A Challenge to Engineers – looking for an honest man.


Here”s the text to an ad I placed in the New York Craigslist – follow the below link to see the ad:


I am interested in hiring an engineer or firm who can provide finite element analysis for controversial projects. The subject matter is 9/11/2001, so if you’re squeamish about such things, please don’t reply.

We are told the wing of a Boeing 767 caused the damage seen in the attached images. I believe the damage evidence speaks volumes that small, fast, dense projectiles such as the 12×60 inch, 900 lb warheads of JASSM missiles were responsible, and I would like a courageous engineer or firm to provide the FEA to prove or disprove it. The WTC columns were made of 1/4 inch mild steel formed into 14 inch columns with two sides protruding beyond the face (see attached image), so it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the size, speed and trajectory of whatever projectile caused the damage.

I can supply more supporting information, such as construction details of both impacting bodies, as well as articles such as the below:

Engineers like to claim the “math doesn’t lie” so you’d think it would be easy to find one to provide the model to prove me wrong, but most have been afraid of the “political” consequences. So much for living in reality.

If you’ve got the math chops and the courage to speak the truth, please send me your CV and requirements.

Thank you,

Steve De’ak


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