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Hi all,

Please welcome my friend Pablo Novi.  Hopefully he and I will make some waves working together on the 9/11 Crash Test project.  In the meantime we’ve carved out this space for his stomping grounds.  I’ll leave it up to him to share his background.  Glad to have you Pablo!



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Pablo Novi · September 8, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Dear Steve & Hello Everybody Else!,
I’m Pablo (usual username: pablonovi).

Thanx Steve for “having me” both:
In the 911CrashTest project and, more generally, for “sponsoring” (is that the right word?) my blog.

I’m looking forward to working hard with you Steve to making a difference towards ending this War OF Terror against the world and this War OF Spying against us Americans … all based on the 911 BIG LIE.

I’m looking forward to working hard with as many of the rest of you as possible in this totally necessary and utterly worthy cause.

Yours Sincerely,

Pablo Novi · August 30, 2016 at 12:28 pm

I’m including below a brand new leaflet (that I wrote in the name of the 9/11 Truth Movement, in turn in the name of the people of the US and world) for trying to both UNITE the badly-fractured 911 Truth Movement; AND that we-all (or most of us) would then take that leaflet to the billions world-wide so that THEY get angry, rise up and, “End ALL The Wars & Police States, NOW!”

Please note: I have a PDF version; but don’t see any means to attach it.

This leaflet does NOT appear HERE as it does in the original document. So, please bear in mind, there are supposed to be two columns: the left-hand one (about 1/3rd the width of the page) contains:
The US Gov 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory

while the right-hand column contains:
The US Gov 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory (O.C.T.): REFUTED

Because those columns do not show up here; each phrase describing the O.C.T. is followed by our refutation (starting with the word, “YET” (but not in neat columns).

Lastly, for some reason, there are additional problems with getting things to fit on one line; so I’ve been forced to type in a “i” occasionally – please ignore them.

P.S. For anyone who wants/needs one; I’ll send a PDF copy.

End ALL The Wars & Police States, NOW !
Make The U.S. Billionaires Pay TOTAL Reparations For ALL The Damage Done ! i
9/11 Was: An Inside Job (by Americans (& Others?)); False Flag (Blamed On Arabs); & Big Lie (With Cover Up)

By: the UNITING 9/11 Truth Movement in the Name of the People of the U.S. & World * i
U.S. Gov. 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory [below here]

U.S. Gov. 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory (O.C.T.) REFUTED
[below here] i

a. @ Muslim Religious Fanatic Wanted His 72 Virgins YET Drank, Drugged, Whored; Got Fast-Track Visas; Had ID’s Stolen; 7+ Alive Afterwards

b. They Wanted To Do Jihad & Hated Our Freedoms YET They Didn’t Claim It; 1st Week, 3 Times, USAma Bin Laden Said: “I DIDN’T DO 9/11”

c. They Wanted To Do MAXIMUM Damage To The U.S. YET They Flew PAST Nuclear Power Plant; Skipped Pres. Bush; & Avoided Pentagon Roof
a. These Attacks Took The U.S. Completely By Surprise YET Japanese Kamikazes; Pres.: PDB; & Millions Saw TV: “Lone Gunman” WTC Attack

b. They Succeeded Due To A Failure Of Imagination YET U.S. Gov. Ran Many Anti-Terror Drills Both Before 9/11 & ON The Morning Of 9/11

c. The U.S. Had Dozens Of Bureaucratic Failures YET Impossible Odds Against So Many 1-Morning Failures; & NO Bureaucrats Punished
a. Small Arabs With Box-Cutters & Expert Piloting … YET They Couldn’t: Fly/Overcome BIG Pilots=ex-Military, Trained-To-Sacrifice-Their-Lives

b. Outsmarted World’s Greatest Air Defense ($30B/Yr) YET It Was Pre-Planned Chaos & A U.S. Military “STAND DOWN” On 9/11;=INSIDE JOB

c. There Was No Destruction Of Evidence Or Cover-Up YET Illegal Too-Fast Clean-Up;Delayed i /Flawed (C)omission; MSM;=FALSE FLAG/BIG LIE
a. 2 Planes Destroyed 3 Towers Due To Crashes + Fires YET Twin Towers Had ”Plane-Proof” Design; & The 3rd Tower Was Not Hit By Any Plane

b. All 3 Towers Dropped At (Near) Free-Fall Speed YET That’s Impossible Unless Additional Destructive Agents / Weapons Were Used

c. Twins -> Tiny Rubble Piles; & #7 Fell Straight Down YET Twins PULVERIZED IN AIR; & WTC#7 Was Exactly Like A Classic Controlled Demolition

X. 1st Week, E.P.A. Said: “N.Y.C. Air Is Safe To Breath” YET The Air Was A Super-Toxic Soup; Thousands Have Gotten Very Sick; + Several Deaths
a. That Boeing Crashed & Made The Pentagon Hole YET NO Video Proof Despite 80+ Cameras; 1st Witnesses & Photos: “No Boeing Here!”

b. That Boeing Penetrated, Destroyed & Vaporized YET Hardened Wall, Intact Windows & Columns, No Engines, Punch-Out; & DNA Found

c. Their Intention Was MAX. Damage To U.S. Military YET Very Few Died, Including NO Generals; & Why Didn’t They Hit The Pentagon’s Roof?
a. The Boeing Buried Itself Entirely Under The Ground YET Before Or Since, No Plane Has Ever Done That 9/11: THE DAY OF MIRACLES

b. The Boeing Bounced & Spread Debris 5–8 Miles YET Before Or Since, No Plane Has Ever Done That; It Can’t BOTH Bury Itself & Bounce

c. The Boeing Was Not Excavated YET Easily-Found Potential Survivors Aren’t Abandoned; & Bodies Aren’t Left To Rot
a. They Planned Their Trips As Suicide Flights YET Round-Trip Tickets, Used Fake IDs, 1 “Hijacker” DEAD Before 9/11; & 7+ ALIVE After

b. They Boarded YET Final Airports With Camera-Saturation had NO Waiting + Boarding Photos + Videos

c. They Brought Box-Cutters On With Them YET In 2001: Boarding With Box-Cutters Was Not Allowed
a. These Small Guys Force-Entered The Cockpits YET Small Guys Breaking Thru Locked Cockpit Doors Is Near-Impossible; & Slow & Noisy

b. They Surprised & Overwhelmed The Big Pilots YET Military-Trained Pilots Would Hear Them; & Didn’t Automatically Squawk: ‘7-5-0-0’

c. We Know A Lot Because Of The Cel Phone Calls YET At Moussaoui(“20th Hijacker”) Trial, U.S. Gov. ADMITTED: NO 9/11 Cel-Phone Calls!
a. Planes Approached With Incredible Aero-dynamics YET Boeings Can’t Fly That Fast That Low; & Pentagon: Turn G-Forces & Ground Effects

b. Planes Did Amazing Penetrations, Gashes & Damage YET Can’t: Cut Steel; Leave ‘Cookie-Cutters’; Down 3 Towers; Penetrate A Hardened Wall

c. 5 Black Boxes Lost; & Debris Fits In A Pick-Up Truck YET Black Boxes = Never Lost In Crashes On Land; Where Are 4 Million Serial-#’d Parts? i
X. ANTHRAX-PATRIOT ACT & AFGHAN WAR: i (Above 9 + These 2 = 11; “9 or 11”)

10. ANTHRAX & PATRIOT ACT: i YET Military Aimes-Strain Weaponized Anthrax; 5 Dead, NOT 5 Million = Max. Damage?

a. Anthrax Attack Was Not Planned BEFORE 9/11 YET White House Was On Cipro PRE-Anthrax; & No One’s Been Found Guilty In 15 Years

b. U.S. Patriot Act Was Not Written BEFORE 9/11 YET (Huge+Complicated) Patriot Act Couldn’t Have Been Written In Only Those 2 Weeks

11. WAR AGAINST AFGHANISTAN: i YET 100 New Military Bases VS China & Russia (-> WW3; US Giant Military Contractors $)

c. War VS Afghanistan Was Not Planned BEFORE 9/11 YET Natural Gas Pipeline (Turkmenistan-> Afghanistan->India/Pak(US Oil Giant, Unocal $) YET Opium Returned To World Record Production Under U.S. Control (U.S. Giant Banks $)

ABSOLUTE PROOF:They Promised;But Never Gave It i; & Most/All Of Their Claims Are IMPOSSIBLE Or Even RIDICULOUS. [*original: Pablo Novi] i

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