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Well our fundraiser failed to reach our goal and all funds were refunded.  Thanks to all who supported the project.



Please watch the latest video:

(deleted by YouTube for “hate speech,” so the video was moved to Vimeo:

HI I’m Steve De’ak, a few years ago I began a peace project I call 9/11 Crash Test.  In the spirit of the popular Mythbusters show, the project plan is to raise money to rent a rocket sled test facility to answer the question once and for all whether or not it is possible for an aluminum Boeing 767 to cut through a steel skyscraper.   I don’t think it is and I think I can prove it.  I am what at you might call a 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist, but what I call a Concerned Grandpa.  I’m tired of war without end and I want to do something to stop it.

Will a test center in the USA to allow us to conduct a test that may prove the USA was involved in 9/11?  Help us raise $35,000 and we’ll find out together.

Mythbusters has been allowed to crush a car and their spinoff Myth Revolution was allowed to cut a car in half at the same test center.  Our money is as good as theirs so if they can do it so can we.

The project plan is simple.  Taking a section of wing from a scrapped 767, attach it to a rocket sled.  Reseal the fuel tank and fill it with fuel, and at the other end of the track, fabricate some box-columns built to the specifications of the World Trade Center, and collide them together at 550 MPH, filming the results with high-speed cameras.

Our engineering team will produce a detailed analysis of how we expect the impacting bodies to behave when they are collided together at 550 MPH.  This finite element analysis will be the centerpiece of the presentation we will use to formally request the use of their facilities.

This project will be conducted in two stages.  This stage is to collect $35K to produce the finite element analysis. Boeing isn’t going to just give us the wing specifications for a 767 so we will need to travel to an aircraft graveyard to collect these details ourselves, the cost for a wing section from the outside of the engine to the wing tip, is estimated to be $15-20K.  The task of dismantling and taking accurate measurements of the wing section will cost thousands more.

The specifications for a steel wall panel of the world trade center are in the public domain, so once we have the wing specifications our engineers will then create digital models of a wing and a wall column and present them to our engineering firm to produce the finite element analysis.  The firm is sympathetic to our cause and is giving us a substantial discount of about $4K for this analysis.  Our goal of $35K is to cover the costs of food, travel, lodging, licenses fees and other miscellaneous expenses.

This project will prove whether or not an aluminum jet’s wing can cut through a steel skyscraper as shown on 9/11.  Whatever it proves it will be in a controlled laboratory environment that can reproduce the conditions as seen on that fateful Tuesday.  If you believe the war on terror is justified, then this is the test for you.  Your donation will go towards putting an end to the 9/11 conspiracies and finally the whole world will be able to work together to fight the war on terrorism.  If you are a like me and you don’t want to leave your grandchildren a world where they won’t be sent to war believing impossible lies then this is the project for you.  Your donation will help stop the wars and a burgeoning global police state.

If the wing section slices through the steel like a hot knife through butter as shown on 9/11, then the USA will be vindicated and all the worlds’ doubters can shut up and go home, but if the wing gets shredded by the sharp steel columns, then all the troops can come home and someone will have some explaining to do.

This project has it all – conspiracy, intrigue, suspense, physics, rockets, explosions, war and peace.   Please join us at 9/11 Crash Test dot org and together we’ll launch a rocket powered revolution of awareness.  Thank you.


~Steve De’ak

We could use your support at the GoFundMe site:


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