How the Shanksville Crater was made

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Two cruise missiles striking in opposite directions at trajectories of about 10 degrees caused the gash at Shanksville. The first one struck creating a gash but the penetrating warhead did not detonate – it was embedded in the ground. The second one struck from the opposite direction and detonated a split second later, creating the center hole.


Christopher Bollyn was wrong when he stated the gash preexisted 9/11:

There are a couple myths that were likely spread to create confusion, but aren’t true:


No, the gash was not there as was proved by the USGS photos:

Google Earth used the same image in their 1994 “Snapshot” – but it STILL is not the same gash.  Folks just have to get over it:

Google Earth Shanksville Myth


Because of this image people believe there is grass growing in the ditch, indicating it had been there for quite some time, but this is also not true. 


What can be seen are dirt clods with long grass growing from them that fell back into the trench after the missiles bored through the ground and detonated, sending dirt clods flying in all directions.  Dirt clods with long grass that roll into a ditch tend to land grass-side up, as any ditch digger knows.

the dirt clod

The grass in the foreground is just that, in the foreground:

tall grass is in the foreground

Also note that the grass around the edge of the trench appears to be growing from inside the trench too,  but this is due to the missile undermining the surface sod.  It can be seen that the nap of the sod that rolls over the edge also follows the contour of the gash.  Had it been there for any length of time it would follow the sun.

grass on the edge follows contour of the ditch

The warhead would push the soil forward in the direction of travel, and out to the sides and above in a cone-shape.  At first it would cut through the sod, but once it burrowed deeply enough it would undermine the soil around the edges.  After the missile bored out the soil beneath the sod, the sod flopped back down on the soil beneath it making it appear to be growing from inside the ditch.

surface sod

Grass Free Zone

Other observations:

Note the images below – see how one tree is snapped lengthwise?  Something detonated above the trees, splitting one right down the middle.

split tree


Also notice the bouncing smoke plume, is it in the crater or outside of the crater…

Some people claim the trees would prevent the missile from being able to gain the right angle of attack, but I disagree.  I used the NASA images of craters made by a NASA test center at 10 degree trajectories as a starting point for the hypothesis. 

mirrored oblique2mirrored oblique

If it turns out the trajectory of the missile that struck from above the trees was steeper, so be it.  With highly maneuverable missiles armed with asymmetrical warheads the trees would not be an issue.  Below are some patents of asymmetrical missile warheads:

The penetrator of this invention is delivered to a preselected site either by aircraft or rocket launchers or the like and after entering the soil or earth, the warhead section is separated from the nose section by an initial separating charge. The wedge-shaped nose section follows a trajectory which limits its depth of burial and brings it to rest in a desired position where it may be detonated at some later time.

It is therefore an object of this invention to provide a penetrator which has a controlled depth of burial.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a controlled depth of burial penetrator which contains therein a warhead section for detonation at a preselected time or situation.

According to further features in preferred embodiments of the invention described below, the nose section includes a portion which projects forward such that during impact of the missile with a target, the portion of the nose is the first to make contact with the target.
The warhead is intended for use in a roll-stabilized, position-controlled, guided missile or projectile designed to penetrate a hardened concrete target or other highly resistant targets.
Roll-stabilization relates to the keeping of the angular position of the missile about its axis roughly constant. Position control relates to ensuring that the missile is oriented so that the top portion is pointing up while the bottom portion is pointing down, i.e., to prevent the missile from flying
with the wrong roll angle.

Shanksville Pics:

JASSM Data Dump:

warhead test

My videos go through cycles like the below – whenever they start to become popular, the view counts plummet.  In the image you’ll see that ‘likes,’ comments, ‘shares’ and adds to playlists increased sharply just before all traffic fell to just about zero.  This particular video has almost 10 times the likes as dislikes, so I doubt that the recent plummet in view counts is organic.  It is hard not to conclude that YouTube is fiddling with these figures.



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