Missile Impact Images

Wing spars are meant for horizontal loads.  They are not meant for slicing through steel columns:

737-front-spar1-9-2014-1-48-16-pmwing structure completely fragmented by the exterior wall_smallGougesApproach

fuselage shattersleft-side-dents1 closeup-left-side center-right center-leftsliced-steeltrajectories-1animated arrow burst9 columns 9 columns 2WTC2_left-side-enhanced-cloDAMAGED SFRM

This is how the NIST explained it:

wing burst

Right corner:



    1. Yankee451

      Yes, North Tower. Despite the worlds’ cameras being trained on the WTC by the time the second tower was hit, this is the only decent image I can find of the South Tower gash. It is enhanced and I can find no source for it. Curious, eh? 😉


  1. Victoria

    Definitely curious, like so many things that happened on that day…

    …and not a SCRAP of plane debris…

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