Occam’s Razor On Terror Events

Petra Liverani’s 9/11 research and analysis site:


Petra can’t seem to address the evidence of the impact holes. Like so many alleged truthers, he dances all around the evidence at the scene of the crime:



    1. truthermusical

      Occams Razer only works when it’s not used to justify the Big Lie of the fake NASA moonlanding of 1969. I’ve sent Petra, Steve, Jim etc. an email, and We the People hope for their reply soon:

      Dear Steve Deak and Jim Fetzer,

      I’ve written to Petra L., because he is offering $5000 to anyone who can prove via Occams Razer that NASA didn’t go to the moon in 1969.

      I forwarded Fetzer’s quote about the simplest explanation being the NASA photos – concerning how small the Earth appears in size from the moon’s surface. Fetzer believes the Earth should be much larger considering it (the moon) doesn’t have an atmosphere, and is about 5 times less in diameter size in comparison with Earth size. The moon is a mere eyeball compared to an apple-sized earth, so why is the Earth the same size as the moon in our sky when seen from the moon?

      I have also explained to Petra the religious conspiracy behind the great illusion of moon-landing fakery.

      If you care to write a more detailed explanation of your ‘size of Earth from moon’ hypothesis, then we can forward it to Petra to be considered for winning the prize money in question. If your argument is stronger than our religious argument, then the prize money shall be yours, but if we both win then we can share the prize between us. However, it’s not about winning any money but finding the truth for the benefit of human progress.

      Thank you for your attention to this matter.

      Kind regards,

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