Inspector Steve De’ak

Inspector Steve De’ak


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Inspector Steve De’ak is currently working with French intelligence – namely Inspectors François Sebesi and François Roby (after their recent 9/11 truth conference in France), in order to help solve the crime of the millennium. After 17 years, the crime is yet to be resolved, so an urgent press conference was held in France recently for Inspector De’ak to answer some serious questions from journalists:


Transcript of French Press Conference:


Spokesperson: Because of the unique nature of the crime, we have brought in a man specially suited to the case: Inspector Steve De’ak!


Journalist: Inspector, what is your initial premise?


Inspector De’ak: The 9/11 Crime was a false-flag event. Everything else follows like liquid mercury flowing down a –A– A sloping thing.


Journalist: How long do you think it will take to find the killer?


Inspector De’ak: Right now the killer is being surrounded by a web of deduction, forensic science and the latest in technology, such as two-way radios and e-mail.


Journalist: It seems most “truther” groups investigating the 9/11 crime can’t seem to agree on anything at all – not even on how the Twin Towers were built.  Inspector, do you know if the killer was a man or a woman?


Inspector De’ak:  Well, of course I know that. What else is there? A kitten!


Journalist:  Excuse me; do you think it’s possible that the killer could be watching you right now?


Inspector De’ak:  Well, if I was a killer, I would certainly be watching and possibly taping for later playback, because, you know, it’s a big deal to be talked about on T.V. But I have a message for the killer: There is no place you can hide. There is no place you cannot be seen. Killer, I will find you!  Because I’m a servant of the nation! Because Justice is Justice and France is France!!

[End of Transcript]



A message to attendees of the French conference, SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 – DUTY OF MEMORY

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  1. anthony powell

    OK, why wasn’t Clusoe assigned to this important case? and why hasn’t your website been closed down by Google and WordPress for spreading malicious 911 conspiracy theories like some other well known truthers have been? Steve ya need to get yourself banned and become an internet martyr to get ahead these days. Everyone is getting in on it these days. That is why Alex Jones is really famous now. Get with it man!

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