New York’s Lamest – corrupt is as corrupt does

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badge911(Hat tip to Tom Bartron, Thanks!)

To all you true believers who were outraged by posts such as “The NYPD and Molten Concrete” read this and weep:

NY’s fallen heroes: More than 100 retired 9/11 cops and firefighters busted for swindling $24million in disability benefits with fake illnesses and made-up psychological trauma arising from terror attack

  • Retired NYPD officers, firefighters and corrections officers claimed they had PTSD and depression because of the Ground Zero clean up
  • Received thousands in annual disability compensation from 9/11 disability fund as a result, promising that they retired
  • Investigators found that they had second careers and did things that their supposed disabilities wouldn’t have allowed them to do
  • Cost taxpayers $21.4million dollars
  • Lawyers coached fraudsters on how they should talk about leaving the TV on all day and constantly napping, having trouble grooming themselves

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With that article in mind, I give you James “the Schnoz” Grillo’s remarkable healing abilities:



nrmis · December 16, 2016 at 1:28 pm

Hi yankee! Is there tv footage available of Jimmy the schnoz from 9/12/2001?
That would make for an interesting ‘quiz’ type Q&A for the medical community! · December 18, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Sorry for the delay – video from 9/12 right here:

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