The Late Gerard Holmgren: No Planes (transcript)

The late Gerard Holmgren (RIP) had 9/11 figured out more than a decade ago. The link below is to a transcript from a Skype call from between 2004 and 2006 (best guess) given to me by the late Rosalee Grable (RIP.) The audio is terrible but I managed to glean what I think is a very accurate transcript. If anyone wants to know how you were duped by a simple “con-trick” please watch the video and read the transcript. 28 Minutes.

“It was a very simple con-trick which shows a movie, or a cartoon, whichever way you want to look at it – and they put the label “NEWS” on it and because nobody suspected that they would lie to us in such a blatant fashion we thought that it was real. They gave us one clip which appeared to be a plane crashing into a building but it actually wasn’t, it was an animation of a plane passing behind a building. We saw that and from that we extrapolated in our minds the false illusion that we saw lots and lots of planes hitting lots and lots of buildings and that we saw it live. Once you realize how the illusion was constructed then it becomes very, very simple to unravel it. It’s actually very simple, they showed us a movie and they put the label of “NEWS” on it, and we believed it because we weren’t expecting it.”

The Late Gerard Holmgren: No Planes

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