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Just a quick note about the paper, which was a big part of the 9/11 story.

You see, Hollywood decided a long time ago that when an occupied large office building is destroyed, it is natural that paper falls like snow. Take “Die Hard,” for example:

Die Hard – Paper falls like snow

Back when 9/11 happened office buildings still used a lot of paper, so the producers of the 9/11 hoax drew on the precedent set by Hollywood to convey the impression that the Twin Towers were fully occupied “cities within the city” at the time of destruction.

Paper (and dust) can be seen boiling in the initial shock and awe explosions:

And all over the ground after the explosions:

The paper was apparently an important part of the ruse and was obviously planted prior to the first explosions. Here paper (and dust) can be seen pouring out of a wall column:

But planted paper wasn’t enough for the 9/11 Prop Master. More paper was also tossed out of the towers by the ream:

The paper is more proof in support of the conclusion that the Twin Towers on 9/11 were no more occupied than was the Nakatomi Plaza in “Die Hard.”

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