Taboo Truths: The Missiles of 9/11

Continued from: I’m hearing a lot about fake news these days, that we need to beware of fake news on the Internet. The irony is bitter because this warning is coming from the masters of fake news, the media outlets like CBS, ABC, NBC, and the New York Times; the very propaganda organs that for the last 16 years or so have been looking us in the eye and telling us mostly hollow aluminum jets can bore through concrete, burrow into the ground, and sever structural steel box columns like a hot knife through butter. All it takes is to scratch the surface of 9/11 to realize just about everything peddled about that fateful day was and is indeed, “fake,” but it’s not just the authorities pushing fake news, even the 9/11 Truth Movement prefers fake truth rather than the real thing.  In reality, the rank and file within the truth movement seem quite content with the belief that the truth will never be known, which makes me wonder why they call it a truth movement in the first place. In my 15-minute video “What cut the plane shaped hole”, I discussed some of the evidence the truth movement ignores, but in retrospect I should have named it, “What couldn’t have cut the plane shaped hole?,” because I focus on evidence that eliminates planes, as well as planted explosives alone (and by extension “holograms”), as being responsible.  As a followup to that video in this post I will explore what could have caused it, but first I should note that … Continue reading Taboo Truths: The Missiles of 9/11