Mick West of Metabunk is a Pussy

Yeah, that’s right, Mick, you’re a pussy.  You know by the posts in the thread you closed that you don’t have an answer for those pesky nine columns on the left sides of both impact holes.  I’m sure you don’t think so, but you have a lot in common with “truthers” like Richard Gage, Gordon Duff and Christopher Bollyn.  Like you they’re too chickenshit to even admit this evidence exists.  If I were you I wouldn’t want to debate me either.


Steve De’ak



  1. truthermusical

    How many pussies does it take to change a light bulb?
    Answer: Who needs a lightbulb when you’ve got a pussy?

    Gordon Duff published an article on VT showing video footage of a missile hitting the Pentagon – why not. call him and sing the Tom Jones song “What’s New Pussycat”. He likes that song and it might encourage him to debate you. Who knows, pigs, or pussies may fly!

    The real question everyone wants to know Steve, is do YOU have a pussy too? As why else haven’t you singlehandedly solved 9/11 and arrested the criminal perps? Only a pussyified Super Grandpa would behave in such a way. Now all you can hope to do is stand like the Statue of Liberty with your castrated member as a torch. Shame that’s just the way it is. Somethings never change, especially when you’re a pussy.

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