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One of the ways I motivate myself is to wade into the camp of the enemy. Back in the day it was the “International Skeptics,” formerly known as JREF, but now it’s Metabunk’s turn. To test the water I brushed the dust off a post about Judy Wood and Dustification.

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Truthermusical · November 11, 2019 at 12:51 pm

Please help us understand the “wake effect”:

Dear Steve and Jim Fetzer,

Please would you help the laypeople to understand why the “wake effect” means missiles could NOT have been used to create the impact holes. Jim states to Steve:

“P.S. I think the major problem with your hypothesis, by the way, is timing the firing of the missiles to create those
gashes coincident with the apparent impact of the planes on the facades of the buildings. I think that’s a problem
for your position, but I do not on that basis discount it. If they were fired to impact behind the smoke and flames
of the prepositioned charges, however, I would expect there to be a wake-effect that would confirm their passage.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no wake effect, which of course counts against the use of real planes as
well as against the use of real missiles. But I like that you brought it up. Fashioning theories is the hardest part”

Something made those holes in the towers. The question is what, when, who and how? Does anyone in the truth movement have an answer for them, other than Steve’s missile hypothesis?

To highlight the importance of holograms over the impact hole damage seems rather Orwellian – like trying to make 2+2=5 for political expediency alone as the focus, rather than focusing on real natural concrete evidence in physical matter – the hole damage in the towers.

Is Jim implying that multiple missiles would have had to be launched at the same time to offset any wake turbulence that could have knocked a travelling missile off course away from the others?

Wake turbulence is a disturbance in the atmosphere that forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air. … Air from below the wing is drawn around the wingtip into the region above the wing by the lower pressure above the wing, causing a vortex to trail from each wingtip.

See more info here:

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

frontncenter · September 9, 2020 at 3:17 am

I too have a score to settle with METABUNK. That slimy lying piece of shit Mick West or “Mossad Mick” as I call him, is a self proclaimed scientist who acts as if he doesn’t know building collapses don’t start car fires. His whole “Debunking Melted Cars” was something to behold in respects to classic shilling.

Yeah Mick, technically you’re right. There were no melted cars…, but there was a melted fire truck which is on display in a museum. Having a one way debate to debunk “melted cars” while staying clear of the fact no cars should have been burned or caught fire to begin with. Of course that’s just common sense… so I asked;

“Why in the hell would cars 5 blocks away from a falling building catch fire? “That simple question not only went ignored but was flagged as off topic. Really? Off topic how… because it didn’t have the word “melted car” in it, or because it was too simple & logical to be answered or talked about without proving he’s full of shit? I think my METABUNK record can attest to the number of times I’ve asked the right questions. I’ve even had comments completely changed to reflect his views whenever they made him and/or his fantastical delusional explanations look dumb. Imagine physically altering users comments because they make sense or prove him wrong.

It’s a good thing I realized the importance of taking screen shots early on, otherwise I would have no proof of what METABUNK really is and does. Mossad Mick is a giant lying dick. Try debunking that!

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