Simon Shack and Steve De’ak to Debate on Fakeologist’s show. Date and time still pending.

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I pushed the right buttons to get Shack to agree to a debate. Facebook conversation below:


Simon agreed to a debate, and then deleted our conversation.
So, I posted the screen shots I grabbed back on the thread.
Simon gets the date wrong. Is this a trick question, or has he failed his own test (again)?


Fiona Ross · September 19, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Hahahahaha!!! I can’t believe there are still people wailing, and screeching, and rending their garments in service to any of the long-debunked, intellectually-bankrupt conspiracy theories about 9/11.

Terrorists flew planes into the Towers and the Pentagon. A fourth plane was brought down in a field by courageous passengers before it could travel on to the White House. Those are facts. They are indisputable, they are proven, there is more evidence for those facts than you have for your actual existence.

Even the simplest of the conspiracy theories out there is still far more complex and ludicrous than the simple truth of what happened. But you don’t like that truth, you don’t want to believe it, you want to feel special for knowing “what really happened”, you want to feel superior to others, whatever, so it’s just impossible, disproven nonsense all day long.

Imagine the difference you could have made in the world if all of the time and effort you spent on this alt-history fanfiction had instead been spent helping the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the sick. How sad.

    Steve De'ak · September 21, 2022 at 6:40 am

    Hi Fiona,

    My only goal is historical accuracy. All of my conclusions are backed by verifiable facts.

    I realize how much of a challenge to one’s worldview it is, but if you spent a little time verifying whether or not what you believe is true, you might be surprised what you find. If you’re so sure of yourself that you can’t bring yourself to do that, well, good luck to you.

    Steve De’ak

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