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This site is dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and the ensuing wars and occupations; past, present and future.

2019 marks the 18th anniversary of the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 when all the world’s media played video of American Airlines flight 175 slicing through the steel columns of the South Tower of the World Trade Center as if they weren’t even there, thereby defying the laws of physics.

What we saw on television was impossible in the real world.   A relatively lightweight, mostly hollow aluminum jet cannot slice through a steel building like a hot knife through butter, and this can be proved with a simple laboratory test.

According to the NIST, it was the fuel in the wing that gave it enough mass to penetrate the steel columns:

The NIST sure didn’t calculate the mass of the whole jet, nor of the whole building when they created their model, so it should be no sweat to verify whether or not they were talking out their backsides.

If the Plane Huggers in the truth movement really believe that it is the No Planers that are to blame for why truthers can’t be taken seriously by the mainstream, then they should be falling all over themselves to support the 9/11 Crash Test project. But they don’t do that. They would prefer we talk about the collapses, or molten metal, or how concrete turned to dust; ANYTHING but a discussion of what cut the holes in the towers.

9/11 Crash Test can end the impasse, and the inertia, of the 9/11 Truth Movement by proving once and for all whether or not what we were shown on television is possible.

If the wing slices the steel, then all the no planers can go home, but if the steel slices the wing, then all the soldiers can come home. It is a win-win for everyone.

The popular Television show “Mythbusters” and their spinoff “Mythbusters, Myth Revolution” have conducted just these sort of tests at the rocket-sled test facility at the New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center; below are some links to some examples:

911CrashTest.org is intent on setting the historical record straight using reality-based logic and real-world science.  We all saw the 9/11 videos; we all know flight 175 flew right inside the South Tower all the way down to the tips of the wings and the tail.  Impossible you say?  Yeah, so do I, but as a review, or for those who were too young at the time, here are Evan Fairbanks and Peter Jennings:

“Completely in one side, and out the other” – Peter Jennings

“It disappears like a bad special effect” – Evan Fairbanks

CNN broadcast this shot; once again the wings slice right into the building:

In this video, “How to make a ghost plane” the original 175 impact footage is used to speculate as to how the video effect was done. 

Here is Purdue University’s allegedly scientific take on it

And finally, the National Institute of Standards and Technology insists the plane wings did indeed slice the steel:

This is what’s known as the “Official Story”.  It’s a bunch of hooey and 9/11 Crash Test can prove it. Please watch the below videos:

Tired of War Without End: 9/11 Crash Test released this video in August 2012. It has been 7 years since then, but nothing has changed with the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Ab Irato interviewed Steve De’ak about the 9/11 Crash Test (2012)
Jim Fetzer interviewed Steve De’ak about the 9/11 Crash Test (2013) – part 1
Jim Fetzer interviewed Steve De’ak about the 9/11 Crash Test (2013) – part 2
Jim Fetzer interviewed Steve De’ak about the 9/11 Crash Test (2013) – part 3
Jim Fetzer interviewed Steve De’ak about the 9/11 Crash Test (2013) – part 4

St. Nicholas and the Amazing Flying Wall Panel. In this video I discuss one of the more ridiculous chapters of the official story:

Update from 2016. Same story, different year:

Sofia Smallstorm interviewed me about the project here:

And the latest update, in support of my friends in France, here:

9/11 Crash Test proposes conducting a scientific experiment in the spirit of “Mythbusters” to resolve once and for all the question of whether or not a mostly hollow aluminum jet wing can slice steel as shown on television on 9/11.   Using a rocket-sled and a real wing from a 767 the 9/11 Truth Movement can break into the mainstream by demonstrating what actually happens when a 767 wing collides with a steel building.  The first step in conducting this test is to produce a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict what we expect will occur when the wing collides with the box columns.  In the name of peace, we are requesting the assistance of engineers the world over to help us produce an accurate 3D model of a Boeing 767 wing.


Steve De’ak,
concerned grandfather

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