Independence Day, 9/11

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For the last several years most of my time has been spent building our house, leaving precious little time for 9/11 rabble-rousing.  I do try to keep a sideways-glance at the feedback I get from my websites and YouTube channel, but for the most part ever since we began construction in 2014 my new material has been few and far between, as can be seen in the fading hit-counts.  So it was with some surprise that a 6-year old video of mine (one of my favorites) suddenly began to get a lot of attention.  Below is a screenshot of the traffic analysis showing that as of July 4th, viewership for “How the Shanksville Crater Was Made” skyrocketed, accounting for almost 70% of my total YouTube traffic:

So why now, and why this video?  Sure, it’s a good video; short, concise and relevant to today’s geo-political landscape, but as can be seen something changed.  Google has the power to bury or highlight any word or phrase from its search engines, which I assume is why the corporate behemoth is so powerful.  Individuals, businesses or nations that can afford to pony up the money can ensure that their priorities, products or ideologies will either be listed first or be buried at the bottom of search results, depending on the need.  My videos are almost always buried at the bottom of searches, even those searches that specify 9/11.

I realized long ago that fame and notoriety for my 9/11 research would never happen and it has never been about those things anyway; my goal is to discover the most-likely explanation for an event that forever changed my life, and to share what I learn with anyone who might be interested.   It’s a pity I could never break through the wall of silence built by the popular and “approved” 9/11 Truth groups, but it is what it is.  If the truth is the goal then the evidence I bring to the table (which is still ignored by the truth movement) can lead directly to the most likely explanation.  It stands to reason that it is in the best interests of the perpetrators to ensure that when Joe-citizen does a Google search for 9/11-related information those explanations that might lead to the actual truth are forever buried behind those provided by the popular truth groups, or as Lenin would call them, the leaders of the opposition.  In this way the truth movement becomes the most important part of the cover-up, thanks in large part to Google’s search engine.

But whether it was by accident or by design someone found a way to get past the censors and put 9/11 Truth at the top of Google’s search results, which I can assure you is new.  Something changed and I have the graphs to prove it, so I started doing a few quick searches to see where this new traffic was coming from.  I started searching for the usual 9/11 terms;  “9/11 Shanksville,” or “9/11 anything,” or “Shanksville Crash,” or “Flight 93 Crash,” but they all produced the usual results, with my video nowhere near the front of the pack.  But then I tried “Shanksville” alone, and lo and behold, my video popped up as the number 2 link, right behind CBS.  A few hours later it was number one.  So I turned to YouTube and searched for “Shanksville” and from what I can tell all the top hits when searching YouTube for Shanksville are for 9/11-truth related videos, with mine at the top of the pile.  Normally I would see official story related videos at the top, followed by the popular 9/11 Truth videos, but now it’s almost as if someone within Google tweaked a search filter but they only adjusted it to affect non-conspiracy searches, such as for the word “Shanksville.”

This explains the increase in traffic as well as the increase in angry comments; 9/11 Truth is an uncomfortable subject that most people are more than happy to avoid; it is an annoyance to sleepy folk who prefer to not be awakened from their slumber.  Ignorance is bliss but when non-truthers search for the word “Shanksville,” possibly hoping to find stories about the brave passengers who forced-down the jet rather than allow it to reach its target, they will be surprised and chagrined at finding my video telling them it’s all a lie.  In the comment section you can see their bubbles bursting.  I don’t know if Google got hacked by some real revolutionary out there who wants the truth to come out, or if there’s a sympathetic soul pulling strings within Google but someone found a way around the censors (if only for a short while) and I would like to applaud them for it.

Do a YouTube or Google Video search for Shanksville and see what happens, and please feel free to share.   I don’t think this will last, but for a brief moment it looks like the censors slipped.  If it was by accident or by design doesn’t really matter, but the timing is curious.  More mistakes like this one will go a long way towards waking up our slumbering neighbors, so Happy Independence Day, 9/11!







Pablo Novi · July 12, 2018 at 8:46 am

Hey Steve,
PERHAPS I get some of the credit for the spike in viewers of your Shanksville video. I’ve been referring to it (and YOU) repeatedly over the last years.

I usually say something like, “Regardless of what you may think of Steve De’ak and his other 9/11 Truth work; imo, his Shanksville * analysis seems to me to be the best analysis anyone has yet done. It was from Steve that I learned that the 9/11 Shanksville “gash” is NOT the same as the one from years ago.”

* Similarly, I quite frequently credit you vis-a-vis forensics analysis of the Twin Tower gashes.

    Steve De'ak · July 12, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Hi Pablo,

    Heh, perhaps, and I thank you for your support, although if it had anything to do with you, or anything to do with 9/11, conspiracies, or with me or my research I would expect to find it by searching in those genres, and not by searching for an innocuous “Shanksville.” This means it’s ranked very highly in the mainstream for that word, but not ranked highly at all where it is most relevant. I assume it’s an accident but it makes a great story to imagine some lone revolutionary in a darkened corner of a Google campus somewhere, who purposefully ranked it so high so as to be encountered by more mainstream viewers than ever before, because he (or she) had the wisdom to know that cruise missiles bring the US Military into the frame, and if that happens all bets are off. The goal has always been to try to break-into the mainstream, by bypassing the firewall of the popular 9/11 truth groups. A stunt like the 9/11 Crash Test would be revolutionary, indeed, but now I’m thinking search engines are the way to go. Take little bites – convert other innocuous words into keywords for 9/11 Truth. Vive la Revolution!



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