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Miss me?

For the last five years my wife and I have been building our home. We both work full time and have been living in the house while working on it. It cost a lot more money and it took a lot more time to complete than it did on paper, but it was a very rewarding experience that I would recommend to anyone under 40 years of age (not over 50 like us).

It has been an odyssey that was mentally, physically and financially exhausting, and one that left almost no time for 9/11 rabble rousing.

But we’re done now, which means I can get back to where I left off. Now where was I?

Oh yes, a green screen studio…

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Pablo Novi · October 14, 2019 at 5:06 pm

I wonder what this showing off of your green screen says about your priorities? lol – It’s wonderful that ideologically you’ve always stuck with you commitment to (9/11) Truth (even if house-building was a major roadblack).

Withing you and your baby the best in life; and you the best in Truther-hood.

Steve De'ak · October 15, 2019 at 3:23 pm

HI Pablo,

The green screen, and white board, and blue screen (not shown) will make the presentation easier to understand.

All the best to you and yours,


truthermusical · October 27, 2019 at 5:02 pm

Steve’s working his way back to truth with the Elvis the Pelvis moves of the king himself, with a hunka-hunka burnin’ love of course. Steve’s all set to go and we need movie script writers, actors, musicians, artists etc. to help promote his 9/11 crashtest project, as well as help Dr. Fetzer fight the Deep State. Below is a draft movie script for your review. Please comment with your suggestions for improving it, in order to reach the hearts and minds of the masses.

Parody truther version of the movie “Children Of Men”:

Synopsis: Dr. Jim Fetzer failed to raise enough money to employ a bloodsucking lawyer to defend the children of Sandy Hook. Aliens who were observing the human species from outer space, took such human inaction to defend Earth’s children, as an indication that they could invade the planet. According to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, a hostile alien species can only invade a distant habitable planet if the natives of that planet have become “the scum of the universe”, unable to defend and protect even their very own children. The aliens invade Earth and all children are zoomed to safety to the mothership in outer-space. There is only one 18 year old teenage child left.

The world’s youngest citizen has just died at 18, and humankind is facing the likelihood of its own extinction. Set in and around a dystopian America – fractious with violence and warring nationalistic/truther sects, Children of Men follows the unexpected discovery of a lone pregnant woman and the desperate journey to deliver her to safety – and educate the child about false-flag events via Steve Deak’s 9/11 Crashtest Project, and thus restore faith for a future beyond those presently on Earth – Steve’s ultimate “future generations”.

Movie scene clips:

Kevin Barrett ON Press TV:
Day 1,000 of the siege of Seattle.

Gordon Duff ON Press TV:
The Muslim community demands an end to the Army’s occupation of mosques, and the planning of yet more fake false-flag shootings in New Zealand’s mosques. Why aren’t mosques holy any more? Do Muslims go to mosques to pray or to become crisis actors? I’m not even religious but this psy-op stuff is just frickin’ crazy. It makes me wanna pray and beg the heavens for mercy. No wonder there’s no more children on Earth, you’re all too frickin’ too stupid to live!!

BBC Newsman:

The Homeland Security bill is ratified. After eight years,
British borders will remain closed. The deportation of illegal immigrants will continue – That’s if they’ve somehow still managed to survive our usual frozen truck traps, and burning Grenfell-like hell-fire London tower blocks.

Mexican news spokesperson:

Good morning. Our lead story. The world was stunned today by the death of Diego Ricardo, the youngest person on the planet. 18 year old “Baby Diego” was trying to climb Trump’s wall when it suddenly completely collapsed. The noise of the mighty wall collapse could be heard from the Mexican border all the way to some outside bar somewhere in Buenos Aires – where some people actually paid some attention to their frickin surroundings for a change!
As he attempted to climb Donald Trump’s flimsy-ass wall, someone tried to grab him and pull him from the wall to gain his autograph. After Earth’s last child refused to sign an autograph, the entire frickin wall just suddenly collapsed over him, and he then disappeared into a giant sink-hole. And was eaten by the alligators, crocodiles and snakes put in the watery hole by Donald Trump himself.
Witnesses at the scene say…

Excuse me.

…that Diego spat in the face of a fan who asked for an autograph. He was killed in the ensuing brawl and Trump’s wall collapse.
The fan was later eaten to death by Trump’s swamp crocodiles…

Coffee, please. Black.
…and by the angry crowd.

Born in 2009, the son of Marcello and Sylvia Ricardo, a working-class couple from Mendoza, he struggled all his life with the celebrity status thrust upon him as the world’s youngest person.
Diego Ricardo, the youngest person on the planet
was 18 years, 4 months, 20 days, 16 hours and 8 minutes old.

Throughout his life, Diego Ricardo was a tragic reminder
of the 18 years of infertility that humanity has endured – since that fateful day when Dr. Fetzer lost his Sandy Hook court case and a great curse befell the Earth. If only Donald Trump had taken Robert Steele’s memo about the Sandy Hook false-flag event seriously. But he completely ignored it, as well as Steele’s memo to him about 9/11! We’re all frickin doomed now. It’s the apocalypse!! Run for your lives!
Years of infertility and its effect upon the world we now live in is absolutely disastrous! Who would have thought that children could bring so much joy into our lives. As the Addams Family often say: “… Someday we hope that future generations will be able to appreciate the exquisite joy of childbirth, having kids, and then paying someone else in an asbestos-filled derelict school to look after them, obviously in a Skull ‘n’ Bones society’s Sandy Hooker school, where else?.”

It seems that the mantle of the world’s youngest human has passed to a woman.
She is 18 years, 5 months and 11 days old, or maybe just a dwarf aged 88, we honestly don’t know! Who says age/size matters?

…generation needs to reject family and society.

He’s my dentist.
She’s my house cleaner.
He’s the waiter.
She’s my cousin.
They are illegal immigrants. To hire, feed or shelter
illegal immigrants is a crime.
It’s your life.
It’s your choice.

Hey, amigo!
Good to see you. Come on.
You know who did it – you know who did 9/11, Sandy Hook and all ’em other false-flags bringing about the apocalypse?

Islamic? Fishes? F*ck knows. I’ll bet it was the government.
Every time one of our politicians is in trouble, a bomb explodes. It’s the second time in a month.
-You okay?
-It was horrible.
I’m glad you don’t take cream or sugar, amigo.
Losing you and Baby Diego on the same day would be too hard to bear. Like that fateful day Dr. Fetzer lost his fight in court against the Deep State, and all Truthers ran away like cockroaches to hide underneath a rock…

Dating ain’t what it used to be, is it, amigo?
What’d you do on your birthday?
Come on. You must’ve done something. No. Same as every other day. Woke up, felt like shit, went to work, felt like shit.
That’s called a hangover, amigo.
At least with a hangover, I feel something.
Honestly, Jasper, sometimes…
You could always come and live with us.
Yeah, but if I did that, I wouldn’t have anything to look forward to. I hear there’s talk of a new hero amigo in town. He’s talking about some crazy idea for a “9/11 crashtest project” to educate the minds of the people. He say maybe if we learn something about false-flag events and appreciate our kids, then ’em aliens will bring our children back. I keep sayin’ to this Steve Deak amigo that there is no future no more, no future generations. But he be like I’m ready to take on the Deep State and to finish what Jim Fetzer couldn’t do. This is ‘Rumble over the Rubble’ fight round 2! He say: With my new slow motion camera and green screen, no false-flag stone is gonna be left unturned.

I tell this Steve amigo guy, we gonna have us some mofo Mexican standoff here right now, if he be acting crazy with his crazy big crashtest ideas. We’re in an apocalypse man, does nobody notice this?! I feel like I’m taking crazy-pills! We don’t need no more crashes now bro’, now that Trump’s damn wall has crashed on our heads, and all our children have been beamed to that mofo spaceship. We ain’t got no “future generations” for your mofo crashtest project bro’, I tell him. Who’s gonna have a baby now, when everyone is infertile because of the curse of Sandy Hook? You gonna have a baby?! But he be like: maybe miracles can happen Amigo, so just chill man…

Rate this script so far. Please develop it. How should the story end?

Original movie script here:

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