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Essential Reading from Gerard Holmgren

HolmgrenThe late Gerard Holmgren pioneered the “no-planes” conclusion.  Holmgren was diagnosed in 2010 with a very aggressive cancer when he was the same age as I am now, 51; two weeks later he was dead.  Holmgren’s work was cutting-edge, he was spot-on about the no-planes and was probably correct about missiles, but his observations about the “truth movement” were prescient.

Below is some essential reading for any student of 9/11.

Original source,

A Theory

Why They Didn’t Use Planes

What Witnesses

No Hijackings

Manufactured Terrorism


WTC Forensics

The “I Got Mine” G-G-Generation (Merry Christmas!)

Nothing drives home how screwed-up this society is like the glorified greed of the Christmas season.

We equate money with love.  Spending money on Christmas will provide us the joy of giving and at the same time allow us to show our loved ones just how much we love them.  But capitalism is a con and Christmas is the sting to hook us before we’re old enough to know better.  It is Basic Training for the next generation of consumers.