rods

It was in 1994 that the United States Geological Survey captured a photo of the strip mine in Shanksville where flight 93 allegedly crashed.  That photo was taken at a time when elements within the United States Government were preparing for the false flag on 9/11/2001. They even named the flight, “93,” in homage to the go-live date. The strip mine in Shanksville was probably chosen for the flight 93 “crash site” specifically because the gash in the USGS photo could be used by their truth movement to sow confusion. 

Case in point, that photo was used by Christopher Bollyn to falsely claim the Shanksville crash site preexisted 9/11.  I have confronted Mr. Bollyn about his error but he refused to correct it.  Instead, he accused me of being a Jew (I’m not), but he never did correct his “mistake.”  Apparently, to Bollyn, being Jewish is synonymous with lying, but since I’m not Jewish, does that mean I’m not lying? It’s all so confusing. To this day, Bollyn is still regarded as a top researcher by lazy Truthers everywhere. Bollyn stands as a glaring example of how important it was to the perpetrators to lead the opposition.

For generations we in the West have been indoctrinated to equate criticism of Israel with “anti-Semitism,” whatever that is. Finally, with the genocide currently taking place in Gaza, that sympathy appears to be fading, but 20 years ago we were still in thrall. So, to ensure the Truth Movement was not taken seriously by the brainwashed Western masses, they sprinkled Jews and Zionists throughout the story, giving useful idiot,  Gordon Duff, and CIA asset, Christopher Bollyn, a, Jewish rabbit hole to lead unsuspecting Truthers into.

WTC 7 was “accidently” reported on the BBC as having collapsed before it actually did. When it finally did collapse, the videos depicted a classic demolition. This was enough to give one of our heroes, Richard Gage, leverage to bilk naïve truthers out of millions of dollars in donations. In all this time the only activism Gage’s Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth accomplished was to put up a few billboards, and to pay Richard Gage’s $85K+ salary plus all expenses. Richard Gage didn’t solve 9/11 because doing so would have put him out of a job.

One of our villains, Larry Silverstein, was on PBS to deliver his “pull it” line while bemoaning all the loss of life – once again propping up the belief that the place was occupied. In reality the only way he could have “pulled” WTC7 was if it was empty of tenants and prepared for demolition.

The Jewish parade included but was not limited to the following:

  • Dancing Israelis were reported to the NYPD (which was up to its neck in the 9/11 operation) and then used as proof of Israeli foreknowledge of the attacks. 
  • Foreknowledge was also called when rumors were spread about Israeli companies that broke their leases and moved out of the Twin Towers in the weeks leading up to 9/11.
  • Staunch Zionist Jew, Lucky Larry Silverstein, collected 4.5 billion in insurance payoffs from the attack. He also claims he would have breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant every morning – except on the morning of 9/11. His insurance payoff, and convenient interruption of his morning routine, also suggest foreknowledge. Silverstein was dangled in our faces as a Jewish lightning rod, but as an original builder of WTC7 he was an inside man all along, and certainly knew the complex was prepared for demolition before he bought it from the PANYNJ.
  • The rumor of the panel truck that was packed with explosives on the Washington Bridge, was allegedly driven by Israelis.
  • According to the DEA Israeli operatives were busted for trying to penetrate federal buildings while posing as art students.
  • The aforementioned Israeli art student story may have given rise to the Austrian performance art troupe, Geletin, being falsely identified as Israeli artists by many people within the 9/11 Truth Movement.  Truthers have become convinced or, more accurately, were convinced by the leaders of the opposition, that Geletin rigged the towers for demolition.

The denizens of 9/11 truther community are easily distracted by Jews. Truthers are so controlled they will reject the evidence that leads to the truth in favor of whatever clues support what they already believe. My conclusions could be just as wrong as anyone else’s, but unlike virtually every Truther I’ve met, I do my best to recognize and reign-in my confirmation bias. I do not cherry pick the facts, and if I am exposed to new information that contradicts my conclusions, I admit it in public and change my hypothesis accordingly.  I call this process, “learning.” 

Whether I’m right or not remains to be seen.  But whatever the right answer is, it will explain all the evidence. My conclusion does just that. That fact alone doesn’t mean I’m right, but until someone comes up with a better explanation for all the evidence (without skipping the inconvenient parts), I’ll stick with mine. 

Usually, when confronted with evidence that they have never been exposed to, their predictable reaction is to accuse me of spreading disinformation. So be it.

In my opinion, the Kosher breadcrumbs mentioned above were deliberately spread to lead truth seekers away from the truth, while discrediting the truth movement in the eyes of the very people we needed to reach, the Western public. This does not mean Israel isn’t guilty of crimes against America, or crimes against humanity, but when it comes to 9/11, the evidence points a lot closer to a shitty British colony in North America than it does to some shitty British colony in the Middle East.

The “Jew card” was brilliantly played by the perpetrators as a “slide,” which in brainwashing terms refers to a word or phrase that a person has been conditioned to subconsciously reject (or embrace) when they hear it, similar to a hypnosis trigger word. By sliding “Jews” into the story, the ability to think critically was short-circuited in the minds of the average brainwashed Westerner. All the facts and logic in the world won’t matter at that point. Some people are programmed to blame Zionists for everything, while others are programmed to reject the whole argument as the hateful ramblings of bigots. Either way, the most likely suspects aren’t even on the radar.

And, although everyone knows Jews own all the media, somehow, they couldn’t prevent the above information from leaking to the public.

Voila, Controlled opposition!

Sleight of hand

But controlling the narrative also requires controlling the sources of information. In 2001 the legacy media were already under control, but the World Wide Web was still brand new.  So, to maintain control there too, websites like, Above Top Secret (1997), Godlike Productions (2000), and David Icke’s forum (1997) showed up.  Alex Jones debuted in 1998, and started Prison Planet in 2000.  These would be the sites where Truthers could go to talk about 9/11. If the idea was to control the direction of the investigation while simultaneously discrediting the opposition in the eyes of the general public, then by placing 9/11 next to topics about aliens, Bigfoot and lizard people was very effective.

After 9/11/2001 came all the “fill in the blank for 9/11 Truth” websites and forums of the controlled truth movement.  On the fringe were Judy Wood and Simon Shack.  These factions helped direct the attention of the rank-and-file Truther away from incriminating evidence, and instead, led truthers into dead ends of inanity.  The fastest way to be banned from any of the above sites was/is by starting a conversation about all the evidence the truth movement avoids. If you want to talk about how our masters are so powerful they can create fake worlds out of whole cloth, or how they can vaporize large parts of major cities with the press of a button, you will be welcome there. But if you discuss actual facts that can lead to the truth you’ll be excommunicated pronto.

And, as if blocking honest discussions about the truth on truther websites wasn’t enough, they also cornered the market on debunker websites like the late James Randi’s, JREF.com.

James Randi, the renowned skeptic and debunker of all things paranormal was once a stage magician.  His organization’s site started in 2002.  JREF was a place where self-proclaimed intellectuals would gather to be skeptical of, and debunk, conspiracy theories.  9/11 was a favored topic.  Back in the day when I was still a fledgling researcher, I would go there to check my work, or more accurately, have them check it for me.  They hated Truthers at JREF. If ever I was having difficulty finding photos or, any information, really, I would log on with an outrageous (and false) statement about whatever it was I was looking for, and then sit back and wait to be debunked. They were better than Lexis Nexus for hunting down obscure links. 

The James Randi Educational Foundation was founded in 1996 to help people defend themselves from paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims.
The JREF offers a still-unclaimed million-dollar reward for anyone who can produce evidence of paranormal abilities under controlled conditions.
On January 1, 2016 the Foundation ceased being a public charity and became a private non-operating foundation.
The JREF is no longer soliciting donations and any donations made after January 1, 2016 may not be fully tax deductible


Since then, the Skeptics at JREF moved to the International Skeptics Forum, but it is still a good place to go to have your work “peer reviewed.”  You’ll know you’re on the right track with your 9/11 research if the skeptics give up with trying to debunk your argument and instead just close down the thread.  James Randi and his minions, who included stalwart skeptics like Mick West of Metabunk fame, steadfastly supported the official story.  

I bring up James Randi and the skeptics because magicians and con artists are cut from the same cloth.  The only difference between the two is we consider “magic” to be entertainment, so we give the magician our permission to fool us. But they both rely heavily on the skills that are handy to have for a psychological operation such as this. Below are quotes from Alex Stone, Author of “Fooling Houdini,” describing how magicians and con artists use their knowledge of psychology, physics and human nature to dupe their audience/victims.


What do con artists and magicians have in common? Why are con artists the only ones we consider artists?
“Many of the techniques used by magicians were developed by, or in tandem with, grifters and hustlers and con artists. Magic and cons are kindred arts.”


You note that “magic is inseparable from deception.” Can you elaborate?

“Because magic is basically a form of cheating for amusement, to borrow a cadence from the great 19th century French conjuror Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin.”

You noted a common refrain: “Magic happens not in the hands of the magician, but in the mind of the spectator.” Can you elaborate?

“It all goes back to the psychology of magic. The “magic” resides in how a spectator perceives what’s happening, not in what’s really happening. Perception is everything.

William Hirstein told you “It’s almost as if part of magicians’ routine training ought to be a course in neuropsychology.” Why is that?

“Magic is all about gaming innate perceptual mechanisms that govern how we see the world. That said, I think learning magic is in itself an informal course in applied neuropsychology.”


What’s the neuroscience of stealing a watch?

“You distract someone and remove their watch. Because their attention is elsewhere and they’re not expecting it, their brain usually fails to process it. This is an example of tactile insensitivity under conditions of sustained inattention. Essentially, it’s the tactile analog of inattentional blindness, which is the failure to perceive objects that appear in your field of vision when your attention wanders or you are not expecting them.”

Besides providing a platform to prop up the official 9/11 story by debunking Truthers, the late James Randi also brought us William Rodriguez, who was allegedly a janitor at the WTC. The same William Rodriguez was James Randi’s assistant while he was a stage magician. “Randi and Roudy,” were a big hit with the crowds:

“Magician’s assistant

As a young man, Rodriguez worked under the stage name “Roudy” as an assistant to magician James Randi.[20][21] A December 2005 article published on the Internet claimed that Rodriguez was adroit at insinuating himself into the good graces of Randi’s targets and eliciting incriminating information, and that he had previously been featured on television in Puerto Rico escaping from a chained straitjacket while hanging from a burning rope.”
William Rodriguez – Wikipedia

See what they did there?  They controlled both sides of the story – Randi helped control the debunkers, and Rodriguez helped control the truth movement.  Voila, controlled opposition!

Rodriguez is a con artist by trade, and all it takes to prove he is a fraud is to examine his timeline of events.  Years ago, Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams did just that. They put Rodriguez’ own words to a timeline.  Even giving him the benefit of the doubt his account of events just doesn’t add up. The bottom line is, Rodriguez’ story is a complete fabrication.

PRESS RELEASE: William Rodriguez – Last Man Out: 9/11 Fraud! – Let’s Roll Forums (archive.org)

Here are the main points:

  • 08:30 – Willie punches into work where he worked with 14 other people.
  • 08:46 – hears a loud BOOM which pushed them upwards. Drywall opened up and the fax machine fell on the floor. The ceiling fell and the sprinklers started going off. Several seconds pass and he hears another explosion from the top of the building.
  • 08:47 – giving Willie the benefit of the doubt, let’s say it is one minute past the first BOOM. A guy comes running into the office screaming, “explosion.” This was Filipe David whom was allegedly one level down, and had to climb up to Willie’s level. Filipe David allegedly had 32% of the skin on his body blown off and/or burned in the explosion. With an injury like that it is remarkable that despite his being in shock he was able to climb the stairs and scream anything intelligible.
  • 08:48 – 08:51 – Only Willie tends to Filipe David. Willie’s nameless coworkers were too afraid of the AIDS virus to help.
  • 08:51 – Willie carries Filipe David and leads his 14 worthless coworkers from the B1 level to the B2 level loading docks where he loads Filipe into a waiting ambulance.  Estimated time: 6 minutes.
  • 08:57 – 6 minutes left before the second plane crash.
  • 08:57:30 – Willie wants to go back into the buildings to help save other people. Nobody joins him
  • 08:58 – “I went to the South Tower, the operations control center, the OCC…” Figure 200 feet between buildings and another 100 feet inside them.  Say two minutes. He was allegedly there when the Naudets were filming the lobby.
  • 09:00 – “No, no, this is before the 2nd plane hit…” Inside the building Willie bumps into another employee who wouldn’t leave because she was afraid of being fired.  
    “I pushed her out…” By now he has saved 16 people.
  • 09:01 – “And then with Jimmy Barron I went straight to the North Tower…” Figure 2 minutes.
  • 09:03 – Willie hears people screaming from the elevator, but can’t tell where because the sound of the water sprinklers was making such a loud noise. The point here, was, not only were the buildings occupied, but the sprinklers were working.
    They were up to their bellies in water and were afraid of drowning.  At this point Willie experienced super human strength and pried open the door to save two more people.

So, between the first crash and the second, William Rodriguez traveled between both towers, up and down flights of stairs, opened a flooding elevator, and in the process saved the lives of 18 people. This was before he claims he led firefighters up the stairwells so that he could open the doors for them with his “magic key.” What a guy!

One of the more extraordinary claims made by Rodriguez was that the jet fuel from the crash took the first elevator to the lobby and then exploded. This claim was echoed in the Naudet video. Remember, the Naudets were allegedly in the lobby of WTC2 filming all the firefighters queuing up at the Operations Command Center where Willie said he went before the second plane crash. However, William Rodrigues is not seen anywhere in the Naudet footage.

The Naudets and Willie were part of the propaganda effort to support the perception that the buildings were fully occupied, and the plane crashes were real. But William Rodriguez can’t provide any evidence he actually worked at the WTC for 20 years. No photos of him in the stair wells or anywhere else. But he does have his key and his wild story. That Willie’s story matches the narrative in the Naudet video is another clue he is a fraud.  It was the late Leslie Raphael who, more than a decade ago, exposed the Naudet film as completely staged.

The late Leslie Raphael’s work in PDF: Jules Naudet’s First Plane Shot Was Staged – 9/11 Crash Test (911crashtest.org)

More Proof the Naudet Video was Staged – 9/11 Crash Test (911crashtest.org)

Also included in the Naudet video was a cameo appearance of Jimmy Grillo, the firefighter with the busted nose. Grillo was wearing stage makeup while he warned of more bombs in the building. Mr. Grillo was featured the very next day on Larry King live where he recounted his experience and showed off his remarkable healing ability.

The whole official story can be found in the Naudet movie: the jet crashes, the fireball in the lobby, big-nose Grillo, the jumpers, and don’t forget “death certificate number one,” Father Judge, who’s tale tugged at our heart strings. Apparently, they needed a few takes to get the father Judge scenes right.


9/11 was a staged production. And judging by the sloppy mistakes, it wasn’t the “A-Team” in charge.

But they wouldn’t need to stage any of it, if any of it occurred the way they say it did. Obviously, none of the official story can be taken at face value, including and especially, the claim that the Twin Towers were occupied at the time of demolition.

The Naudets, William Rodriguez and the rest of the leaders of the opposition were deployed to mask the fact that the towers were gutted, empty, and prepared for demolition as buildings always are, by removing non load bearing walls and floors, windows and all the contents that would normally be found in an office building, like plumbing fixtures, elevators, elevator motors, miles of elevator cables, generators, etc., but which were conspicuously absent in the debris pile.

The truth movement was deployed to throw intellectual sand in our eyes. Wrong conclusions were given the limelight while the right ones were ignored. From the looks of it, another 22 years will pass without reaching a consensus about what happened on 9/11.

Under the shadow of 9/11 Truth, the truth never had a chance.


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