Frequently Asked Questions

  •     What and where?

The intent of the 9/11 Crash Test project is to produce a short, publicly-funded video documentary at the rocket-sled test facility at the New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, recreating the conditions on 9/11 when the wings of a Boeing 767 jet sliced the structural steel columns of the World Trade Center.

  •     Who?

9/11 Crash Test can be blamed on Steve De’ak who can be reached at steve@911crashtest.org.

Anyone sick of taking-off their shoes in airports is invited to join; anyone and everyone interested in Peace has something at stake, whether or not you are convinced war is the road to get you there. If you’re a red-blooded American Patriot who wants to lock me up for contributing to the aid of the enemy during a time of war, stop and think who the enemy is here.  If 9/11 Crash Test proves what we saw on T.V. was impossible, then the whole War on Terror will be exposed as a money-making scam and a power-grab.  At least then we can all stop being so afraid of terrorists who don’t exist and start paying attention to lying politicians who do.

  •     Why?

For the sake of Peace and posterity, and because it is better to face the world as it is than it is to believe impossible things.  Based on 9/11 America and the West have devastated, invaded and occupied several countries; 9/11 has also been used as an excuse to make torture an acceptable public policy and as an excuse to lock-up or murder anyone, American or not, anywhere on the planet.  Even had 9/11 occurred as we were told, it is barbaric to bomb, invade and occupy whole nations as retribution for the crimes of a few individuals; such behavior is unacceptable for a civilized people.  This test will prove  9/11 couldn’t possibly have occurred as we were told, making the crime of the day pale in comparison to the crimes of the wars waged in its name for the last 11 years.   Talking about “truth” and talking about “peace” isn’t enough; in order to stop the madness the entranced masses must be awakened.  This test is a rocket-powered shortcut to reality.

  •     When?

Just as soon as possible.  This is a scientific experiment; the test will require purchasing a jet-wing and affixing a section of it to a rocket-sled.  Engineering consultations will be involved to ensure the wing-section will be water-tight and study enough to be able to withstand the stresses of a launch (although they withstood the stresses of impact well-enough).  Several mock-ups of the WTC exterior columns will need to be fabricated and shipped as well as the wing-section/s to be used in the test.  There are legal and insurance matters to contend with, there are documentary film makers to interview, articles, emails and advertising copy to write; not to mention travel and lodging to arrange.  All of this takes time.

  •     How?

The test is simple, just affix a wing-section from a real 767 to a rocket-sled and have it collide at around 600 MPH with several steel boxes built to the specifications of the World Trade Center.

  •     Is this just another 9/11 money-making scheme?

Absolutely not.  There is no “Donate” button on this site and there never will be. I am not asking for money, yet, but when I do it will be on a public fundraising site with all funds and expenses open to public scrutiny.  Whether or not the test occurs, I stand to make zero profit.

EDIT, May 27, 2016 –  After four years of trying to get volunteers to donate time to the project, I am changing my tune and will begin accepting donations at 911crashtest.com.  It is time to move forward, and that will require a budget.  I am working with a volunteer physicist and a volunteer engineer as well as a sympathetic engineering firm which will produce the finite element analysis (FEA) for the project.  This analysis will be used as the centerpiece of the engineering plan that we will present to the rocket sled test center when we formally request the use of their facilities.  The computing power required to produce an FEA is extensive and expensive, the fees for which I cannot afford to pay out of pocket.  I am very thankful for the volunteers and for the engineering firm (which is giving us a discount,) they have been patiently waiting for me to complete the construction of our house (begun two years ago) so that we can move forward on the project, but I’m not doing them or the project any good by trying continue to try to pay for this out of pocket.  Please understand that I don’t make this decision lightly.  I have been very critical of truthers who appear to only be interested in making a profit instead of exposing the truth, but if this project is to continue, we need to get with the program and start collecting donations.  9/11 Crash Test is a registered nonprofit corporation out of Washington State.  I will be releasing a fundraising video and launching 911crashtest.com soon as well as launching a fundraiser on one of the online fundraising sites.

Please stay tuned, and thank you for your support.  ~  Steve De’ak

Before the project can be engineered and planned, it must be funded.  Funding can be obtained through public fundraising sites.  The act of requesting funding will simultaneously raise awareness, but before funding can be requested fairly accurate cost estimates will be needed from New Mexico tech which alas, has not been very forthcoming with information.  The first step is therefore to request other like-minded souls to volunteer their time and expertise so that all the preliminary cost estimates can be obtained.

Before any money can be requested or collected, phone calls need to be made and articles, letters, project plans and spreadsheets need to be written.  If you are dedicated to Peace and have the time, computer and expertise, I am asking for volunteers who can assist with:

  •     Project Management
  •     PowerPoint Presentations
  •     Photography
  •     Engineering
  •     Fundraising
  •     Legal Counseling
  •     Insurance
  •     Metal Fabrication
  •     Research
  •     Writing
  •     Cheer leading
  •     Everything else

Once the project costs are nailed-down, the fundraising can begin.  If/when the funding is obtained, the project can move forward to documenting the procurement and fabrication phase.  If by then the U.S. government hasn’t stepped-in to stop the test, it can be completed and one way or the other the world will know the truth.


Steve De’ak