9/11, 2021

Greetings all.


I had hoped to have a new video to release before September 11 rolled in, but other priorities keep interfering.

The new animations are done, but I am still working on recording the audio and editing the video – so it may be a couple more weeks or so before I can release it.


Thanks for your patience,


Steve De’ak



  1. Ace Legacy

    Hello Steve:

    Was thinking about you yesterday – wondering if you were doing well. Good to see you with us.

    I so appreciate and concur with your analysis and conclusions regarding 9-11. Sad, that you have had to battle so hard against the so called truth community to even air your conclusions. Just as on that day on Sept. 11/01, the agents of diversion and distraction are again at work at diverting people from the truth again. Are we going to be wiser and smarter this time around. Time will tell.

    Hope you don’t mind that I did a number of postings about 4 months ago – hardly any traction at that time. Reposted them yesterday and people are paying attention now to your findings. I did the best I could to reflect your work on my two channels. All that I posted refers back to your channel & website.

    We are in turbulent days. As it has been said… “It is always darkest before the dawn.” May you, your family and friends fair exceptionally well as we work our way through this mess.

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      Steve De'ak

      Hi Ace.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. Please feel free to repost any of my stuff – the truth is all that matters. That, and sanity for humans. A guy can hope!

      Turbulent days, indeed.

      Keep your head down.

      All the best,


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  2. RDS Ghost


    I am the ghost of Robert David Steele. You are a brave man to still speak some truth. I wanted to visit you as the Men In Black to advise you not to reveal too much truth all at once. The powers that were don’t like it! Please take your time and don’t ever rush. These things must be done delicately. You never said goodbye. I thought you were my friend! Till next time…
    Bye me ole hearties, see you in the afterlife!


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