9/11: How they faked the videos.

Have you ever seen the movie of the bank heist where the criminals put a photo of the bank vault in front of the security camera to dupe the guards into thinking the vault is okay while it’s being robbed?  The wily criminals simply hide their vault-cracking activities behind a photograph of a pristine vault.  It works every time (at least in Hollywood).  Shows like Hudson Hawk, Speed, and Mission Impossible old and new have used this camera-spoofing technique.  According to the TVTropes website:  There are two basic variants of the camera spoof: “The Polaroid Punk — The heroes take an instant photograph from the camera’s perspective and then place it in front of the camera. This may or may not require blocking or removing the camera in the process, but even if it does, the security officer on duty will dismiss it as just a temporary glitch, because the image is back, showing no activity, before they can investigate. Whether or not (or exactly how long) this works depends on a number of factors, such as whether the security camera is capable of focusing that close to its own lens (otherwise the photo will be horribly blurred out) how well-illuminated the picture is (especially compared to the scene it’s imitating), and whether or not there’s any ambient movement (such as outside traffic or a flowing fountain) that normally should be in the scene — because the guard might catch on that the image is too still to be a live feed. There’s also the matter of lighting: The photograph … Continue reading 9/11: How they faked the videos.