Sofia Smallstorm/Steve De’ak interview on YouTube

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Same interview but I have added some important graphics and animations for key sections and uploaded it to YouTube as a video.

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Pablo Novi · September 2, 2016 at 7:30 pm

Nice job by both of you. Sofia asked great questions and did nice mid-discussion sum-ups. Steve, you did a fine job representing your position – almost all of which I agree with EXCEPT your characterizations of the 9/11 Truth Movement as being NOT a Truth movement at all.

One small question, you mention a whole series of 911 Truthers you tried to work with and/or you were in communication with; you also mention a number who might have been expected to respond favorably to the 9/11 Crash Test. I worked as THE Director of the 9/11 Crash Test Project for 9 months (I averaged 60 hours a week on the Project during that time). Was there a reason why the only person you did NOT mention was the one that did, without any comparision, BY FAR, THE MOST for the Project of all 9/11 Truthers?

Just wondering.
Yours Sincerely,

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