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A Different Take on Shanksville

I was hoping to include Shanksville in the Trump PDF but they nixed it.  This is what I had in mind:

A Different Take on Shanksville

Fortune favors the audacious.
~Desiderius Erasmus

If you have ever had the pleasure of sitting on a jury during a trial you will know that the act of identifying who had the motive, means and opportunity to commit the crime is a necessary step in narrowing-down the list of suspects. Investigating the crime of 9/11 should be no different and although much has been written about the World Trade Center, in my opinion the easiest way to expose who was behind 9/11 is by plucking the low-hanging fruit of Shanksville.



On 9/11 we are told four planes were hijacked.  Osama bin Laden, the alleged mastermind, chose to target the World Trade Center because the Twin Towers were synonymous with American corporate power.  Some people believe that it was more than simple hatred for the Great Satan that motivated bin Laden; that he also resented the Islamic flavor of Architect Minoru Yamasaki’s buildings, so the WTC had to go. [i]

Bin Laden despised the US Military presence in the holy land of Saudi Arabia where they remained after repulsing the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, so targeting the Pentagon was a natural choice.[ii]

Many people believe the fourth plane, UA Flight 93, was aiming for the White House but it was thanks to the heroism of the civilians aboard that it was forced-down rather than to allow it to reach its target.[iii]  In this context the Shanksville location for the crash was just an accident, which is believable from the perspective of the official story; the passengers on the hijacked flight had heard about the WTC and Pentagon attacks and surmised that like Flights AA 11, UA 175 and AA 77 UA 93 was going to be used as a missile, so they made the decision to fight back.  In the confusion of the onboard struggle the alleged hijackers lost control of the plane, which means it could have gone down anywhere e.g. into a neighborhood, a building or a freeway, but by the grace of God it crashed into an abandoned strip mine in rural Pennsylvania, harming no one on the ground.   If terrorism was the motive, then for the perpetrators the UA 93 hijacking was a failure.

The story of average Americans who fought to the death in defense of America’s capital digs right into our emotions, just like all good propaganda does. It is a compelling tale of extraordinary circumstances where the true grit that makes America great triumphed; a warm and fuzzy narrative that could only have been written by Hollywood.   In my opinion the simple reason Shanksville was necessary was that without Flight 93’s chapter the 9/11 story only depicted corporate and military power under attack, and for folks on the street who have no sympathy for corporations and who think the military can take care of itself there was no guarantee the public would be outraged enough to support a never-ending “War on Terror.”  But by including Flight 93, America itself became the target, and no one messes with Baseball, Mom and Apple Pie without paying the price.  If war was the motive then Shanksville sealed the deal.



A quick examination of the scene of the crime shows two shallow gashes extending at opposite directions from a deeper central crater. Had I never been told that a plane crashed there, I would never have considered such a thing, and in fact some of the first people to the scene made the same observation.[iv]

I grew up as a red-blooded American male which means I was armed to the teeth at a young age, so I recognized in that odd-shaped crater in Shanksville the smoking holes in the ground I used to make as a kid in Alaska where I had relatively easy access to firearms, black powder and explosives some legal and some not.  A quick Internet search for impact craters brought me to the NASA Ames research facility images.[v]  In those photos I immediately noticed something familiar, and I think you will too.  By mirroring them it’s easier to see what I mean (lower left.)  The photo on the lower right is alleged to be the impact crater from a 757, but according to NASA these sorts of gashes are reproducible with projectiles striking at trajectories of less than ten degrees from horizontal.


I know from researching every high-speed airplane crash in history that none of the craters at those crashes looked anything like Shanksville and unlike Shanksville all other high-speed crash sites included easily identifiable debris all around the impact crater.   The Shanksville crater was unique as a plane crash, but it’s not so unique when viewed for what NASA says it was, and if NASA is right then it can be reproduced.

I don’t have a rocket sled test center handy, nor do I have a hypervelocity gun, but anyone who has ever seen a hole made by a bullet ricochet should recognize the same gash in those ‘wing’ imprints, and it didn’t take me long to reproduce smaller versions using sling shots, air guns, bullets and fireworks.[vi]  The fact is anyone with two projectiles and an explosive can reproduce the Shanksville crater on a smaller scale anytime they wish. The same shape will be produced regardless of the size of the projectiles. It is easier to produce with the projectile striking in the center and then ricocheting out than it is to produce with the projectile striking from the outside and burrowing into the middle, but it works either way, outside-in or inside-out.  All that’s needed after creating the gashes is to detonate an explosive to create the central crater.  Predictable and reproducible are hallmarks of the scientific method but don’t take my word for it, anyone who doesn’t believe me can try it for themselves (but be careful!)

Being reproducible with bullets and fireworks is one thing, but the Shanksville crater measured somewhere around 120 feet from “wingtip to wingtip” with the central hole measuring about 30 feet wide and 15 feet deep, so to get an idea how big of a projectile we’re talking about, crater sizes produced by bombs depend on the size and depth of the explosive in the ground as well as the soil composition, but in general a bomb containing about 200 lbs of explosives makes a crater of about the same size as that found at Shanksville.[vii]

There are very few weapons that can accomplish it, only cruise missiles from what I can tell.  Although some witness reports matched the government’s story, some witnesses reported hearing and seeing missiles.[viii][ix] Not all of them can be right.

As an example of what could do the deed, the Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile, or JASSM, is extremely accurate and carries a 900 lb. dense-metal, or dense-metal ballast warhead that measures 12×60 inches.  This warhead is designed for punching through hardened targets such as concrete bunkers with or without detonating therefore the hard, dry, rocky soil of Shanksville would be child’s play, easily accounting for the wing gashes.[x]  240 lbs. of that warhead is explosive so it can also account for the central crater.  The JASSM used off-the-shelf components from other tried-and-true weapons systems and was in production but not in inventory at the time, providing plausible deniability to the military, but here is no question the means to create the gash were there in 2001.[xi]


After 9/11 rumors began circulating that the Shanksville gash could be seen in the 1994 USGS photo of the area, but that is a misunderstanding that is easily cleared up by comparing the 1994 photo to the 2001 shots; the gash locations, the sizes, and north-south orientations are different. [xii] Some insist grass can be seen growing in the gash, and many people still believe all it took to produce the crater was for the perpetrators to detonate a bomb in the middle of an old trench, and that they did so to cover-up for shooting down UA 93, or for executing the passengers in a NASA hangar in Cleveland.[xiii]  Other rumors were spread that the Shanksville gash was simply dug-out with heavy equipment into which they dumped scrap metal and garbage, and then dropped a bomb in the middle of that.  Recently I received a message from a local resident who said that he and his neighbors heard heavy equipment in the area the night before 9/11, and they assumed excavators were responsible for the gash, but in my opinion that makes no sense because if the perpetrators were able to create any gash they wished, then surely they wouldn’t have created one that can be reproduced with two projectiles and an explosive.  He may have heard heavy equipment moving about but I doubt they were digging out the trench; it is more likely they were moving-in the supporting cast.  Heavy equipment leaves easily identifiable marks on the ground, which weren’t visible in any of the photos.[xiv]  Furthermore if the gash had been there for years that would only increase the chances that local residents would recognize it and blow the whistle.

All of these rumors only serve to confuse the issue, and none of them can account for the evidence as found at the crash site.  It is said it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled, and that certainly stands true for Shanksville.  The reason so many false leads were spread, was probably to lower the likelihood of investigators coming to the conclusion that the only way to explain that crater is with multiple cruise missiles.  If that happens all bets are off, because cruise missiles change everything; there are a very limited number of people who had the opportunity to use them.  As far as I can tell there are only three ways to explain it and none of them make the USA look good:

  1. Cruise missiles aren’t something a rogue element can get its hands on and then launch in American airspace without it being known by the top of the chain of command, but IF that’s what did happen then to prevent such incompetence from embarrassing the military the authorities would bend-over backwards to cover it up.
  2. If a foreign entity launched missiles on American soil under the nose of the American Military, then that is even harder to explain than a rogue element being at fault, so undoubtedly the authorities would do everything in their power to cover it up.
  3. If the missiles were launched by the USA on US soil, isn’t that considered high treason? Of course this too would be covered-up.

To admit any of the above would be to end the War on Terror and to invite war crimes trials. There is no pretty way to paint this picture and I believe that is why it was so important to the most likely suspects that investigators treat Shanksville as an inconsequential side-show.  The Shanksville crater is proof-positive that if the 9/11 attacks were not perpetrated by the US government/military against the American people, then they are too incompetent to protect America. Furthermore the evidence of missile impacts suggests that the alleged enemy nations are also involved in the cover-up, because if anybody can recognize missile impacts it would be the military minds of those nations that supposedly have every reason for exposing the fraud.

Motive, means and opportunity lead me to the conclusion that if anyone needed proof of the existence of a “New World Order,” look no further than Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.


Steve De’ak


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Independence Day, 9/11

For the last several years most of my time has been spent building our house, leaving precious little time for 9/11 rabble-rousing.  I do try to keep a sideways-glance at the feedback I get from my websites and YouTube channel, but for the most part ever since we began construction in 2014 my new material has been few and far between, as can be seen in the fading hit-counts.  So it was with some surprise that a 6-year old video of mine (one of my favorites) suddenly began to get a lot of attention.  Below is a screenshot of the traffic analysis showing that as of July 4th, viewership for “How the Shanksville Crater Was Made” skyrocketed, accounting for almost 70% of my total YouTube traffic:

So why now, and why this video?  Sure, it’s a good video; short, concise and relevant to today’s geo-political landscape, but as can be seen something changed.  Google has the power to bury or highlight any word or phrase from its search engines, which I assume is why the corporate behemoth is so powerful.  Individuals, businesses or nations that can afford to pony up the money can ensure that their priorities, products or ideologies will either be listed first or be buried at the bottom of search results, depending on the need.  My videos are almost always buried at the bottom of searches, even those searches that specify 9/11.

I realized long ago that fame and notoriety for my 9/11 research would never happen and it has never been about those things anyway; my goal is to discover the most-likely explanation for an event that forever changed my life, and to share what I learn with anyone who might be interested.   It’s a pity I could never break through the wall of silence built by the popular and “approved” 9/11 Truth groups, but it is what it is.  If the truth is the goal then the evidence I bring to the table (which is still ignored by the truth movement) can lead directly to the most likely explanation.  It stands to reason that it is in the best interests of the perpetrators to ensure that when Joe-citizen does a Google search for 9/11-related information those explanations that might lead to the actual truth are forever buried behind those provided by the popular truth groups, or as Lenin would call them, the leaders of the opposition.  In this way the truth movement becomes the most important part of the cover-up, thanks in large part to Google’s search engine.

But whether it was by accident or by design someone found a way to get past the censors and put 9/11 Truth at the top of Google’s search results, which I can assure you is new.  Something changed and I have the graphs to prove it, so I started doing a few quick searches to see where this new traffic was coming from.  I started searching for the usual 9/11 terms;  “9/11 Shanksville,” or “9/11 anything,” or “Shanksville Crash,” or “Flight 93 Crash,” but they all produced the usual results, with my video nowhere near the front of the pack.  But then I tried “Shanksville” alone, and lo and behold, my video popped up as the number 2 link, right behind CBS.  A few hours later it was number one.  So I turned to YouTube and searched for “Shanksville” and from what I can tell all the top hits when searching YouTube for Shanksville are for 9/11-truth related videos, with mine at the top of the pile.  Normally I would see official story related videos at the top, followed by the popular 9/11 Truth videos, but now it’s almost as if someone within Google tweaked a search filter but they only adjusted it to affect non-conspiracy searches, such as for the word “Shanksville.”

This explains the increase in traffic as well as the increase in angry comments; 9/11 Truth is an uncomfortable subject that most people are more than happy to avoid; it is an annoyance to sleepy folk who prefer to not be awakened from their slumber.  Ignorance is bliss but when non-truthers search for the word “Shanksville,” possibly hoping to find stories about the brave passengers who forced-down the jet rather than allow it to reach its target, they will be surprised and chagrined at finding my video telling them it’s all a lie.  In the comment section you can see their bubbles bursting.  I don’t know if Google got hacked by some real revolutionary out there who wants the truth to come out, or if there’s a sympathetic soul pulling strings within Google but someone found a way around the censors (if only for a short while) and I would like to applaud them for it.

Do a YouTube or Google Video search for Shanksville and see what happens, and please feel free to share.   I don’t think this will last, but for a brief moment it looks like the censors slipped.  If it was by accident or by design doesn’t really matter, but the timing is curious.  More mistakes like this one will go a long way towards waking up our slumbering neighbors, so Happy Independence Day, 9/11!






Hat-Truss Collapse Video

Video of the North Tower hat-truss/antenna falling. By removing the hat truss the exterior walls were free to fall away from the core as it was demolished. Nothing exotic to see here.

Slow-Motion close-up courtesy nineeleven twentyfourseven:

Related videos showing the “spire” falling straight-down in the same manner.

During the cleanup they demonstrated how they make vertical columns fall straight down:


Taboo Truths: Uncovering Flight 93

“the Boeing 757’s fuselage disintegrated in a crater that collapsed on itself” – Pittsburg Post Gazette (10/15/01)

“searchers said much of the wreckage was found buried 20 to 25 feet below the large crater.” – Standard-Times (09/11/02)

“firefighters said the Boeing 757 tunneled right in. They had to dig 15 feet to find it.” – St. Petersburg Times (09/10/03)

“The rest of the 757 continued its downward passage, the sandy loam closing behind it like the door of a tomb.” – The Age (09/09/02)

Just Before 10:06 a.m. September 11, 2001; Locals Hear a Missile Before Flight 93 Crashes.

• Several local people believe they hear a missile overhead just before Flight 93 goes down. Barry Lichty, a US Navy veteran and mayor of Indian Lake Borough (just to the east of where Flight 93 crashes), is watching television with his wife. He says he hears “a loud roar above the house that sounded like a missile.… Shortly thereafter, we heard an explosion and a tremor. My first reaction, as a former utility employee, was that maybe someone shot a missile into the substation.” He says Flight 93 “did not come over my house. I don’t know what we heard.” [Kashurba, 2002, pp. 158-159]

Joe Wilt, who lives a quarter-mile from the crash site, hears a “whistling like a missile, then a loud boom.” He says, “The first thing I thought it was, was a missile.” [Boston Globe, 9/12/2001; Washington Post, 9/12/2001]

And Ernie Stuhl, the mayor of Shanksville, later says, “I know of two people – I will not mention names – that heard a missile. They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards.… This one fellow’s served in Vietnam and he says he’s heard them, and he heard one that day.” [Philadelphia Daily News, 11/18/2001]

Officials will emphatically deny that Flight 93 was shot down, as some people later suggest (see September 14, 2001). [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/14/2001; Longman, 2002, pp. 264]

However, a number of witnesses report seeing a small, white jet plane near the crash site, around the time Flight 93 reportedly goes down (see (Before and After 10:06 a.m.) September 11, 2001).

• Looking straight down onto the Flight 93 crash site. North is to the top. Note the impact point north of the road, and the burned trees to the south of it. [Source: FBI]A second plane, described “as a small, white jet with rear engines and no discernible markings,” is seen by at least ten witnesses flying low and in erratic patterns, not much above treetop level, over the crash site within minutes of United Flight 93 crashing. [Independent, 8/13/2002]

Lee Purbaugh: “I didn’t get a good look but it was white and it circled the area about twice and then it flew off over the horizon.” [Mirror, 9/12/2002] Susan Mcelwain: Less than a minute before the Flight 93 crash rocked the countryside, she sees a small white jet with rear engines and no discernible markings swoop low over her minivan near an intersection and disappear over a hilltop, nearly clipping the tops of trees lining the ridge. [Bergen Record, 9/14/2001]

She later adds, “There’s no way I imagined this plane—it was so low it was virtually on top of me. It was white with no markings but it was definitely military, it just had that look. It had two rear engines, a big fin on the back like a spoiler on the back of a car and with two upright fins at the side. I haven’t found one like it on the Internet. It definitely wasn’t one of those executive jets. The FBI came and talked to me and said there was no plane around.… But I saw it and it was there before the crash and it was 40 feet above my head. They did not want my story—nobody here did.” [Mirror, 9/12/2002]


More details on the below link:


Uncovering Flight 93

It is hard to believe it has been almost six years since I released, “How the Shanksville Crater Was Made.” In that eight minute video I tried to explain what I see in the photos of that odd-shaped crater in Shanksville, and tried to articulate how those clues translate into the real world.  I remember I had naively hoped to take the truther world by storm with the concept that the most likely explanation for the “evidence at the scene of the crime,” was that the U.S. Military launched a couple missiles into the ground.  I was just a babe in the woods.

Two missiles striking from opposite directions, with one of them detonating a split second later.

My Shanksville video was released shortly after the 9/11 Crash Test project was introduced, and I braced myself for the attention that was sure to come from my intended audience, truth-seekers of all stripes. I thought there was no way I could be right; I say that because I’m a slow-learner and I started late, many years behind virtually everyone else I know in “9/11 Truth,” so it was with some trepidation that I waited to be peer reviewed, but it never happened.

I am alone with the cruise missile conclusion, but in my defense I didn’t wake up one morning and say, “Hey, maybe I can find evidence that the U.S. Military used cruise missiles to dupe the world into supporting their wars of aggression!”  The progression of events was that I started in the same place most everyone else did.  I believed in the “Scary Box Cutter wielding A-Rabs” meme, and I swallowed the “steel-slicing-planes-cuz-we-saw-it-on-TV” story, and I was hooked by the ”bin-Laden-in-a-cave-in-Pipelinistan” canard. I bought it all. The only reason I began to research any of it was because as a Democrat I had a deep dislike for both George Bushes, and I thought I could use 9/11 as ammunition in my ongoing online feud with Republicans. But it didn’t take long before I realized both parties are just two sides of the same ‘divide and rule’ coin, and that if I was going to learn the truth I would have to do the work myself.

At first I was disappointed at the lack of attention my research was receiving from my alleged peers, but I realize now that was because I had stumbled on the truth. Six years later nothing has changed. It is nearly impossible to find any leaders of the movement that will discuss the evidence of the impact holes at any site, but especially Shanksville.  If I’m wrong, then there is a better explanation, but after a while I started seeing their silence as confirmation that I’m not wrong. The way I look at it is if they were interested in the truth they would be very interested in this evidence, but if they have ulterior motives such as leading the opposition away from the truth, then when confronted with evidence that can lead to the truth they will be forced to ignore it.  If they are controlled then they are painted into a corner; they can’t talk about it because it exposes what happened, but by not talking about it they are exposed as complicit.

You might wonder who the hell am I to think that I’m right where all the Movement’s scientists, engineers and architects are wrong, which is a question I have often asked of myself, but I’m not so much claiming to be right as much as asking to be shown where I’m wrong. I am not a scientist; I don’t even have a college degree and like a lot of people I learned physics by falling out of trees. My only ballistics experience was gained by growing up in Alaska surrounded by firearms, and then later, after model rockets, black powder and fireworks were added to the mix, I learned that if shot a roll of caps with a BB, it burst into flame, thereby discovering a way to ignite my explosives from afar.  We sent black powder rockets into the Alaska sky, shot anything that moved and if it didn’t move we shot it twice, and were responsible for more than one good-sized fire.  Not exactly genius material and I am not unique in these things by any means; all my friends were similarly armed to the teeth, but somehow in my generation we avoided mass shootings. But I digress.

Maybe it’s because I had less indoctrination than my fellow truthers that I recognized the Shanksville crater from the smoking holes in the ground I once made as a kid, but in retrospect the flight 93 crash site is the weakest link in the chain of events that was 9/11; so weak that it needs the most protection, which is why I assume Christopher Bollyn was deployed, to get out ahead of the opposition and lead it into a rabbit hole of bigoted inanity. As I look back sometimes I wonder if they were deliberately leaving us easily-exposed clues, hoping to be found-out, and relieved from their ludicrous charade.  Sometimes I wonder if they were just taunting us with the proof, knowing full well there’s nothing we can do about it, because they control all the media, mainstream and alternative. I think a lot of things out here on the fringe but in my more lucid moments, I notice that some of these clues are so “right in your face!” that they can’t be denied, therefore they must be ignored. Obviously the spooks are nowhere near as all powerful as they’d like us to believe, but apparently they don’t worry about their incompetent and stupid mistakes being noticed by us, because we are incompetent and stupid too, and they know we’ll believe authority by virtue of their authority and nothing else.

But we’re not all stupid, at least until we’re educated, just ask the children. Even my grandson knows the Shanksville story is a joke, and he’s eleven; the literal child in the proverbial tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” He laughed out loud when I told him the Shanksville crater was a plane crash, but that’s because he knows what happens to the ground when you hit it with a stick, or shoot it with a slingshot, or a BB. He hasn’t been tainted by his education yet, so he is able to think with his head, and he can tell just by looking at the pictures it wasn’t a plane crash, although he was confused as to why anyone would make such a claim, but I left that discussion for another time.

Flight 93’s story of the brave passengers who chose certain death rather than to allow their plane to be used as a guided missile digs right into our emotions, just like all good propaganda does. It is a compelling tale that places the average American in extraordinary conditions, where they demonstrated the true grit that makes America great. When I first heard it I immediately put myself in the shoes of the stereotypical Todd Beamer, who traded his life for protection of the White House (which everyone knows was the target,) a narrative that could only be written by Hollywood. Flight 93 transported me, albeit for only a short time, to a place of heroism where I knew I would have acted in the same way if I was put in the same position, this despite the fact that in real life I am an abject coward, but that’s what a good movie does; it takes you to an imaginary place where anything is possible, which is of course complete bullshit.

In my Shanksville video I made the mistake to include a photo which I thought was captured from the crash site, but which was really from the “Flight 93” movie. I also mistakenly said the passengers took control of the plane when the official story is they fought the hijackers who in the confusion lost control of the plane.

As I look back I see how easily it was for me to become confused; there is a lot of misdirection and disinformation in the truth movement. When taken together the task of unraveling it all can become too daunting and overwhelming to consider, which I believe is the point. I also believe that it is important to split us into different myopic categories, because we’ve been divided and conquered. As the perpetrators they know there is evidence in the public domain that can expose them, so they’re sure to keep the distractions coming.

Looking for the truth, the actual truth, about what happened that day is almost impossible by following the work of the truth movement. For example Simon Shack represents the, ‘it’s all fake, so nothing is real and we might as well go home!’ crowd, and Judy Wood represents the, ‘our masters have godlike prowess and can’t be fucked with, so just pay your taxes and go back to work!’ crowd, Richard Gage represents the, ‘the planes were real and we need to turn to the most likely suspects for redress’ crowd, and Veterans Today represents the, ‘Israel nuked the USA, thereby undermining 9/11 Truthers as Anti-Semitic’ crowd. They then publicly argue among themselves, as if only their hypotheses carry any weight, while pointing the hypocritical finger at each other and everyone else as being a spy.

And truthers eat it with a spoon. It is an amazing thing to see when confronted with evidence we all have access to, but to which truthers have never been exposed, the programmed and predictable reaction is to accuse me of being “disinfo!”, as if I’m the one that took the photos that burst their bubbles. If anyone needed proof that propaganda works look no further than the ironically-named 9/11 Truth Movement! What these impostors are doing is providing busy-work for the next dozen or so years while we scurry around trying to verify their claims, but in the meantime those claims discredit anyone who repeats them. But that’s the point of the whole exercise; to give us a playground where we can fight over which of our toys are better, until our moms call us in for dinner.

If as I suspect the truth movement’s raison d’etre is to direct truthers away from the truth, then logically the truth will be found where truthers fear to tread. From the very beginning the truth movement’s approved lines of investigation were drawn out, and to this day those are the lines toed by the average truther; thermite, modified planes, and Israeli involvement are some of their hallmarks. But a quick investigation shows that most of them sprang from the same source. In my Shanksville video I included some footage from an Interview with Susan McElwain, a witness who described a “small white plane” no wider than her van that flew so low over her van that she instinctively ducked, in her van. In that clip the interviewer mentioned that it was “American Free Press” that published an article stating that the plane she described was an A-10 Thunderbolt, AKA a “Warthog,” a claim Susan denied. That claim comes from a trailblazer for truth (kinda-sorta) since the beginning, Christopher Bollyn. Bollyn has been the truth movement’s pied piper since 2002, when he burst onto the scene with fraudulent stories that eventually got him fired from American Free Press, but which are still repeated today.

It was Bollyn who gave us molten steel at the WTC, something that was parroted by alleged members of the FDNY. These statements taken together are evidence of collusion, not evidence of super-hot fires; on the one hand we have a so-called journalist breathlessly reporting about molten steel, and on the other we see what looks like firefighters corroborating that tale, which puts the firefighters and Bollyn on the same side, allegedly fighting the “Man” that is supposedly suppressing this information. But apparently they are working together with the Man to spread confusion; it takes two minutes to verify there are no photographs or videos of any molten metal whatsoever, cooled or hot, from 9/11.

The videos you’ve seen of the sparks pouring out of the towers were just that, sparks, not waterfalls of molten steel:

Acetylene torches can do the same thing, so why aren’t truthers investigating why there would be a clearly visible shower of sparks from an acetylene torch pouring out of an office building that would soon collapse into a cloud of dust? My guess is because Christopher Bollyn, Stephen Jones, the NYPD and the FDNY led them to molten metal and such is the power of suggestion, illustrating the importance of leading the opposition.

The molten metal myth is accompanied by “fuming from fires so hot that they could be seen from space” myth, but the hot spots and ‘smoke for months’ have a very simple explanation; they lied. Truthers could benefit from considering that the whole movement has always been part and parcel to the cover up and that to give their controlled movement ammunition they weaved certain threads into the fabric of the story.  From this perspective, Building 7 being reported by the BBC as collapsed before it actually did so was not a gaffe, it was planned as a platform upon which to build the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Similarly that would mean FEMA’s hotspot photos were fabricated to give the Bollyns of the world a voice, and because no one doubts a man in uniform, the claims of Bollyn, the police and firefighters are recorded into the annals of history as fact, despite there being no other evidence to support them.  If this was a real investigation they would all be suspect as accomplices.

Lucky Larry

The same can be said about the cornucopia of low hanging 9/11 fruit; the Zionists, Silverstein, the PNAC and the dancing Israelis are exposed as planted breadcrumbs designed to discredit anyone who swallows them.  Jews are dangled in our faces as a “slide” which in hypnosis and brainwashing terms refers to a word or phrase that will shut-down critical thinking, thereby ending a conversation. We in the West have been brainwashed since the ‘70s to equate criticism of Israel with Anti-Semitism (whatever that is) therefore the fastest way to turn-off our Western neighbors is by sliding into the conversation a complaint about Jews. If this was my operation I’d make sure to put Jews and Zionists in positions of prominence to act as Jewish lightning rods to attract attention and to discredit anyone who notices. Since our only hope of stopping the wars is by exposing the lies that started them, Bollyn is out there taking the lead saying “Solving 9/11 Stops the Wars,” which sounds great and ought to be the theme of the whole truth movement if he wasn’t wrong about just about everything and if the truth movement wasn’t actively covering up the truth. If you really want to solve 9/11, Mr. Bollyn, then consider this a formal challenge to debate the evidence and “win or lose,” we’ll do just that, solve it.

Methinks he complains too loudly.

It was in 2002 that Bollyn started screaming about the PNAC, the Zionists, and Israeli Art Students. I don’t have a problem blaming Israel if that’s where the evidence leads, but like I said, we all have access to the same information, and from what I’ve found it leads a whole lot closer to a shitty British Colony in North America than it does to some shitty British Colony in the Middle East. Bollyn heralded the rumors that built the truth movement but those rumors aren’t true, and instead of his being laughed off stage he is lauded as one of the world’s premier 9/11 researchers. You can’t make this stuff up. When it comes to 9/11 everyone’s claims should be considered suspect, including mine, but especially those of the leaders!

It was Bollyn who gave us the disinformation that the Shanksville crater was there in 1994, an easily exposed falsehood that lays bare the fact that he is either too incompetent to be called a journalist or he is deliberately obfuscating. If this was a court trial after he was exposed for lying, his credibility would be in doubt and all of his testimony would be discredited, but truthers just shrug it off as a mistake. When confronted with proof of his mistake, instead of correcting the record like any good journalist would do, Bollyn’s response was to “out” my family and accuse me of being a Jew which is odd, because I don’t understand how being a Jew is synonymous with being a liar, but apparently that is what Bollyn thinks. However aside from my being circumcised, by every other definition of a Jew I am not one, so does that mean I’m telling the truth? Bollyn is obviously fixated with Jews in the way a child is fixated with the bogey man, or in the way an operative is fixated with distracting and discrediting the opposition. But now that we’re all one big happy spook-family, since he was kind enough to bring up my background I decided to return the favor and all I can say is, glass houses, Christopher!

Christopher Bollyn:


Recreating the Scene of the Crime

All of this ugly background was necessary to set the context and to illustrate that because Shanksville brings cruise missiles into the frame it is critical that truth seekers are directed away from it. I once asked Christopher Bollyn to explain how Israel created the gash in Shanksville, but he refused to answer, because the most likely suspect is of course the U.S. Military. Covering up this evidence is so important that it all but vanished from the radar of the intrepid 9/11 Truth Movement, and if is discussed it is as an inconsequential side show.

The fact is anyone with two projectiles and an explosive can reproduce the Shanksville crater on a smaller scale anytime they wish. The same crater will be produced regardless of the size of the projectile. When I first began this experiment I used a slingshot and some sand and kitty litter (per NASA’s recommendation,) then a BB gun, then a more powerful air rifle with pellets and darts, and then bullets. It is easier to reproduce with the projectile striking in the center and then ricocheting out, rather than it is with the projectile striking from the outside and burrowing into the middle, but it works either way, outside-in or inside-out. The gash created by the projectiles striking at trajectories of less than ten degrees from horizontal is predictable using NASA’s own meteorite trajectory calculations, not to mention any police ballistics department, and it is reproducible by anyone who cares to give it a try. Reproducible and predictable are hallmarks of the scientific method, so you tell me why truthers won’t touch Shanksville.

Below are some photos I captured during my rather clumsy experiment. I used a cheap gun vise and a digital level to verify the trajectory of the projectile, in this case .22 caliber pellets, lead balls and darts fired into dampened sand that I had spray-painted white for contrast. At trajectories of less than ten degrees from horizontal the gash created by the projectile was pretty consistent. Add a firecracker and you get the picture. If the 9/11 Crash Test project ever gets any rocket-sled test center time, we will conduct a full scale test of this hypothesis.

These are the gashes created by the impact of meteorites at oblique trajectories of less than degrees from horizontal.

By mirroring the images it can be seen what a crater might look like if two meteorites struck at 10 degree trajectories from opposite directions.

Looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Less than ten degrees from horizontal from opposite directions:

Add a firecracker, and voila.

Smaller air gun without the power of the rifle:

So far the evidence I have seen for Shanksville, like the WTC, is that multiple cruise missiles were launched in broad daylight, but truthers would rather not talk about it. If I am incorrect then please contact me at steve@911crashtest.org to show me how the Shanksville Crater is better explained with a different conclusion.

Thanks for reading,

Steve De’ak

“The Real Deal” with Jim Fetzer

I had a pleasant conversation with the inimitable Jim Fetzer the other day where we discussed the evidence that I think gets far too little attention from the truth movement, as well as some new observations about the Herzarkhani video that I now contend I was wrong about (frozen smoke).  1-hour.

Edit, 3/1/2018: YouTube continues to delete my videos, with this one being the most recent, therefore I am moving to Vimeo.  Updated link below: