(UPDATED 3/3/18) – Video: 9/11 – World Trade Center; dismantled and hollow vs “micro nukes”

Edit: I refer to the viscoelastic dampers as plastic, but that was a flippant thing to say; they were actually steel with a viscoelastic material included. And to prove I have forgotten more than I can remember, I was also wrong about the truss sizes. The short trusses were 35 feet long, not 40 feet long. Sometimes I say stupid things and usually I’m hauled onto the carpet for it.  I do just that in this two-hour conversation with Don Fox, Joe Olson and Jim Fetzer, all of whom are big nuke advocates.  What I said that was so stupid was that the viscoelastic dampers were not steel, but plastic (and would therefore have been vaporized by a nuke before the steel,) an easily disproved statement, and one that I know better than to say.  To be honest I have noticed that when I start to feel like a smarty pants, I tend to say dumb stuff.  I hate it when I self-destruct like that, and not just because it is embarrassing as hell and shoots down any credibility I might have had; it is made exponentially worse by Jim’s introduction of me as having spent 10 years researching the towers, a statement that has already resulted in well-deserved ridicule from my critics.  But what really burns my biscuit is I have spent a fair amount of time and energy criticizing the truth movement in general for never correcting their errors, so I can’t even retire in shame or anything; I am forced into righting my wrongs. Again. One of … Continue reading (UPDATED 3/3/18) – Video: 9/11 – World Trade Center; dismantled and hollow vs “micro nukes”