Ode To Yamasaki – Was the WTC architect a CIA asset?

  Why is this man smiling? Have you ever wondered how the folks in the CIA go about constructing their buildings? Do they put out a bid request to the private sector, or do they have their own building department for such things, or do they bring in the Army Corps of Engineers? Being an agency of spies and depending on the intended use of the building being constructed (e.g. office space, or a weapons research lab), one would think the CIA needs to be very careful when contracting architects, engineers and builders. If I were a spy I would think getting my hands on the blueprints for the headquarters of the enemy would be a pretty big deal and consequently I would carefully guard my own blueprints, not to mention the guy who drew them. All things considered the buildings used for clandestine intelligence work are undoubtedly designed and built differently than would be your average mall. This is an old and touchy subject, the relationship between the builder and the client and it is impossible to discuss that relationship without mentioning Freemasons. I do my honest best to avoid Freemasons when it comes to 9/11 – it is not necessary to discuss the masonic details which become self-evident as the veil is lifted, and I only do so now for context. However much the brotherhood’s symbolism permeates the 9/11 story, I feel scrutinizing Freemasonry is a waste of time which weakens the impact of the evidence. Too often a masonic discussion devolves into an Illuminati discussion; with the … Continue reading Ode To Yamasaki – Was the WTC architect a CIA asset?