Did the CDC have advanced knowledge?

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Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program)

Job ID HHS-CDC-D3-20-10640010Date posted 11/15/2019Location Dallas, Texas, El Paso, Texas, Houston, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Anchorage, Alaska, Los Angeles, California, San Diego, California, San Francisco, California, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, Honolulu, Hawaii, Chicago, Illinois, Boston, Massachusetts, Detroit, Michigan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Newark, New Jersey, New York, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San JuanDepartment: Department of Health And Human Services
Agency: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Job Announcement Number: HHS-CDC-D3-20-10640010
SALARY RANGE: $51440.0 to $93077.0/Per Year
OPEN PERIOD: 2019-11-15 to 2020-05-15

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truthermusical · March 20, 2020 at 5:54 pm

David Icke did a recent interview and mentioned the 201 simulation event, that you also mentioned in your previous post comments section:

David Icke’s also mentioned the movie “Contagion” as predictive programming. If you watch the movie its shocking how similar it is to real-world events. Such as the virus originating in China and spreading all over the world, having been born from bats/animals in a wild animal food market. If animals can get the disease, then how come we’re not hearing in the news about the number of animal deaths, or does the virus only target specific groups of “animals” at any one time, such as Asian people, the elderly, those with weak immunity etc.? All evidence does seem to suggest foreknowledge of the disease. The commentators of the movie say they hope such viruses will have a medical cure, and force-fed to people much like their mass medication fluoride in water! With medical martial law now going on in most countries, people are starting to say “we are under siege”. In the movie “The Siege” starring Bruce Willis as a military psychopath, the American people eventually rise up against the fake false-flag events, and the ‘good guys’ in law enforcement finally challenge their psychopathic peers in the military, FBI etc. Will such movie predictive programming also happen, or will the people remain complacent little steeple for their “herd immunity” against bio weapon diseases? Only time will tell if we can break the crazy spell in our mad world. Stay tuned…

    Steve De'ak · March 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    How can you be sure the disease is real?

    Remember the movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind?”

truthermusical · March 21, 2020 at 5:52 am

Are you suggesting that the virus is alien from outer space? If so, then that tiny microscopic organism has managed to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that humans are “too stupid to live”. Humans have the potential to be superior to nature as heavenly angels but yet they seek to remain “the lowest of the low”. David Icke says it’s the fault of the 1% elite in a Hunger Games society, but from my experience the majority of the people are wilfully ignorant and police their own enslavement. Everything happens by the Will of Allah be it considered ‘bad’ or ‘good’ by us. The Quran says Hell is guarded by ’19’ angels. I think Bill Gates is a Hell’s Angel gatekeeper. The elite are occultists. They know the wisdom of the Quran but they choose to disobey because they believe it is better to rule in hell than be a servant in heaven. Hence the reason why we see the freemasonic ‘order out of chaos’ number ”33′ in much of the coronavirus news coverage. Also COVID19 is reference to the ’19” Hell’s Angels. There’s nothing new under the sun and the best of planners is Allah, so be a believer if you truly wish for success. Take care 🙂

Jahilliya Times · April 1, 2020 at 10:04 am

If Malcolm X. were alive today, then this would be his message to PakistanI people and fellow Muslims:

…who taught you to hate yourself, to hate the colour of your skin, to hate the shape of your nose and to shag Kate Hudson and drink alcohol like there’s no tomorrow in Hollywood movies like “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”? Who taught you to fear everything and to give up your fundamental beliefs just so that you could be “popular” in a prison planet with no life, or freedom? Who taught you to look up to Trump with his pet “covfefe” virus?

At this moment in time the criminal Saudi government has got Muslims running like rats between two circular barrier walls near the Kabbah of Mecca. The kabbah itself is surrounded by an oval shaped barrier so that from a bird’s eye view the kabbah looks like an eye – the eye of Dajjal perhaps?

Between the two barriers the Indian/Pakistani workers are treated like field niggaz – they aren’t given any special face masks as they clean the ground, nor are they made to adhere to any social-distancing as they clean. Yet the other Muslims taking selfies and doing tawaf between the other barrier are being required to observe segregation within the walls of the barrier?! Why are such Muslims not questioning why the field nigga’s life is less important to their own “Uncle Tom” life? Why is it that the most Holy place of Islam – the Kabbah – has been turned into the depiction of the all-seeing eye of RA? The illuminati eye of Dajjal – the anti-Christ?!!
See how the Kabbah has been depicted as the Pagan Egyptian ‘Eye of RA’ here:


If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a billion times: You’ve been had! Led astray! Bamboozled! Hoodwinked! ..

Never in the history of humanity have people stopped worship at the Kabbah. Yet in our supposedly advanced age everyone is running scared because of some mysterious virus. The birds are now doing Tawaf at Mecca because Muslims have abandoned their faith and fundamental values! So you deserve the punishment of Al Dajjal when he arrives because that’s obviously what you all wish to worship! They -the illuminati- send Dajjal to pacify us, they send alcohol and presstitutes to pacify us, they send ‘chickens coming home to roost’ to pacify us, and they send their Bill Gates vaccine poisons to pacify us, they send their circular wall barriers in Mecca to pacify us and have us running like we’re rats in a cage to be segregated and medicated under martial medical law and pure tyranny. This is not Islam! This is Caca Fake Freedom! Wake up Muslim ummah or suffer the tribulations of Al Dajjal! The four horses of the apocalypse have warned you. So humanity get off your knees and pray correctly in Mecca as free as the birds are now doing Tawaf around Mecca:


Salaam and may the peace and blessings of Real Islam be with the Nation of Islam – the real Nation of Islam of people from different races, colours, cultures and of varying social status – NOT the fake “Blacks Only” Nation of Islam. Stop acquiescing with your own enslavement! They are few, we are many, so humanity get off your knees praying to false idols and pray as the prophets and messengers of Allah taught us to pray. Salaam ” – Your Brother Malcolm X.

JT · April 1, 2020 at 10:39 am

Trump warned about the COVID-19 virus disease two years ago. He called it by its pet name “covfefe” When people questioned his mystery tweet about ” covfefe” Trump said it had ‘deep meaning’ and refused to admit it was a mistake. The press claimed that Covfefe was a misspelling of the word “coverage” … Trump deleted the tweet about six hours later. But it is clear now that he was exposing the planned COVID19 psy-op via the fake news media that we have today.

Litore Lapis · April 4, 2020 at 1:49 pm

truthermusical · June 13, 2020 at 5:25 pm

Dear Truther Musical and fellow Truthers,

Thank you for your email below.

It is clear to us that you are fully aware of our covert plan to punish the entire world – with strict sharia lockdown law, in accordance with Quranic chapter 4, verse 15, which details house arrest punishment for unrepentant whores. The name of our company “Babylon Health” was first established by the United Nations, after one particularly intense interfaith session with world leaders. It was decided that if ever the world reached a level of intellectual and physical whoredom – on a biblical scale, much like the great Whore of Babylon, or as in the days of Noah (Bible ref. 24:36), then the entire world would need to be kept in lockdown until all the adults of sound mind show some repentance. It is vitally important that the UN acts to save the world, otherwise karmic law of cause and effect will seriously kick all our butts: We’re talking the apocalypse! Biblical scale flooding and diseases, and perhaps even Planet X. landing on all our heads! For the whole world to have reached such a sorry state of perversion, every adult of sound mind, would’ve consciously have had to have made the wrong moral decision to acquiesce with pure evil. Perhaps they joined a secret society and kissed baphomet’s butt at Donald Trump’s “warp speed”, or perhaps they attended one too many Moloch worshiping trips to Bohemian Grove, dancing naked with fellow “perverted ones” around a 70 foot stone owl, or maybe they read one too many presstitute articles at “Veterans Today”, the point is: the entire frickin’ world has now been corrupted beyond repair and must be kept under strict Sharia law lockdown until enough people become ‘good’ again – in order to balance the scales of ‘ good’ versus ‘evil’, otherwise the unthinkable may happen, just like in the days of Noah, or what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, or all previous Whores of Babylon cities, throughout the ages.

Boris Johnson (UK Prime Minister) approves of our objectives to combat all Babylon-like whoredom. The
UK Column journalist Vanessa Beeley rightfully identified his wholehearted support of our plans. For example, her article: “COVID-19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown” – published on Wednesday, 6th May 2020, states the following:

” …Both Hancock and Dominic Cummings, chief adviser to the Prime Minister, have questionable ties to Babylon Health, a prominent health tech firm implementing AI.”

Babylon Health seeks to force all sinful perverted souls to repent and confess their sins, by any means necessary.
We ain’t playin’!

As many Truthers rightfully pointed out: 9/11 was the precipice of absolute intellectual whoredom, when the entire intellectual world decided to go Full Wilfully Ignorant – by believing that planes can cut through steel-reinforced concrete – much like a hot knife cutting through butter. That’s absolutely absurd! At the precipice of going Full Intellectual Whore, people are supposed to finally come to their senses, not remain dumb-struck in absolute stupidity!

We now have before us an opportunity for repentance via Steve Deak’s 9/11 Crashtest Project. Before our Final Hour, Steve will be launching the greatest demonstration of how planes should really crash in the real world, and should he win the day, the entire world will no longer be known as just another great Whore of Babylon, ruled by alien perverted ones, but rather it will be known as a world truly worthy of God’s Grace and Mercy. We will live on! Today is our Crashtest Day! Please Join Steve Deak as he attempts to build the equivalent of Noah’s Ark, via his highly educational Mythbusters scientific experiment. Please visit his website for more information:


This is your final opportunity to repent, so support Steve Deak today! Otherwise Babylon Health will make you ‘healthy’ at Bill Gates’s “Gates of Hell” – via luciferase vaccines, and the Mark of the Beast HR6666, as fitting punishment for all unrepentant intellectual whores, presstitutes etc. in the great Whore of Babylon!!!

We ain’t playin’!

Yours sincerely,

Babylon Health


Your recent email to us:

Dear Babylon Health,

For many years, academics (such as Dr. Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today), have written about the problem of “intellectual whoredom”, which is most often demonstrated in the mainstream media via presstitutes. Such whoredom of the mind is allegedly due to the occult worship of the false deity named Horus, and the elite’s fondness for eating “horpasta made by whores” – as Will Ferrell demonstrated in the movie Zoolander2.

After the Big Lie false-flag event on 9/11, the level of intellectual whoredom was off -the-charts on a global scale. For example, Dr. Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11, tried to hypnotize the world into believing that jet planes hitting Twin Towers behave alot like eggs passing through an egg-cutter, but Steve Deak has proved such hypothesis is scientifically incorrect – because the evidence of the impact holes proves otherwise. Dr Jim Fetzer’s theory about hologram planes hitting the towers, also doesn’t seem to fit the evidence of the crime scene. Before Truthers can sell their individual theories on 9/11 to the public, they must first prove that they have examined the primary evidence at the crime scene – which is the impact holes within the towers allegedly caused by jet planes. Only Steve Deak has bothered to consider this evidence with his 9/11 Crashtest Project. For his efforts in trying to understand the events of 9/11 he is being cruely censored by his fellow ‘truthers’ – namely the presstitutes at Veterans Today.

Steve Deak offers the world the opportunity to repent from its intellectual whoredom, in a Whore of Babylon world for better Babylon Health.

We understand that we are all guilty of intellectual whoredom through ignorance concerning the events of 9/11, and we seek to repent by genuinely following the “scientific method” for criminal investigation via Steve Deak’s 9/11 Crashtest Project. Therefore, according to Quranic chapter 4, verse 15, law, which states that those guilty of any kind of whoredom – especially the intellectual kind, should be allowed to repent before their Final Hour, and given the opportunity to show their repentance by being released from house arrest lockdown punishment. Therefore, the extreme lockdown measures endorsed by Babylon Health is unjustified, as long as the Whore of Babylon world is willing to repent via Steve Deak’s 9/11 Crashtest Project.

We understand that such epidemic whoredom is the worst illness that can be identified by Babylon Health, but the best way to keep track of its spread amongst presstitutes is to make good use of the scientific method of criminal investigation – as proposed by Steve Deak.

Veterans Today are engaging in the worst kind of intellectual whoredom by acting as controlled opposition. Gordon Duff first told us that all their scientific data concerning nukes on 9/11 was first leaked to them via Edward Snowden in 2014. However, after Ian Greenhalgh exposed Snowden as a CIA fraud, in many VT articles, Gordon Duff then denied the nuke evidence came from Snowden, and then he said it came from some nameless FBI agent instead. Why is V.T. covering-up the true source of its data concerning nukes on 9/11, and why are they desperately trying to censor Steve Deak’s work concerning the primary evidence at the crime scene – the impact holes in the Twin Towers? Is such a cover-up an example of extreme intellectual whoredom, which must continually be kept in lockdown? Perhaps if the world funds Steve’s project, we can all reason together, and those who continue to engage in wilful ignorance will then be better exposed, or tracked and traced via Babylon Health, as being the greatest Whores of Babylon that ever existed.

Please lift the global lockdown because innocent people are suffering under such extreme collective punishment, which doesn’t reflect the true spirit of God’s graceful law as explained in Quranic chapter 4:15. The door to repentance has been made clear to us – in the form of Steve’s 9/11 Crashtest Project, and we seek to learn to educate ourselves, and stop all intellectual whoredom once and for all for peace on Earth. Wilful ignorance is the Mother of All Pandemics!

Should you refuse us this opportunity for repentance and reform, then your Babylon Health would itself be guilty of intellectual whoredom, and would thus need to suffer lockdown for being an oppressor colluding with the great Whore of Babylon – hence the name Babylon Health. What you say is what you are. The proof is in the pudding, and your pudding stinks like Will Ferrell’s horpasta, unless you seek repentance with us all now!

Thank you for your attention to this matter of extreme importance to everyone.

Amazing grace, how great thy grace, to save a Whore of Babylon world. That once was lost, but now is found – via Steve’s 9/11 Crashtest Project, ‘Twas blind, but now it sees – with 2020 vision!


World of Intellectual Whoredom in the Great Whore of Babylon.

truthermusical · August 23, 2020 at 6:22 am

Now I know why you mentioned Steven Spielberg’s move “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” in your above comment Steve:

Steven Spielberg produced the “Falling Skies” alien movie T.V. episodes to warn us (via predictive programming) about COVID19. The Skitters have eight limbs and have spikes to latch on to their host – just like the CV19 virus has 8 spikes – as seen magnified in the recent UK crop circle.

Skitters walk on six legs, but have a roughly humanoid torso with two clawed arms (for a total of eight limbs).

Falling Skies (TV Series 2011–2015)
“Skitters are a species of apparently intelligent insect/humanoid creatures enslaved by the Espheni and serve as the ground troops and lower- level commanders of their operations. Early on, they were widely thought to be responsible for the Invasion of Earth . They move quickly on six legs and 2 arms (8 limbs!), attack with formidable claws, and possess a tough exoskeleton. Skitters are functionally nocturnal and communicate using radio waves (5G?!!). They are able to use harnessed children to communicate with humans. They are also referred to as “Cooties” by Pope’s Gang . The harnessed children refer to them as “guardians”…”

COVID19 was a FAILED NASA Project Bluebeam experiment! There are no ET alien saviours giving us a cure for the virus via crop circles, as the video in article below suggests. All we have is perverted human freaks of nature – such as Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg, trying to sell us their luciferian luciferase vaccines to harness our children and turn them into slaves – as Steve Spielberg told us with his Predictive Programming episodes of “Falling Skies”. The entire self-licking lollipop military-industrial complex should now call the whole Project Bluebeam – fake alien invasion thing off. We’re not buying it. It was suspicious that in Season 1 of “Falling Skies” the military were scared of a “second-wave” of Skitter attack, they spoke like the aliens were a virus “wave”! Clearly, Hollywood’s sci-fi on steroids has become a real-life nightmare exercise, and the entire planet has been bamboozled big time!

See video in article link below:

The May 28th, 2020 Coronavirus Cley Hill, U.K. Crop Circle: Did E.T. Send the Secret to the Virus Cure?
Friday, August 21, 2020 22:49


“I appreciate my friends from the Inter Galactic sharing with us the cure for the Virus, but I would much rather have them abduct Fauci and Gates and put them to work on Mars harvesting dust.
I was unaware of the Coronavirus Crop Circle that appeared in Wiltshire, England on May 28th/29th, 2020. I was watching Jeff Rense’s Channel when I learned about it the other day and after I did some research on this strange, but beautiful crop circle that is a replica of the COVID 19 molecular cell I am convinced that E.T. is sending us the cure for the Wuhan Virus. You really can’t make this stuff up.” – Global Agenda ( see video in above article explaining the ET/military psy-op).

The historian in the Falling Skies movie is named Noah. As in the days of Noah, We the People do not consent to military psy-ops against us!

They say COVID19, We say Skitters, so let’s call the whole thing off! Luciferian 5G electricity – strong and bold and wild and free? Your laws do not apply to me, because we live in a Water Universe NOT an Electric Universe!! You’ll be washed away as in the days of Noah, just you wait and see!


We are the COWS ( Coalition Of Water Society) and we eat Skitters (aka COVID19) for breakfast! So bring it on all ye alien scum of the universe, the gloves are coming off!

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