The late Leslie Raphael’s work in PDF: Jules Naudet’s First Plane Shot Was Staged

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After the late Gerard Holmgren’s work was scrubbed from the Internet (I was able to save some of his best work here), I figured it’s only a matter of time before the late Leslie Raphael’s magnificent expose on the Naudet fraud is flushed down the memory hole.  A couple years before Raphael died I had reached out to him for his blessing to re-post his work, but he replied that he would prefer not to have anything to do with me.  Sorry, Leslie, but your work on the Naudet film is too good to let fade away, so I have reproduced it in PDF for posterity and for sanity.

For the record, Raphael was not a “no planer” but his efforts fit the no planes conclusion perfectly, despite his animosity towards “no planers” like me.  If you think you are a student of 9/11 but haven’t studied Raphael’s work, then you have much to learn, Grasshopper.  😉

Please read the home page PDF below, and then below that the working links to the index mentioned in the home page.

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Download [907.55 KB]

  1. Introduction
  2. The Flight 11 in 39 cuts
  3. Conveniences
  4. Maps
  5. Objections and answers
  6. Photographic demonstration
  7. Elsewhere in the Naudet film
  8. The Northwoods context
  9. The 9/11 convictions
  10. What next ?
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