9/11 Crash Test Update – 12/10/12

Hello to all, and happy pending new year.  2012 will not be missed as far as I’m concerned, between the deaths of a couple beloved pets who to me were part of my family (Max passed in July and Zeke died on Sept. 11), my two jobs that whipped me like a red-headed step-child, and the Battle for the 9/11 Crash Test, 2012 won’t end soon enough.  I have been kept too busy and disheartened to provide any updates – I do apologize.  But time heals all – I know no one lives forever, and I chose to work too-many jobs, and no one pressured me into trying to conduct a rocket-sled stunt in the desert, so the least I can do is let folks know where the Crash Test Project stands now, and what my plans are for the next year.

I am not comfortable in the limelight; I prefer to be the power behind the throne – so my public attempts to sell the Crash Test have fallen mostly flat.  I have received support from a handful of private people as well as support from more-public names such as Morgan Reynolds, Jim Fetzer and Rosalee Grable.  Ironically these are three people I had considered to be spies at one time or another over the years.  I vacillated between believing they were geniuses to suspecting they were operatives and back again.  I have come a long way since then; I’ve learned enough now to know I wouldn’t know a spook if he said “boo” to my face and I’m happy to say I’m back to trusting everybody unless given reason not to, and so far Jim, Morgan and Rosalee have treated me with nothing but respect, even though we may not agree on everything.

I had hoped the project would help bring-together the disparate factions of the Truth Movement while simultaneously exposing those who are disingenuous about the truth.  My reasoning went that if the Crash Test could prove or disprove the no-planes conclusion, whichever way the rocket-sled slices it would be a victory for truth.  If the wing slices through the columns, the no-planers can go home (I would be shocked, but would be glad to go back to having a life), but if the columns shatter the wing, all the troops can come home.  This was the plan but that’s not where it stops – if the wing loses then the whole truth movement loses too, at least those who insist the planes were real.  I expected the usual plane-huggers to give me the cold shoulder; and the Architects and Engineers, Pilots, Scholars for Truth and Justice and even alternative radio programs didn’t disappoint, with my being ignored by all but the AE911T folks whose comments you can see in the Feedback from the Truth Movement post.

Others who I have cited over the years and whose work I respect have reached out to me to tell me to stop.  Just today I received word from Leslie Raphael, another plane-hugger who has done extensive work  on the Naudet film “9/11”, that he would prefer I no longer cite his work and no longer link to it – he would prefer to not be associated with me in any way.

I can understand the plane-huggers being uncomfortable but where Les Raphael told me to stop citing him; I was attacked at LetsRoll Forums by Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams, a site where I was once a moderator, for not citing them enough.  Ironically it was to Phil Jayhan that I first proposed the 9/11 Crash Test project – but at the time he told me I was, and I quote: “worthless”, so I took that as a “no” and struck-out on my own.  I was later banned for not giving LetsRoll Forums enough credit in a radio broadcast, despite giving LRF user Clarkshark credit for the very inspiration of the project.  I don’t think Phil’s a spy or a genuine truther (whatever that is) – after having spent hours on the phone listening to him throw long-winded temper-tantrums bemoaning how hard he’s worked and how little he’s been recognized for it, he’s either an excellent actor/spy, or he’s severely narcissistic – I know which way I’m leaning.  LetsRoll Forums is Phil’s business, it makes him money and he gets very upset if he thinks someone has stolen his thunder, because it means lost potential profit.  Nonetheless, whether he’s just a bad-tempered truther, or whether he’s a charlatan or a con-artist or a misunderstood victim, he is so offensive I wanted nothing to do with him.

Judy Wood treated me with disdain and ridicule, also wanting nothing to do with me, and I still receive harassing emails from her creepy “minions”.  Her email thread can also be found on the Feedback from the Truth Movement page.

Remember, it’s just a test – we don’t know how it will shake-out.  I have my suspicions based on my understanding of Newton’s laws, but I could be wrong, and I’m willing to take that chance – after all I’m in this to learn the truth, not to prove I’m right.  But I was naïve to think the movement was limited to being populated by either spies or genuine truthers – there are plenty of people who have other motivations.  I have done podcasts and truther conference calls in hopes of getting a large group of enthusiastic people involved but we’re a long way from a unified front and those hopes dwindled quickly.

Besides being somewhat chagrined and surprised, I am undaunted.  This year was all about trying to introduce the project in order to gain followers – it takes time and money for me to hire and direct photographers and graphic artists; to write articles and to learn how and then to build websites and to write and memorize my lines; to learn how and then to edit and produce video – so despite the cool reception from the so-called Truth Movement, I’m pleased with where the project is today.  At least now I know where I stand and I can stop wasting time trying to solicit any more endorsements.

As slowly as it has been going I’m guessing it could take two years to get to an actual test, so in keeping it in perspective, 2013 will be the year of getting an estimate from a test center. The only thing holding me back from starting the funding-drive is a project plan to take to a fundraising site, and that plan must include a written estimate from a rocket-sled test center, which makes this phase of the project the most critical.  I started to receive hits from the Army’s testing center in Yuma shortly after I contacted New Mexico tech earlier this year, so I am pretty sure they’ve been paying attention and I assume they are already expecting me – so I might as well pay them a visit in person.

I plan to spend the first half of 2013 finishing the remodel of my basement, but somewhere in there I hope to draw up the Crash Test project specs in such a way that the two test centers I hope to visit will take me seriously.  I am looking at New Mexico Tech’s Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, and the independently-owned Hurricane Mesa testing center in Utah.  If there are any interested engineers out there, now’s the time to speak-up – I would sure appreciate your help; basement remodeling contractors too.  I doubt I will be able to visit the test centers until the fall, but the road trip is planned, pending the completion of the test specifics.  With any luck, come 2014 we can begin the fundraising phase.


Thanks to all those who have shown interest and support, and even thanks to you who didn’t – you have each helped in your own way.  Wish me luck.








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