9/11 Crash Test update – 9/11, 2014

Greetings all and happy anniversary.

The Crash Test moves forward with new blood and fresh enthusiasm!  I’ll provide more updates as I get them but suffice to say it’s been moving too fast to keep up with lately.

Please see this new video from yours truly and look for more updates in coming weeks and months.

Thanks for hanging in there!




Hi, Steve De’ak here. It’s September 11 2014 and we’re now 13 years into the war on terror – still with no end in sight. In honor of the day I’d like to share one of the more ridiculous chapters of the Official 9/11 story and to offer some hope.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was the only non WTC building to be destroyed in the 9/11 attacks and sat almost 700 linear feet away from the north tower. This church served as a backdrop for photographs provided by the NYPD depicting an airplane wheel lodged in what we are told is an external wall panel knocked loose from the north tower.   The problem with that tale is that this wall panel neither flew from the north tower, nor indeed was ever part of its construction therefore this photograph is evidence that on at least some level, and it appears to be a very high level, the NYPD is involved in 9/11.

The construction of the panel is one clue that it is a fake but the most obvious reason is that the spandrels are bent in the wrong direction.

The spandrels were the plates that tied the wall panels together, and their connections had at least 24 bolts, half of which needed to snap in order for the wall panel to be pushed out in its entirety, and that’s not even considering the 24 bolts connecting the top and bottom connections. The plane debris allegedly struck FROM THE INSIDE so hard that it snapped all the connections simultaneously and still contained enough energy to push this 6 ton wall panel almost 700 horizontal feet while falling 1000 vertical feet.

It then settled to the ground without shattering the concrete but they screwed up with the spandrels – they are bent exactly opposite from how they would have been bent had that panel actually been pushed from the inside. What we are looking at is a mockup of a WTC wall panel that was probably used as part of a target practice wall, and then trucked to the site, dropped onto the pavement and beat up with sledge hammers.

St. Nicholas Church provided a heart wrenching backdrop for these propaganda photos, also notable are the fire and the American flag. Conveniently for the perpetrators, the wall panel and the church were buried in the collapse, but these photographs expose the depth of the corruption that continues to support the 9/11 myth. For the NYPD to be right about that wall panel Flight 11 had to cut through a whole steel building and still have enough force to snap dozens of bolts and shoot 6 tons of steel 700 feet, a clear impossibility. At 9/11 Crash Test we have a small but dedicated group of people willing to put that claim to the test. We are seeking volunteers to help start a revolution of awareness that the level of corruption in world government has reached a critical mass all based on the lies of 9/11.

It has been 13 years since that day, isn’t it about time we started facing the truth?

The fastest way to end the wars is by exposing the lies that spawned them. Please join us at 9/11 Crash Test.org for a rocket-powered shortcut to reality.

Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “9/11 Crash Test update – 9/11, 2014

  1. Wouldn’t your crash test still be inaccurate? Surely a larger test and multiple ones at that are needed.
    If this part is tested as the graphic shows, it will hit too fast as the nose would be reducing impact speed, unless this is accounted for.
    In reality i think whats needed is a 2 or 3 floor replica and a whole plane driven into it. Because of the totality of the concrete and so forth the hollow shell of the plane will disintegrate, the tanks could be filled with actual fuel to better measure loss on impact.
    It would cost circa $10m which is the reason it wont ever be done, but perhaps the pursuit of that is in tergetting wealthy persons with best evidence.
    A reconstruction of that will prove the flaw of the tower.

    And a second plane dropped/ploughed into earth would tell another truth.

    Two tests that would show a world cold hard facts.

    However, i wish you well in your test, it is more than the official version would pursue

    • John – I’m sorry for letting a couple years pass before noticing this comment. If you think Karen Hudes can help or would be interested in contacting me, please share my new phone number – 509-310-3189 or email address – sdeak0451@gmail.com

      Thank you,

      Steve De’ak

  2. Hi Steve, my name is Dutch Abraham. I live in Peoria, il. I woke up to 911 about nine months ago and have been obsessively researching it ever since (to the dismay of my wife and family). I really enjoyed your interview with jim fetzer and could relate to everything you were saying. I think I’m finally able to get my feet back under me. It’s a bit of a shock to wake up one day and realize that everything you thought you knew about the world and your country was a lie. I don’t think I am overstating that unless I took a serious wrong turn somewhere in my research. Let me know if I can help with the crash test and if you ever need to talk to anyone about 911, I am always eager to talk to a kindred spirit. Sometimes I feel like I am living a different reality then everyone around me. It’s very surreal.Thanks for your courage and conviction in trying to put an end to this madness.

    • Hi Dutch!

      Welcome! Waking up is hard to do so don’t suffer alone. My time is extremely limited right now but if there’s anything I can do to help ease your entry into so called reality (as we who have recently awakened rebuild it), call me. I am the busiest person I know so if I don’t answer immediately, don’t take it personally. We have a small team, all of us equally as busy but just know that you’re not alone. Hang in there and let’s do what we can to change the world for the sake of future generations.

      Steve De’ak

  3. Hello Steve,
    I think what you are doing is great. I am sure you have many hurdles to clear. I am probably not the first person to mention this, but have you petitioned Mythbusters to do the experiment for you. After all, they do things their viewers want to see. I couldn’t imagine them getting a show with higher ratings than this idea. They wouldn’t even have to mention 9/11 in the experiment. Keep up the great work, and do not question yourself; you are doing something that really needs to be done.
    P.s. – Anyone who knows anything about materials testing, knows you do not need a whole plane, and a whole building to conduct an experiment.

    • Hi Fred,

      My apologies for taking so long to respond. My time has not been my own. I haven’t had much luck with getting any support from Mythbusters or from leaders within the ironically-named truth movement. Hopefully Paul Salo’s 9/11 Redux stunt will be able to make inroads into the mainstream, something I haven’t been able to do.

      And yes, we don’t need a whole plane to test this. Thank you for your comment.


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