More Proof the Naudet Video was Staged

I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while now. 

Jules Naudet was using a tripod or dolly when he lined up his shot for the impact of “Flight 11” into the North Tower of the WTC.

These are captured frames from the Filmmakers’ Commemorative DVD Edition of 9/11, released in March, 2002. Jules was positioned with the WTC in the center of his frame well before the first explosion.  This is evidence that he was using a tripod or dolly to capture these scenes.  This is significant because if he was in position with a dolly mounted camera before the explosion, then he was able to capture footage of the undamaged towers from the same position.  Dolly and tripod mounted cameras make video fakery easy.  The whole scene was rehearsed and staged, see below:

Jules and the firefighters show up to investigate a gas leak.  Note the placement of Jules’ camera, with the WTC dead center on the screen.  He had rehearsed the camera motions for the impact sequence. His dolly was fitted with a saved camera position that centered the towers on the screen.  In that way he could spin around and his camera would already be centered on the towers when the shock and awe explosion erupted through the hole cut by the missiles.  Easy as pie for a professional like Jules is.

Actors and extras setting the stage, with the WTC centered behind them:

Last frame before Jules turns to the actors performing their “gas leak” inspection bit:

Gas leak sequence begins:

That awkward moment where you’re waiting for your cue look up in response to an imaginary plane.

Pfeifer is looking at the director.

Jules begins spinning his camera around to its saved position centered on the WTC.

Still spinning. The “plane” is in the frame.

Locked on target, just in time.

Last frame before impact.

Fire erupts through the hole cut in the tower.

Still centered. 

Jules begins his exaggerated zooming in, and then zooming out, to imply to the viewer that he was surprised by all of this.

After this frame the screen shakes exactly as it does for me when I remove my video camera from a tripod. Jules then hand-carries the camera and jumps into Pfieffer’s truck to continue with the hoax.

I’ll release a video in support of this sometime after the holidays.




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    The Naudet brothers should win a ‘genius actor’ award for their film “9/11”. They sounded so convincing in it (not). Did they really go to the towers and survive the collapse – as they showed themselves being under the rubble in the film? If they did put themselves in such danger, then they must be the most dedicated crisis actors ever. It’s hard for people to imagine that such normal looking people would tell such blatant lies. It’s pure evil! And the firefighters of Engine 7, Ladder 1 all saying they saw the planes with their very own eyes,as first-hand eye -witnesses on the ground. Well are we to believe that such firefighters are all pure evil too? Hoi Polloi’s VICSIMS report says “yes” – they’re all pure evil actors in a simulation movie. Unbelievable! How can humans be that evil, it’s enough to make even Dr. Evil cry.

    If the Naughty Naudet ‘9/11’ movie was released in March 2002, then this proves that the crisis actors didn’t need much time to grieve for their so-called 9/11 victims. In their individual interviews on the “9/11” DVD, it’s obvious that some are trying hard not to laugh when telling their story. It all seems very contrived. In the movie we see a plane engine that allegedly landed in the middle of a street with people still casually walking past it, and a police officer yelling at them not to go near it because “this is evidence”. Yeah, planted evidence by the FBI that is. So where is that crucial piece of plane evidence now? Disappeared like them fake passports that survived intense fire, and landed straight into the hands of an FBI agent, that’s where! America has been bamboozled by evil naughty Naudets, and the military-industrial-congressional-media complex. Time to wake the hell up!

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