The Big Virus Hoax


  1. truthermusical

    Oh Mr. Coronee,
    Have you turned our Steve into macaroni?
    Have you turned his good work into baloney?
    Now that he’s gone AWOL and has left us lonely,
    Are we to now assume that he’s a big phoney?
    He was our homey, but you’ve made him a cronie
    When he should be alive and rosie
    Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee
    Against global plandemic tyranny
    But now he’s gone and there’s nothing to see
    Oh woes me! You evil Mr. Coronee
    We will fight you from sea to shiny sea
    For what will be will be
    In our Water Universe of cosmic tea –
    Not your Electric Universe of Lucy Electricity
    That seeks an automated humanity
    plugged into The Matrix of 5G
    Oh Steve, we shall save thee
    and the entire human race family
    If only with this poetry
    Just you wait and see!

  2. truthermusical

    There once was a man named Danny Deak. He fell in love with a lady named Sandy and they drove everywhere together in their Grease Lightning car. When Danny first met Sandy he screamed: “I’ve got chills, they’re multiplying, and I’m losing control, ’cause the power you’re supplying, it’s electrifying!”. However, Sandy was not impressed with Danny Deak. She knew he was being brainwashed by the Electric Universe theory. Nevertheless, she supported Danny in the hope that he’d change. She sang to him the song “Hopelessly devoted to you” : “…but now, there’s nowhere to hide, as you pushed my life aside, I’m not in my head, I’m hopelessly devoted to you…”.

    Unfortunately, Danny never acknowledged his better half. Sometimes he imagined her to be a black widow spider trying to eat him. He therefore deluded himself into thinking he was CERNs “pure energy” and a God. The end!

  3. Michael Ludwig

    Thank you for sharing this website, Steve. I just watched a video that’s apparently been released today, debunking germ theory.

    God Sent Us A Video On Viruses – April 21, 2021

    Do you happen to know why LetsRollForums is unreachable?

  4. Post
    Steve De'ak

    Hi Michael,

    LetsRoll got hacked. I was told they are working on restoring it, but it has been several weeks already so I’m not sure if it will return or not.

    Thanks for the tip on that video.


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