More Proof the Naudet Video was Staged

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I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while now. 

Jules Naudet was using a tripod or dolly when he lined up his shot for the impact of “Flight 11” into the North Tower of the WTC.

These are captured frames from the Filmmakers’ Commemorative DVD Edition of 9/11, released in March, 2002. Jules was positioned with the WTC in the center of his frame well before the first explosion.  This is evidence that he was using a tripod or dolly to capture these scenes.  This is significant because if he was in position with a dolly mounted camera before the explosion, then he was able to capture footage of the undamaged towers from the same position.  Dolly and tripod mounted cameras make video fakery easy.  The whole scene was rehearsed and staged, see below:

Jules and the firefighters show up to investigate a gas leak.  Note the placement of Jules’ camera, with the WTC dead center on the screen.  He had rehearsed the camera motions for the impact sequence. His dolly was fitted with a saved camera position that centered the towers on the screen.  In that way he could spin around and his camera would already be centered on the towers when the shock and awe explosion erupted through the hole cut by the missiles.  Easy as pie for a professional like Jules is.

Actors and extras setting the stage, with the WTC centered behind them:

Last frame before Jules turns to the actors performing their “gas leak” inspection bit:

Gas leak sequence begins:

That awkward moment where you’re waiting for your cue look up in response to an imaginary plane.

Pfeifer is looking at the director.

Jules begins spinning his camera around to its saved position centered on the WTC.

Still spinning. The “plane” is in the frame.

Locked on target, just in time.

Last frame before impact.

Fire erupts through the hole cut in the tower.

Still centered. 

Jules begins his exaggerated zooming in, and then zooming out, to imply to the viewer that he was surprised by all of this.

After this frame the screen shakes exactly as it does for me when I remove my video camera from a tripod. Jules then hand-carries the camera and jumps into Pfieffer’s truck to continue with the hoax.

I’ll release a video in support of this sometime after the holidays.




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11 Comments · January 19, 2020 at 8:40 pm

The Naudet brothers should win a ‘genius actor’ award for their film “9/11”. They sounded so convincing in it (not). Did they really go to the towers and survive the collapse – as they showed themselves being under the rubble in the film? If they did put themselves in such danger, then they must be the most dedicated crisis actors ever. It’s hard for people to imagine that such normal looking people would tell such blatant lies. It’s pure evil! And the firefighters of Engine 7, Ladder 1 all saying they saw the planes with their very own eyes,as first-hand eye -witnesses on the ground. Well are we to believe that such firefighters are all pure evil too? Hoi Polloi’s VICSIMS report says “yes” – they’re all pure evil actors in a simulation movie. Unbelievable! How can humans be that evil, it’s enough to make even Dr. Evil cry.

If the Naughty Naudet ‘9/11’ movie was released in March 2002, then this proves that the crisis actors didn’t need much time to grieve for their so-called 9/11 victims. In their individual interviews on the “9/11” DVD, it’s obvious that some are trying hard not to laugh when telling their story. It all seems very contrived. In the movie we see a plane engine that allegedly landed in the middle of a street with people still casually walking past it, and a police officer yelling at them not to go near it because “this is evidence”. Yeah, planted evidence by the FBI that is. So where is that crucial piece of plane evidence now? Disappeared like them fake passports that survived intense fire, and landed straight into the hands of an FBI agent, that’s where! America has been bamboozled by evil naughty Naudets, and the military-industrial-congressional-media complex. Time to wake the hell up!

truthermusical · February 25, 2020 at 12:01 am

Dear Steve,

Please would you produce the following film with your new green screen technology?:

Film title: ” VT Life (But not as we know it!)” – A parody of the Columbia Pictures Martian alien movie “Life”

The VT team (Duff, Greenhalgh, Kevin Barrett, etc) are astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) above Earth. They are studying a so-called “paper-bitch, low-life form from Mars (given the name John A. Alien by Earthlings). Earthlings are observing the astronauts in space from back home on Earth – like they’re fish in a goldfish bowl. Kevin Barrett keeps them entertained with his Zoolander merman facial impressions, and simulated drowning surfing technique. Michael Horn is an expert “alien language translator” and alien-human mediator and is tasked with looking out for more alien life forms in outer-space. Jim Fetzer acts like Spock from Star Trek and tries to find a logical answer to everything as a Professor of Logic – with a bizarre habit of constantly flashing the ‘666’ hand gesture – as a nervous twitch signal to his human audience on Earth.

One day, as Gordon is torturing the low-life one-cell organism with electric prods behind a secure firewall unit, the organism suddenly fights back and grabs Duff’s hand seeking to bite it clean right off. Ian Greenhalgh shouts at Gordon Duff to stop messing with that “thing” – “…because we don’t know what it is yet. It could be anthrax, the corona virus, a hostile Martian alien entity, or the Mother of all Darth Vader’s aka Steve Deak.” Duff then turns to the weeping alien organism, and putting on a Darth Vader impression, he tells it: “Listen John A. Alien, I am your father”.

The organism then starts to sing and dance to that Elvis comeback song “Motherless Child” – lyrics: “…sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long, long way from home…”
John A. Alien then starts crying non-stop again. The crying continues for hours, days and weeks and the secure unit is in danger of flooding. Kevin finally yells that he doesn’t want to suffer drowning on the ISS for real and so the alien’s crying must be stopped. Dr. Jim Fetzer tries to find a logical explanation. He tells of how even so-called “low-life” creatures on Earth can experience emotion. For example, baby elephants are known to cry for weeks if they are abandoned by their mothers who reject a zoo-like caged environment, away from the freedom of wild community elephant life. It takes a village to raise a child and the organism needs more of its own kind in order to thrive. Gordon Duff rebukes Dr. Jim Fetzer’s explanation as being “highly illogical”. Jim then apologizes to Gordon Duff (aka Flash Gordon) and says “…when my eyes beheld that low-life alien creature crying like a baby, I displayed emotion. I beg forgiveness”.

Many more weeks pass and the alien organism is still crying non-stop, and displaying amazing intelligence. Ian Greenhalgh shouts at Gordon Duff to stop treating the alien life form like his very own child, or pet guinea pigs, but to realize it’s dangerous potential. He says that communication with the alien being should be kept to an absolute minimum and it should be starved of intelligence, so that it’s intellectual life is kept at only a 1% level – just like how only 1% VT ‘real’ news should be given to the human species back on Earth. Ian says that the rest of VT’s 99% human intelligence must be kept in a secure Pandora’s Box well away from the alien’s reach – just in case the alien starts to believe that nuke atoms are fake and Steve Deak’s Electric Universe theory is more correct, as what many humans are also now starting to realize to be true.

One day, increasingly annoyed by the alien’s annoying crying, Duff electrifies the alien some more, yelling: “…How many times must I tell you to shut the hell up! Stop trying to communicate with the outside world. Low-life paper-bitch organisms like you should be seen and not heard. How many times have I got to tell you to stop biting the hand that feeds you! I invented this “Veterans Today” ISS mothership and the piano-key neck tie! What did you do John A. Alien? You did NOTHING, NOTHING!!!…I’m the one who rebukes all VT readers as Maryland spanker whores for Haifa Israel. I know all about Haifa trolls and their alliance with “granny” Steve Deak. I should know I’ve been sleeping with the enemy Mossad for a very long time, even longer than Christopher Bollyn has, but at least I didn’t go as far as marrying one of them like Bollyn did. Sleeping with the mossad enemy is kosher, as I keep telling Robert Steele every year in our Christmas message to the human species. One should not look at the faults of the Mossad enemy when one is an American – born from the land born from Native -American genocide and suffering…oops, have I said too much? Now I bet you’re really frickin’ intelligent, aren’t you?!! Damn it!!”

The alien then suddenly jumps up and eats Gordon’s prodding hand. Gordon screams in agony. His fellow VT crew seek to pull him away from the alien’s firm grip, but it won’t come off. In all the proceeding panic and commotion, the first major firewall is breached and the entire crew is now in grave danger, until someone can stop that alien thing…

The film ends with John A. Alien escaping the secure confinement and imprisonment on the ISS. He grows to be a fine gentleman back down on Earth, who has many free and stimulating intellectual conversations with Steve Deak about his Electric Universe theory. The VT Crew on the ISS have been sent further out into outer-space to be quarantined as far away from Earth as possible, or fried by the cosmic firewall between our solar system’s end and interstellar space.

John A. Alien then writes the following poem in memory of VT Crew member Dr. Allen Roland and his bizarre Unified Field Theory – as often spoken about and endorsed by Kevin Barrett on the ISS, which had been his only source of intellectual stimulation at the time of his captivity aboard the ISS.

The poem is as follows:

Poem title: “Unified Electrical Field of Loving Plasma”:

Electricity please take VT
Take VT to your cosmic quarantine fire
That plasma of love that’ll extinguish VT’s cruel heart’s desire
For it has failed
Failed love, and the primordial ‘knowing’
So from God’s love it has sailed
This VT “low-life” so hostile to thy grace
Deserves to be shown thy wrath and put in its place
VT has failed the Naudet Brothers 9/11 litmus test
Now the world knows its nought but a disgrace.
Duff treats John A. Alien like a paper-bitch –
like a low-life luciferian No. ‘9’ who’s time’s up without a stitch
They say a stitch in time saves ‘9’
But not when Gordon and Ian are planning an alien ditch
They seek to abandon VT’s founder in a prison pitch, without a glitch
But such a fiery pitch is the ultimate quarantine
For only those who are cruel, nasty and mean –
Those who think they know everything, but are heedless of the unseen
Duff’s baptism of fire will now make him clean (if not more of an idiot like British jokers Ian G. and Mr. Bean)
So goodbye VT Crew, you low-life form
Apparently, you were ‘bad’ even before you were born
Ian G. kept your intellect at a mere one percent
But now your fiery plasma end is truly heaven-sent
If you didn’t grow so fat on human misery,
Or worship a luciferian ‘owl’ like Michael Horn’s Billy Cabbalah Tree,
Then maybe you would’ve had a chance
Instead of doing the Kali death dance
“Now I’ve become death” is what all nukers say
Till Steve Deak proves nuker’s baloney doesn’t pay
African “ubuntu” should be the order of the day, not the nuclear family of “Selfish Today”.
‘Tis Judgement Day now for sure
So y’all best prepare for what’s in store
For every New World Order whore
Dancing the Kali Death Dance, with blood on the dance floor
Our Electric Universe may shock some life back into you
Like it does NASA’s Voyager probes one and two
But till then your low-life self will be turned black ‘n’ blue
Till y’all finally realize nukes don’t exist
’cause Einstein was wrong and just got pissed
He plagiarized all that he could
Just to keep Tesla from looking good
But now that everyone knows your nuke theory is fake
All VT Crew nukers must journey to that great fiery plasma lake
So perchance such low-life may eventually awake,
or disappear like a melting snowflake, by God’s will
For heaven’s sake!

……The End…..

    Steve De'ak · February 27, 2020 at 6:20 am

    I’ll take it under advisement. 😉


truthermusical · February 27, 2020 at 7:53 am

Thanks for your reply Steve. I suggest that you first watch the original movie:

If you imagine the astronaut crew as being brainless morons like the VT Crew are in real-life, and imagine the Martian alien as being more intelligent than the lot of them in the context of the above script, then you’ll understand the parody version is gonna be bloody hilarious. Don’t worry so much about the quality of the movie. People enjoy watching amateur remake parodies of well-known movie – just like was portrayed in the Jack Black movie “Be kind, Rewind”. Try to get friends, or family to play certain roles. I doubt the real VT Crew would wish to take part. But it’s great publicity for your project. It just takes a bit of imagination , so have fun with it. Cheers! I hope you can do it.

Kathleen L. Keenan · September 6, 2021 at 1:17 am

You all are idiots. Seek help.

Rational Humanbeing · September 8, 2021 at 8:36 am

All of you conspiracy nutjobs can go to hell. You all need serious help. In fact, I think you are just as dangerous as terrorist if not more so. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Obviously none of you knew people who died that day or you wouldn’t be saying this stupid shit. Do you all realize who fucking embarrassing you all are. As for the tripod “theory”, Jules was filming a Documentary so having a tripod wouldn’t be some odd coincidence. If any of you did real homework instead of speculation you would have known this.

Seriously, seek help, you fucking morons.

    Kristian · April 8, 2024 at 5:29 am

    Kathleen L. Keenan and “Rational Humanbeing”:
    Thanks for your highly intelligent and most valued comments.

    Thanks for the spot on article Steve. Keep them coming.
    I saw The Naudets 9/11 “documentary” about 4 times back in 2017 / 2018,. The film is so unbelievably pathetic that I had to watch it again and again and again and again. To me it’s direct proof that the Naudets are 100 % bought and paid for co-conspirateurs. The acting in the film insults my intelligence. As it should annoy anyones’ intelligence.

Amaury Chihuahua · November 20, 2021 at 2:31 pm

Hmmm idk seems fake

R.Gunst · January 3, 2022 at 8:37 am

The two towers of the WRC are about 50m too high from the perspective. They were artistically enhanced to better show the impacts.

matt henry · March 29, 2022 at 10:50 pm

gosh you guys dont ever proove your points, i’m all for the conspiracy mentality as we need people asking questions to of course bring more information sheding more light on 9/11 so we can learn and be better prepared amongst a politically untrustable world we live in but… you conspiracy theorists are always talking in circles with no proof of your proof and the major question you have never an answer, why would we need to o through all that? to accomplish ? we get our way as USA either way, no conspiracy especially since i was there! much more of a conspiracy and government married to media lies nowadays like covid or human trafficking, and mostly I write to yall tonight because; this goes nowhere, your conspiracy ideals dont have merit due to the circular talk yall provide that adds up to nothing, I really wish one, just one of yall made a valid point or had factual proof or theoretical reasoning even but nothing you guys have tried to convince has or will work, could have been on to something but no…

Alexander Moody, PhD · January 20, 2023 at 12:17 am

This reads as if a child wrote it. No proof, just wild speculation that adds up to nothing. You should be embarrassed by this pitiful diatribe.

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