Video: The 9/11 Amateurs Were Using Tripods

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Anyone who has ever toyed around with video editing knows how much fun it can be to use a tripod.  With footage captured by a camera on a tripod and with commonly used layering techniques a photographer can make things appear and disappear from the video. All of the 9/11 footage I have seen show evidence of tripod use, and in this case I’ll use the Hezarkhani footage as an example.  This footage was allegedly captured from the deck of a tour-boat but there are fifteen frames that prove without a doubt this guy was a pro with a tripod or dolly on dry land pretending to be an amateur on a boat.

Since there wasn’t a real jet for him to focus on for this shot to work, the camera operator had to practice the camera movement from a predetermined location on a stable platform because to insert a 3D image of a jet into 2D footage is infinitely less complicated if the footage is captured from a stable platform like a tripod, and sure enough Hezarkhani had one.  Still frames and video below.


Herzarkhani frames 3_000936Herzarkhani frames 3_000937 Herzarkhani frames 3_000938 Herzarkhani frames 3_000939 Herzarkhani frames 3_000940 Herzarkhani frames 3_000941 Herzarkhani frames 3_000942

Herzarkhani frames 3_000943 Herzarkhani frames 3_000944 Herzarkhani frames 3_000945 Herzarkhani frames 3_000946 Herzarkhani frames 3_000947

Herzarkhani frames 3_000948

Herzarkhani frames 3_000949

Herzarkhani frames 3_000950






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