St. Nicholas and the Amazing Flying Wall Panel

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Happy Anniversary!

This video examines evidence that proves the NYPD is knee-deep in 9/11 fraud.


Hi, Steve De’ak here. It’s September 11 2014 and we’re now 13 years into the war on terror – still with no end in sight. In honor of the day I’d like to share one of the more ridiculous chapters of the Official 9/11 story and to offer a way out.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was the only non WTC building to be destroyed in the 9/11 attacks and sat almost 700 linear feet away from the north tower. This church served as a backdrop for photographs provided by the NYPD depicting an airplane wheel lodged in what we are told is an external wall panel knocked loose from the north tower.   The problem with that tale is that this wall panel neither flew from the north tower, nor indeed was ever part of its construction therefore this photograph is evidence that on at least some level, and it appears to be a very high level, the NYPD is involved in 9/11.

The construction of the panel is one clue that it is a fake but the most obvious reason is that the spandrels are bent in the wrong direction.

The spandrels were the plates that tied the wall panels together, and their connections had at least 24 bolts, half of which needed to snap in order for the wall panel to be pushed out in its entirety, and that’s not even considering the 24 bolts connecting the top and bottom connections. The plane debris allegedly struck FROM THE INSIDE so hard that it snapped all the connections simultaneously and still contained enough energy to push this 6 ton wall panel almost 700 horizontal feet while falling 1000 vertical feet.

It then settled to the ground without shattering the concrete but they screwed up with the spandrels – they are bent exactly opposite from how they would have been bent had that panel actually been pushed from the inside. What we are looking at is a mockup of a WTC wall panel that was probably used as part of a target practice wall, and then trucked to the site, dropped onto the pavement and beat up with sledge hammers.

St. Nicholas Church provided a heart wrenching backdrop for these propaganda photos, also notable are the fire and the American flag. Conveniently for the perpetrators, the wall panel and the church were buried in the collapse, but these photographs expose the depth of the corruption that continues to support the 9/11 myth. For the NYPD to be right about that wall panel Flight 11 had to cut through a whole steel building and still have enough force to snap dozens of bolts and shoot 6 tons of steel 700 feet, a clear impossibility. At 9/11 Crash Test we have a small but dedicated group of people willing to put that claim to the test. We are seeking volunteers to help start a revolution of awareness that the level of corruption in world government has reached a critical mass all based on the lies of 9/11.

It has been 13 years since that day, isn’t it about time we started facing the truth?

The fastest way to end the wars is by exposing the lies that spawned them. Please join us at 9/11 Crash for a rocket-powered shortcut to reality.

Thank you.






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This is where the authorities say the wall panel came from. It is not visible in the photos, so I wonder how they arrived at this.
LOL – M Fitz provided this as proof that the authorities are telling the truth.
There is no 3-column, 3-panel hole visible. The authorities are fabricating a story without anything to support it.


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