Signs of our Times

Signs of our Times

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As America prepares to witness yet another major celestial sign in the cosmic sky – the much-anticipated super-blood-werewolf moon, we are once again reminded that werewolves are absolutely bloody everywhere, and not just in Wall Street! They are now getting ready to pounce on dear ole Uncle Fester (aka Dr. Jim Fetzer) like a legally blonde-bimbo psycho she-wolf, seeking to tear him to shreds in a lawsuit, due to his bravery in exposing the satanic Sandy Hook crime. Every phony ‘truther’ cowers in fear of such werewolves, and Dr. Fetzer must fight the good fight seemingly all alone. It’s a dog-eats-dog society for sure, or more specifically; a werewolf-eats-werewolf society, with every man for himself.


The so-called 9/11 “truth movement” is officially dead. It was always run by werewolves in sheep’s clothing. They ensured that the truth remained hidden until much of the hard evidence was totally destroyed. For almost two decades, truthers were unable to agree on hardly anything at all – with their widely differing theories on what really happened on that dreadful 9/11 day. They couldn’t even agree on the foundations of the Twin Towers – like how they were designed and physically constructed. That’s because before a “truther” is able to understand the foundations of anything at all, they must first understand the Lady Of All Foundations (LOAF). The LOAF is like a loaf of bread that feeds and nourishes all that she sustains. However, the Bible teaches that “man cannot live on bread alone”, hence the serious need for faith in God. Without faith in God one might as well stop breathing. That’s why the Quran repeatedly asks unbelievers the question: “Which of your Lord’s blessings do you deny?”

[Quran 40:81]
And [thus] He displays His wonders before you: which, then, of God’s wonders can you still


Belief in God is programmed into the very fabric of our being. To deny any blessings – such as the very air that we breathe, simply means that one is basically “too stupid to live” – to use the frank American expression that Gordon Duff of “Veterans Today” often likes to use against his more inquisitive V.T. readers. Duff claims to be a self-hating atheist Jew, who considers his notorious 40-60% V.T. diluted ‘truth’ to be the best thing since sliced bread, or his ultimate LOAF (Mother of All Foundations).

Most Muslims believe that one cannot be a “real truther” unless one admits to being a Muslim. Therefore, some time ago, I emailed Dr. Jim Fetzer and Steve De’ak and asked them the simple question: “Do you happen to deny any blessings of God – like absolutely anything at all?” Thankfully, they didn’t answer “yes” to any such denial.  Therefore, I believe that I had managed to revert them to becoming Muslim again (at least at that point in time), as they reflected on their professed atheistic beliefs.


The Quran calls us to remember who we truly are, and to remember the day that we all stood in the presence of God and confirmed Allah as our Creator. 

“The “denial of the truth” (kufr) apparently relates to man’s deliberate suppression of his inborn cognition of God’s existence (see Quranic reference 7:172)…
According to the Qur’an, the ability to perceive the existence of the Supreme Power is inborn in human nature (fitrah); and it is this instinctive cognition – which may or may not be subsequently blurred by self-indulgence or adverse environmental influences – that makes every sane human being “bear witness about himself” before God. As so often in the Qur’an, God’s “speaking” and man’s “answering” is a metonym for the creative act of God and of man’s existential response to it.” – Mohammad Asad [Quran commentary].


Therefore, Muslims believe that everyone is essentially a Muslim – which basically means a person who “submits to Allah”.  In this life, there are those who choose to do so unwillingly and thus suffer because they choose to ignore the many signs of Allah – much like how a crazy driver behaves when they ignore all the road signs until they inevitably plunge off a cliff!


Those who believe that ‘Real Islam’ is all about the suppression of women have got it all so very, very wrong. For example, women in Islamic times had more rights than any woman ever did in 18th century Europe. It is alleged that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) once suggested that a mother should be favoured three times more than a father.  Perhaps that’s why phony Muslim dictators (i.e. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein) like to use the expression “the Mother Of All Wars” etc., because in Islamic tradition a mother’s feminine strength, or blessings, is three times that of any masculinity. Thus the enemies of Islam are relentless in their targeting of the MOAF – Mother Of All Foundations (or LOAF – Lady Of All Foundations) with their Mother of All Bombs (MOABs), against our Mother Earth. Stupid mo-foes!


In reality, Islam is so positively pro-female that some Christian preachers (i.e. Professor Walter J. Veith) equate Islam with female-deity worship – such as that of Catholicism with its apparent reverence of Mother Mary.  However, contrary to such misguided belief, Muslims don’t consider God to be male or female, but rather ‘He’ is “above and beyond” His creation. In this respect, Muslims can relate to the seemingly ‘atheistic’ negative statement “there is no god…” with the more positive affirmation: “…but God, and Mohammed is the messenger of God”. We may know Allah by His attributes, or His well-known ‘99’ Names, such as: the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, the Almighty, the Wise.

[Quran 35:3]

O Mankind! Think of the blessings of God upon you. Is there any
creator other than God Who provides for you from the heaven and
earth? There is no god but He. How could you be wandering?


Recently, many Muslims have been concerned about the plague of locusts that swarmed the supreme holy mosque in Mecca. It was surely a heavenly sign to remind us of Locust Day.  Locust Day is the much-anticipated Muslim holy day of reckoning; when all humans finally emerge from their graves and swarm like locusts to be judged by God on Judgment Day:


(Quran 54:7) they will come forth from their graves, with their eyes downcast, [swarming about] like locusts scattered [by the wind], (54:8) running in confusion towards the
Summoning Voice; [and) those who [now] deny the truth will exclaim, “Calamitous is this


In oil-rich Middle-Eastern countries we often see the phenomena of locusts swarming institutions of so-called ‘education’. Such money-oriented western institutions don’t care about the native children, and favour the teaching of English over the native Arabic mother-tongue. The following poem helps to explain why:

When teacher’s hearts are hammer-hard and pale
Then every problem begins to look like a nail
They enrage our children and teach them to fail
So God sends down mercifully manna and quail
Like a frightful storm of icy hail
To awaken minds gone bitter and stale
Reminding us of our primordial covenant creation tale


We must reassess how we are seeking to build a better future for our children, particularly in the way that we choose for them to be educated.  We can’t all be like Gomez Addams telling Uncle Fester in the Addams Family: “…Someday you’ll know the exquisite joy of having children and paying someone else to raise them.” A mother’s role in society is extremely important because if she is neglected, or neglects her duties then, more often than not, all hell breaks loose – quite literally! 

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone
‘cause all in all,
You’re just another brick in the wall!


If locusts are now surrounding the mosque walls of Mecca, it might be yet another sign of the “end of the world”. Skyscrapers with the “horns of Satan” have appeared in Saudi Arabia; just as the Islamic prophesy predicted would happen in the End Times. The prophesy states that poor desert dwellers would one day compete in building very tall buildings.  Nomadic people traditionally consider our high-rise ‘modern’ buildings as symbols of human evil, decadence and greed. Such people are more in-tune with Mother Nature.

Residing or working in a skyscraper is considered a very unnatural and needlessly dangerous way of life – just ask the victims of London’s Grenfell Tower. There is nothing gentlemanly about such fiery gentrification. Mother Earth is spacious and generous, so what’s with all the pathological, pedantic, phallic-symbol competing anyway?  Such phallic-obsessed men really need to wise-up, and realise that no matter how much they try, their Islamic Mother will always be at least three times better than them. They should all just give up already, and begin to live more in harmony with Mother Nature.


Islam is a heart-centred religion.  When we allow our hearts to be hardened as stones, and removed from any feelings of compassion or kindness; then we are literally creating hell on earth for ourselves:


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!”

[Quran 29:41]
THE PARABLE of those who take [beings or forces] other than God for their protectors is that of the spider which makes for itself a house: for, behold, the frailest of all houses is the spider’s house.



God’s signs and revelations remind us that we must always be compassionate in everything that we do.  Perhaps it is not just mere coincidence that Quranic chapter/verse 9:110 (perhaps suggesting reference to the 110-story WTC towers on 9/11) concerns the inevitable heartbreak of those who build flimsy Godless foundations – like those of a weak spider’s web, or the biblical foolish people who built their castles on fickle sand instead of on firm rocks – due to their forgetting the remembrance of God:

For, God does not grace with His guidance people who [deliberately] do wrong: (9:110) the building which they have built will never cease to be a source of deep disquiet in their hearts until their hearts crumble to pieces.  And God is all-knowing, wise. [Quran 9:110]


Whilst Muslims sincerely mourn the loss of life at the WTC on 9/11, they have very little regard for the actual heartless buildings themselves. Some believe that the WTC Sphere was built by the illuminati to mimic and mock the rotation of the Kaaba in Mecca, stating:

The Sphere was created by Fritz Koenig. He started work in 1967 in his barn in Bavaria, where the illuminati was established.  Do you know why The Sphere was created?  It was meant to symbolise world peace through world trade, and was placed at the centre of a ring of fountains and other decorative touches designed by trade centre architect Minosoru Yamasaki to mimic the Grand Mosque of Mecca, in which The Sphere stood at the place of the Kaaba. It was set to rotate once every 24 hours, and its base became a popular lunch spot for workers in the trade centre on days with good weather.

9/11 was planned for 4 main reasons:

  • As a challenge to God and all the spiritual forces serving His path, by the forces of Satan and all those serving his path.
  • To signify the destruction of the Kaaba, since the main design was planned to mimic and signify the Kaaba.
  • To influence world politics at the most needed time, for the final plans of the New World Order.
  • To create one of the darkest stargates on Earth.

There are several sacred sites on earth: that is Earth Energy, Ley Lines and Vortex Energy, all releasing and receiving massive amounts of energy. When two ley lines cross, the energy emitted flows in a spiral clockwise motion.  But there is something unique about the Kaaba: It has the most amount of ley lines passing through it, making it the most powerful energy point on earth.  But that’s not the only thing that sets it apart.  The Kaaba channels and releases the most energy on earth.  It does so in a clockwise motion. The golden mean point of Earth is in the city of Mecca – Golden Mean = b/a = 1,618 = perfect design.


Thus, some Muslims believe that the WTC towers with The Sphere were built with satanic ill-intention, not just to mock Mecca but also as a two-fingered salute to Mother Nature – and built by arrogant, chauvinistic, heartless morons building their “Tower of Babble” baloney once again, when they should actually be living more humbly and in harmony with nature – like only in a 1-story building, or in a little tree house like one that Steve De’ak builds as his comfy forest home.

In summary, when the American werewolf-super-blood moon celestial sign finally appears in the next few days, please be kind and rewind your heart and mind to that time when peace once reigned supreme. Deep down inside we all know what true love really is. So don’t dance with the devil in the pale super-blood-wolf moon light, like a crazed Batman’s Joker on steroids, but rather remember who you truly are: Peace, love, happiness, joy, forevermore!

Once upon a time we were fallin’ in love
But now we’re only fallin’ apart
There’s nothing more to say
 ‘cause it’s a total eclipse of the heart


  1. Justin Believer

    When the Super Blood Wolf Moon is full and scary
    The ‘truther’ werewolves become extra hairy
    ‘cause truth to them is airy-fairy
    As they neglect Mother Earth and Mother Mary

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